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Goddess Merkabah Arrives! 1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio

Expect the unexpected. Dance in the center of your Universe. Get into your flow. Align your inner Goddess with the Goddess Merkabah in the skies above with the 1st Quarter Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio squaring the Sun/Mars 7/30/17 at 8:23 AM PST. Shazam! This Goddess Merkabah is the divine light vehicle that is in-tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.

First Quarter Moon energy is created by a square, or 90 degree angle, to the Sun. The Universal flowing energy gets backed up in this alignment and the extra energy can be used to break free of past limitations and struggles. The Goddess Merkabah is the natural gift when you break free of your old, old “stuff”.

Executioner’s Moon:

Here we go with a 1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio!  – Leo vs. Scorpio. Fire vs. Air. 5th House vs. 8th House. Ask yourself, “Who or what do I condemn? Who or what can I not forgive?” This is the time to tune into your heart and ask for Divine Mercy to shine through. The tempting energy of this Moon is to fall into the place of feeling self-righteous and wanting to pursue emotional vengeance. Reframe these moments into, “Wow! Look at how much passion I can feel? My emotional range is very big!”

The heart is persuading you to refocus your internal rage. Instead look to the Sun and pursue the paths of play and passion. Scorpio Moon is here to help you breakthrough rage, righteousness, and to forgive those who need it the most. Turn your rage into passion. Turn your desire to fight into a dance with truth, justice and intimacy. You may more fully understand how vulnerable and powerless you really feel deep down inside.

Sabian Symbols Message:


It’s the timing of “Revolution”. Higher consciousness coding is happening with this double Leo lunar cycle (7/23-9/18/17) and Total Solar eclipse (8/21/17) experience. It’s divine timing, too, as karmically Uranus (elder brother vibe) and Mercury (little brother vibe) both go into retrograde motion. They will be slowing down to help you integrate and upgrade to a new consciousness that is designed to solve our current global problems. Like Buckminster Fuller understood, ‘You cannot solve a problem with the consciousness that created it.’ This is our solar power now.

Now in comes the Moon’s lunar subconscious energy. The Moon is helping you by taking a closer look at your subconscious mirror to see what is reflecting back. Meditation helps to clear the lake and make it shine like a beautiful gem. Pay attention to your dreams, repetitive behaviors and reactions this week. Do what it takes to clear your mirror. You will need a shiny, silvery subconscious to integrate the vibrational shifts that are coming to help you thrive and live a life of pure joy and bliss.

Trapezoid becomes a Goddess Merkabah: Ladies, first!

I love to watch the Feminine Asteroids as they dance in the skies above. Four “Faces of the Goddess” align with the Scorpio 1st Quarter Moon and Neptune (R) in Pisces to form a Goddess Merkabah ~ a 6-pointed star connecting Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven. This is wild Goddess Power! Ceres (Great Mother) in Cancer (Mother of the Zodiac), Vesta (High Priestess)/Mercury in Virgo (Sacred Servant), Pallas Athena (Wise Warrior) in Taurus and Juno (R) (Partner of the Sacred Marriage) in Capricorn align with the Scorpio Moon to create the 5-Pointed Pentacle of Goddess Power. Neptune joins in to add the Cosmic Dreamer to bring the power of the Pentacle into the Heaven/Earth Merkabah frequency. This ignites the Feminine Earth Light Body vehicle uniting the forces of Earth and Water, aka GAIA.

The revelatory patterns are inviting us to create our Feminine Frequency Merkabah this week, busting through internal rage, deep emotions of fear and releasing all that blocks our self-expressions of Love and Joy. This is a massive clearing and cleansing to purify and prepare our Light bodies to be ready to time travel to a different dimension and frequency that is in alignment with the Organic Goddess Gaia Timeline of Paradise, aka “Back to Eden”.

The Takeaway:

In summary, the best thing you can do is ground your body and make your heart louder than your mind. If you are a woman, it is time to tune into your inner Goddess. Allow your deeper emotions to be your emotional Shakti to pulverize old blocks and free yourself from fear and limitations. Women are being called to prepare ye the way for the Masculine to be able to step through the veils of illusions to take their rightful place as Kings. But first, women are invited to transform and regenerate their royal Queen “Leo Heart” energy via the Goddess Merkabah. Whew! Is it just me or is it hot in here?!

**Coming Soon to a Theater new you:  Full Planetary Merkabah Moon 15 degrees Aquarius opposing 15 degree Leo Sun. The Sabian Symbols are:   A Business Man at His Desk in harmony with a Brilliant Sunshine after a Storm** Time to integrate the Divine Masculine so that we can truly make the leap into the Great Shift on 8/21/17!

Are you ready?


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