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Gemini New Moon Births Mutable Grand Octave!

Welcome to the next lunation cycle happening June 4 – July 3, 2016! This is one of my favorite times of year. Why? I get to experience a Lunar return because my Natal Moon is in Gemini in the 12th House. My birthday also happens on June 24th so I get a “2 for 1” special celebrating my Moon self and my Sun self!

We are just winding down from a very harmonic lunation in Taurus last cycle (May 6-June 3, 2016). We were the lucky recipients, especially Lunar Ladies, of clearing the pathways to having more of what we truly want. This Gemini lunation takes us to the next level with Venus in Gemini stimulating creative ideas and creating bonds and connections to bring our wishes into our material reality.


Gemini is the lover of “in-betweens” and crossroads. The archetype of Gemini is The Twins, two minds excited about variety, versatility and variations! There is no stopping the quick-witted mind of the Gemini vibration. This is the time to tune in and be mentally on the move! Ignore rigid thinking and embrace complexity, diversity and multiplicity. Be ready to communicate creatively and cognitively!

Like I mentioned earlier, this lunation begins with the Sun, Venus and New Moon holding court together. Venus the Feminine exudes beauty, bonding and building connections. When she gets together with Gemini and the Moon, clairvoyance, telepathy and knowing each others’ thoughts and feelings are heightened between two people. Be present to experience spontaneous and creative ideas together and you may find yourselves sharing at length your spiritual life’s lessons. Spend your lunation time this cycle, bonding and connecting, and being carefree. You may find you and your “twin” creating your own language of insights, “ahas” and “whoas”!


The Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction is part of a Mutable Grand Cross taking place in the Heavens this month. Jupiter in Virgo creates an octave to Neptune in Pisces. Saturn in Sagittarius creates an octave with the Gemini Triplets (Sun/Moon/Venus). I like to understand this sacred geometry in terms of octaves (180 degree opposition/cross) rather than squares (90 degrees). The energy can get stuck in the shorter angles (90) and create “bad Feng Shui”. When you have the larger angle (180) you have a bigger view and you can experience opposites in deeper Harmony with one another. That is much better than “bad Feng Shui” any day!

Mutable means mutability or that which has movement and liable to change. Mutable energy likes flow and flexibility. So we are being gifted with the energy of “being able to transform to whatever the situation desires”. Your mantra this lunation is, “Go with the flow”. So you got to stay present so you can recognize what the flow is.

This Mutable Grand Cross is here to disperse the energy of the old season to make way for a new season to come. Look at your Natal Chart to see where the Grand Cross of Mutable signs is:  what Houses and what planets are involved in this journey for you.

Mars is going direct during this lunation on June 26th and will change signs into Scorpio. Mars will trigger your voice to be heard. For women, this is your 2nd and 5th chakras being activated — especially if you are in your Uranus Opposition (age 38-42). Use your voice to be inspiring and ignite your passions about your beliefs and your sense of purpose.


The Mutable Grand Cross has been building since the Summer of 2015. This timeframe represents your “old season” that is being dispersed. Take time to reflect on what has been happening in your life and what needs to be dispersed so something new can show up.

The Sun/Moon/Venus trio is the energy of your personal spotlight signifying personal potential, relationships, connections and your mindset that is incasing this vibration. What needs to change within your mindset to achieve greater harmony here in your life (Self and Relationships)? Saturn in Sagittarius is your octave here. Saturn is the “Hierophant” in this vibration. What does your inner Spiritual Guru have to teach your here now. Look deep within to see the bigger picture of your Soul’s journey through time and space.

Jupiter in Virgo is moving forward, expanding medicinal, daily routines of connecting to the Sacred in your life. Time to make a beautiful Altar with high-vibrational sacred objects that will help your everyday Mind focus on raising your frequency. Neptune in Pisces (it’s ruling planet and sign) creates the octave to dream a new dream of possibilities for your life. The key here is to root your dreamy visions in Compassion for all life and tune into the joyful Unknown. Doing this will keep you in the harmony of the octaves and prevent you becoming stuck in the “bad Feng Shui”.


Here are keys to keep you in the Song of your life during this lunation:

  • Balance much-needed spiritual boundaries with thoughts of unconditional love. Try yoga balance postures to align your body, mind and Soul.
  • Minutia is magnified; stay highly creative in Right-brain activities.
  • Affirm what you most wish to experience. Your words (everyday language) are your bonds with the Universe. Speak only what truly resonates with you most!
  • Build an Altar with sacred objects to focus your mind and stay grounded.
  • Stay grounded with bare feet on the Earth, take small steps towards your big goals and slow down your decision-making.

Acknowledge that there is a tornado of too much information circling the planet now. Focus your Gemini-ruled House by connecting to that which really matters:  True Love for All. May the Force be with you!

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