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Gaia’s Full Taurus Moon: Category G-Force-1 Goddess Power

Full Taurus “Gaia’s Moon” October 24, 2018 at 9:45 AM PST

12:45 PM PST/5:45 PM UK/6:45 AM HST


The 1 degree Taurus Full Moon comes to form a perfect diamond with the Sun and the Lunar nodes. This is G-Force power to remind you that you are a guest on planet Earth. Tune into the power that impulses the Great Migration across the planet and the power of the Great Conveyor Belt that moves the currents of the ocean to generate Life around the world. The Full Moon reminds you to respect Mother Earth above all else now.

Uranus, the Sky God and eternal Lover of Gaia, electrifies the Moon to energize your physical and emotional bodies. Venus in Retrograde empowers the Scorpio Sun to drop you into the next layer of what you value. Venus rules Taurus and she will make her presence known to you. So stay awake and alert! The Sun empowers the Leonine future of Love while Lilith unwinds the collective past of loneliness through the separated Masculine. Watch for masks to disappear and the ability to see what is really going on to reveal itself to you. The Leo North Node at 1 degree gives the Collective a final performance showing you the power of a Collective quickening!

Can you tell I am EXCITED!!


Gaia’s Moon:  G-Forcefield of Sustainable Nurturing Love

The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase your New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition plus you get two more weeks to devote to this intentional power.  Know that your intention is “out there” in the Universe, and Time is gathering the material to create a manifestation which best represents your highest good. Keep in mind that in six months, the Full Moon will be in the same House and sign as the New Moon of this cycle. Keep your faith intact because it may take six months for your intentions to actualize.

Gaia’s Moon is the Full Moon of Mother Nature. The immense magnetic power of the Full Moon expands the awareness of the environment, eco-system and your relationship to how you value the Earth. Do you recognize her as a sentient being of Feminine consciousness? Or do you disregard, neglect or forget She exists? This is the time to give thanks and extreme gratitude for all that Mother Earth provides for you. She is the source of food, shelter, water and the sexual energy that keeps procreation going at abundant levels.

Tune into what you have, what you value and what you give thanks for as a resounding prayer of your place in the glory of Creativity.


The Goddess Energy = Octaves of POWER!

There are many more octaves of higher power available to you this Full Moon week. Vesta, Goddess as High Priestess, chants overtones with the Divine Mother to share Divine Truths around the world to parent our spiritual awakening. This octave reverberates and chimes with Cosmic ocean King, Neptune at the Goddess degree of 13 in the energy of Pisces. This crack in the cosmic egg is birthed by the Divine Mother’s truth about creation.

Aries Eris, Goddess of Discord, overtones harmonizes with Ceres in Libra. Together they sing the song of your maternal ancestors. Eris can take you back to the Amazons and what it was that they valued. Feel into their strength to carry you forward as you take on your roles in dismantling the Dark Ages. Ceres wants to welcome in what works in relationships when you both seek to find your authentic natures. Break bread together and share what makes you most alive and happy.

Jupiter shares sacred karmic Dharma with Juno, Goddess of Partnership, with Gaia, Mother Earth, pulling the Soul cleansing of Chiron ~ which brings in spiritual union with the Sun to ground all this lighting transform power!

The Cosmic Symphony:  Moon and Sun

The Sun and Full Moon continue to sing the “Body Electric” by initiating a Lightning YOD bolt to Starseed Chiron. Chiron’s retrograde motion brings the karmic destiny seen as prisms of cosmic Light. This divine Prism refracts the entire symphonic range of Compassion and Unconditional Love. This can lead to a greater understanding of the relationship between the whole and the many parts, the micro and the Macro. Be careful to not overanalyze and try to understand this energy with your ordinary mind. This is massive Soul Love. Be the Joy that is inherent in all things, great and small.

Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol Images you get to focus on!

The Moon shines bright emanating the presence and power of Mother Nature. Gaia speaks as “AN ELECTRICAL STORM ILLUMINATES THE HEAVENS AND THE FORESTS”. Lightning ~ remember Uranus is with the Moon now! ~  unleashes all kinds of energy. Things can come to an emotional head or breaking point. Matching your own emotional “Eye of the Storm” power with quiet determination. This opens up the cleansing deluge of a “Clear Mountain Stream”.  If you feel like you have no control, keep your calm, cool Center. This weakens the energy dissipate. You can regain control. Brilliant flashes of insight and intuition are part of this fusion. Bless Gaia and have total reverence for the forces of Mother Nature. **Pluto continues to accelerate your growth beyond what you feel you can be. Rise, Sister, Rise!

The Sun electrifies the Moon with the persona of “A BROKEN BOTTLE AND SPILLED PERFUME”. Your external Self is deepening into your fragile and beautiful self. In this place, what may feel shattered or lost? Instead, let things go and don’t hang onto them until they shatter. Watch for the building up of your emotions. Scorpio energy has a tendency to blow things up!  Outbursts may happen, so be careful and sort things out with a calm demeanor. Keep in mind, things may need to be “Broken” so that their contents can be released and fully appreciated.

Venus is the enduring power of the mighty sea. She brings to the surface your relentless resistance to change. She deepens your strong and abiding endurance and ability to stay with things for a long time. Venus says to have faith in your strength and ability to resist oppression and maintain Grace in the face of adversity. The Spirit of Fox comes to give you the power of change in uncertain times. His cunning abilities give you the skills needed to adapt and be quick with your wisdom. He gives you supernatural sharpened senses. Fox likes to guide you to work with other Elemental friends of the forests, like Faeries and Elves.

Next week:  All Hallow’s Eve

As you experience the power of this Full Moon lunar week, prepare yourself for the thinning of the Veils. All Hallow’s Eve welcomes your ancestors to cross the veils of Time to visit you. Call forth your “well ancestors”, those who carry the Soul medicine, or “Gravitas” of your lineage. Return to thousands of years ago, to connect with your Indigenous ancestors wherever they may come from in the world. Reconnect to their roots, wisdom and ways of interacting and respecting Mother Earth. Venus returns to Libra as the upcoming 3rd Quarter Leo Moon happen simultaneously on Halloween, or Samhain. Take note of how cultures celebrate this time of year and seek to find your deeper truth to what and who you truly value and honor in this world.

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