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Gemini 1st Quarter “Liar’s Moon”: Living in Two Worlds

The 1st Quarter Moon in Gemini “Liar’s Moon” on February 23, 2018 at 12:09 AM PST/3:09 AM EST. This is the week where the Moon and Sun help you to move through old stuck patterns and emotional blocks to liberate your creative Shakti energy. The “Liar’s Moon” uncovers the emotional adversity of living in two worlds ~ around fear and truth. Discovering what lays hidden here will propel your New Moon in Aquarius intentions forward. The “Liar’s Moon” is is a direct mirror of the “Fake News” phenomenon. But the Celestials are always on your side by giving you a bigger view. Let’s take a look.

The Moon:  Emotional Subconscious

The Moon (subconscious awareness through emotions) squares the Sun (self-awareness through perception). This “blocking” energy creates a build-up of Universal Qi that forms enough tension to breakthrough an old paradigm of lower vibrational living.

“Liar’s Moon” at 4 degrees Gemini is ~ “A RADICAL MAGAZINE OR PUBLICATION, ASKING FOR ACTION, DISPLAYS A SENSATIONAL FRONT PAGE”  According to Lynda Hill of Sabian Symbols, “this Symbol speaks of calling for or being motivated for change. Revolution and revolutionaries come in all shapes and sizes; some instigate major changes in society, others are more into bucking the system and creating mini reforms in their own back yards. Although you may not be absolutely sure which direction to take, you are likely to be broadcasting your messages. Look further within for the change in direction you need. Dramatizing one’s situation can lead to overreaction, but doing nothing can lead to inertia and things staying exactly the same. Listening may be important. The need for reform. Challenging outlooks. Breaking constraints. Messages and news that awakens. Social or emotional causes. Printing presses. Publishing. Big announcements. The Caution: Being argumentative, noisy, disruptive. Demanding change. Selfish agendas. Misinformation and disinformation. Old and outworn news.”

SPIRIT TIP:  Gemini Moon forms a Yod or “Hand of God” to Saturn. Here’s the “Liar’s Moon” needs the grounding inner Spiritual Authority of Saturn. Unless you ground this energy in your own internal spiritual power, it will create havoc in your ability to discern truth from fiction. Take the wise Sage advice of Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn at 6 degrees Capricorn is ~ “A VEILED PROPHET SPEAKS, SEIZED BY THE POWER OF A GOD” “This degree implies disseminating information or knowledge; there are messages and they are coming from a deep source, or, from a place of authority. Still, it can be difficult to know whether it’s always the truth that is being spoken or that’s coming through. Look carefully for the signs – is it truth that you are being fed? With such power in one’s words, we have to be careful about what we say as well as what we hear. This energy can be used for the good of all involved, or it can just lead people astray. Something to watch out for is blind acceptance of things you see or hear. This is a very powerful degree. Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. Channeling and medium ship. Having insights that transport to a higher level. Empowerment. Translations. Prophets. Messages. Veils. The Caution: Conscious manipulation. Propaganda. Mind control. Not owning up to all the elements of one’s personality. Barging into other people’s space or conversations.”

The Sun:  Self-Conscious Awareness

Sun at 4 degrees Pisces ~ “A CHURCH BAZAAR”  “This shows being able to work with others for the needs of the community. In a “Church Bazaar”, people come together, bringing home-made jams, bits and pieces, bric-a-brac, handcrafts and things that they’ve donated. A church bazaar is a great place to meet others, find a bargain and help the community build a bigger and better sense of cohesion. Raffles and charity drives can have small donations building into worthwhile amounts to help those who in need. You may donate some of your time, energy or possessions for benevolent ends. This always brings some type of tangible reward. Old fashioned values can be brought to the community through commerce and the warmth of sharing. Exchanges of spiritual knowledge. Overcoming loneliness or alienation. Selling things. The issue of worth. Collection plates. Bric-a-brac. Bargains. Pooling efforts. Fund raising. The Caution: Spiritual or social exclusivity. Giving things smaller worth than they deserve. Fussing around about small details. People being stingy. Never enough money.”

The Sun is in a harmonic trine with Vertex “Divine Truth” at 6 degrees Cancer (opposing Saturn). Cancer is the sign of the masses, mass trends and Universal Consciousness. Cancer in Vertex can provide and opportunity to assess and spot trends on behalf of the public interest. Now you are to learn compassion for the feelings of others. In this lifetime, you cannot let others down. You must get emotionally involved and care!

The Elementals are here to help you divine what is the Higher Truth. Check this out! Vertex at 6 degrees Cancer is ~ “TWO FAIRIES (NATURE SPIRITS) DANCING ON A MOONLIT NIGHT”  “This Symbol implies enjoying the company of like minded people and sharing moments of fun, fantasy and celebrations. Moments spent together are likely to be very enjoyable, but you could be wanting to escape reality, especially the reality of what’s possible in your situation. Your intuition and imagination are heightened, with a strong sense of your emotional and spiritual center. Whilst keeping things real, you’ll want to let go of the rational and enjoy the experience of being with others, or, at least, one very special person. Allow your relationship to flow but you may find things look different in the clear light of day. Usually unseen astral realms. Reconnecting with the feminine. Full moon celebrations. Women celebrating. Invoking fantasies. Dreams. Moonlight. Unrealistic romances. The Caution: Being lost in emotional dreaming. Not seeing people clearly. Lacking responsibility. Depending on things that have no future or stability. Escapist attitudes.”

Rescue Remedy:  Pisces Love Potion No. 9

The Rescue Remedy is found in a Pisces Stellium:  Sun (4), Mercury (9), Neptune (13), Venus (15) and Chiron (26). As you move through this waxing square of the Aquarian lunar cycle (remember it is was formed by a Starseed Solar Eclipse!), the Pisces overlay is showing you what is to come on the next New Moon cycle in Pisces on March 17, 2018. Take the wise Sage advice from the Stars and attune your Body/Mind/Spirit channel to Piscean themes:  compassion, empathy, kindness, unconditional love and unity consciousness. Here you will discover your Two Worlds. As you seen them in their totality, you can use your freewill choice to choose which world you truly want to live in.

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