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Grandmothers LOVE heals ALL ~ Lunar Eclipse Capricorn Full Moon

Full Capricorn “Grandmother’s Moon” at 13 degrees on July 4, 2020, at 9:44 PM PST/10:44 PM MST/11:44 PM CST/12:44 AM EST – 07/05/20

The Full Capricorn “Grandmother’s Moon” is the last of three eclipses that began June 5th, 2020. A Lunar Eclipse creates a powerful, magnetic forcefield to shapeshift reality. Here we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the birthday of the United States of America. This is very powerful as the USA is experiencing a collective “redemption of the Soul” of this nation. The opportunity is ripe to make a vast and sweeping shift. Imagine one door closing and another door opening. We as a collective human race have the power to change timelines. Eclipses provide the energetic field to do this powerfully.

Uranus harmonizes the Grandmother’s Moon with Mother Earth’s power. The Sabian Symbol for Uranus, the Great Liberator, is “A Woman watering flowers in her garden.” This speaks of the need to cultivate mindfulness from a gentle heart space. Ask yourself, “what am I desiring to grow over time?” This is the moment to clear ego fear-based consciousness from your being. In order to revolutionize your mind, plant a garden, grow flowers, and develop your ability to transcend the darkness.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse “occults” the Capricorn stellium of Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athena, and Saturn. Saturn at the critical degree is rattled by the Gemini North Nodal Wave. This brings an epic energetic of karma. Neptune extends the harmonic frequency to dissolve past timelines with the power of a maverick wave.

The Capricorn Full Moon aligns with the Cancer Sun at the most powerful degree of a Cardinal sign at 13. The Cancer Sun moves into alignment with the Star of Sirius. Vesta merges exact with the Cancer Sirius Sun, too. Mercury RX rejoins the 7th degree of last week’s Cancer Sun. These powerful energies re-emerge with the dream of the Founding Fathers. The 13th degree of Cancer was specifically chosen because of the consciousness of Sirius.

Sirius energy is connected to Christ energy whereby the cosmic Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in humans, and in other forms of life expression. The Founding Fathers chose the date of July 4th to merge the dream of this country with Egypt, as well as the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons. With the third Lunar Eclipse Full Moon happening on this date in 2020 as Pluto returns is very powerful! Return to the true vision of “Independence”, clean up the past 250+ years of karmic residue, and behold a higher vision for yourself, one another, and the world as a whole.

TIME OUT! Mars + Chiron = Lilith

Mars is the planet of 2020. Watch out for the God of War over the next six months. Mars is traveling in his home sign of fiery explosive energy that can easily be lit by anger and rage. Mars will go retrograde in September and will not leave the vibration of Aries until January 2021. We do have the help of multiple planets being slowed down in retrograde to remind Mars to “cool it”. In Human Design, when Mars enters Aries, he enters through the Gate of Spirit. This portal embodies the Love of Spirit in its most pure form. Remember that. The truth is accessed first through sweet, loving energy that has no shock value. This is pure Manna from heaven and you can feel it when you allow it to fill your entire auric field. Uranus rules your Aura and offers you the power of Love’s Pink Flame to free you from the devastating effects of rage upon your Spirit.

Here is your challenge: to develop an understanding of why people do what they do. The challenge of this energy is to BE LOVE no matter what is going around you or what others are doing. This is allowing Chiron, the Wounded Healer, to come into your world and help you evolve. Chiron will help clear your divine “I AM” body. This energetic embodiment is of pure love and is a healing force — it is Christ consciousness. This is our 6-month goal, practice, and yoga as we engage with the power of Mars through Aries.

Lilith, the Goddess of the Shadow work, is a catalyst switch to allowing the power of Creation to create constructively. As Lilith and Mars move towards Eris, the Goddess of Dischord, doing your inner work to clear shadows is key. When the three align near September 11th, it will either be a call to war or a call to everlasting peace. We get to decide. You get to assist by doing your individual work to be the change you wish to see in the world. Get the deeper downloads on this in Episode 14 of WTF? What the Frequency Podcast for the Full Moon.

: Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces :

FULL MOON 101: The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During this Full Moon Phase, your Cancer New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your Soul power of Harmony. The Universe loves to create with you for your highest good. Release all that stands in your way of experiencing divine relationships with yourself and others. Utilize the Capricorn Full Moon’s power to manifest your big picture of life into the world. Celebrate your contributions and your drive to fulfill your legacy in this lifetime!

“Grandmother’s Moon”:  Full Moon in Capricorn

The Capricorn Full Moon is called “Grandmother’s Moon.” Grandmother’s Moon is the embodiment of your maternal ancestors and holds the wisdom of the ancient Elders of the Goddess. The Moon casts a protective glow from the Elders over all your descendants this week. Ruled by the energy of Saturn, Grandmother’s Moon reaches maturity at her fullness and becomes old before her time. Allow the Matriarchs in your family lineage to visit you during the Full Moon. Your ancestors come to teach you, heal you, love you, and look out for your well-being during these powerful times of change. Pray to them and give thanks for their blessings.

23rd Lunar Mansion: “Confessions”

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse passage through the 23rd Lunar Mansion helps you see any parts of you in conflict. This is “True Confessions” time. This third Eclipse brings old eras to a close. Let yourself be guided by the Lunaverse to go back in time and reflect upon multiple past incarnations. Venus and Mercury are the guardians of the 23rd Lunar Mansion and soothe the discomfort of unresolved past life issues. The Cancer Sun lights up the Capricorn Full Moon to help you see where you “missed the mark”. Where did you not choose wisely for your greater good and the welfare of others? These unresolved moments create schisms in the Psyche as guilt, shame, and suppressed desires. The Full Moon is shining a bright light to help you move that energy into a state of resolution. Take this week to confess your “sins”. The Sun and Moon will expose the shadowy walls and help them to come crumbling down so you can move higher and higher into the realms of Light.

Capricorn Full Moon: FORM

13 degrees Capricorn Moon: “Beads carved from human bone.”

The Capricorn Full “Grandmother’s Moon” draws forth your past-life memories that are stored in your bones. These memories are a mix of yours as a Soul and those of your ancestors – especially your grandmothers. These memories become the “beads” and serve to bind you to Earth to clear karma. Ask yourself, where do you feel responsible for the planet? You are carrying the memories of ancient times. You remember both the struggles and the gifts. It is your time to access both memories so you don’t live to repeat the past and you can impart the gifts for the future. Clear your conscience and clear your karmic residue.

Cancer Sun: LOGOS

13 degrees Cancer Sun: “A dried-up stream bed covered with smooth rocks.”

The Cancer Sun shines light to the understanding that a new Earth cannot be created without some sort of “wake-up call” tragedy. Do not fret. The symbol reminds us that things dry up. But what is under the old are “rocks” worn smooth by the waters of time. These rocks become your path forward and show you where to go. At the same time, you are reminded not to look back. Move forward in pursuit of joy, liberty, and happiness. Freedom is your birthright.

WRAP UP: Bringing it Together

Lunar Ladies Club

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Sun, Mars, and planetary players join their forces together to help you end cycles of suffering and open up to new possibilities. In the free Lunar Ladies Club community, we are communicating how this is affecting us. In the premium Inner Circle, we are learning how to connect with the Moon to draw down our ancestral memories.

Learn how the Sun rejuvenates your ability to rebirth yourself. Learn how Mars is the key player in 2020. Learn how to control your anger and turn it into a passion this year. Connect with the Goddess of the Grain, Virgo, to organize internal chaos to help you find your way through the Great Mystery.

Your Soul’s journey is the way through the eye of the needle. See yourself as and everyone else as a divine Soul. Do no harm. Protect your divine sovereign right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Do this for yourself and you do this for all. Happy Full Moon!

One response to “Grandmothers LOVE heals ALL ~ Lunar Eclipse Capricorn Full Moon

  1. i am so very new to learning and am embracing it all slowly. i am a capricorn with a leo moon and aquarius rising. just reading that this capricorn moon is also called a “grandmother’s moon” resonates, as i am a grandmother and feel very much a wise woman. when the powerful picture of the elephant came up it gave me such a feeling of grounding. the matriarchal elephant is my spirit animal, just recently revealed to me. Grounded, strongly connected with family and ancestors! i see these things as affirmations of my inner knowing which i am just starting to explore.
    i don’t really understand all that was written above, but i’m down with learning more.

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