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Full “Spinner’s Moon” in Virgo: Fate, Faith and Boundaries

The Full Moon marks the moment when our emotional waters rise to the surface. Emotional energy is at its peak and everything comes up into view. The Moon is at its brightest when it is 180 degrees away from the Sun. How this affects us personally is the Sun appears as our ego and the Moon reflects our emotions. This is the time of wants versus needs.

The beauty of the Full Moon is we can use the increased emotional energy to empower our intuition and overcome challenges and adversity. The Full Moon brings our subconscious awareness to the forefront and the benefit is a more objective and balanced perception of our relationships. The first relationship is how we relate to ourselves (Sun vs. Moon) followed by how we relate to our outside world.

This Sunday morning, March 12, 2017 at 7:53 AM PST the Moon reaches her maximum enlightenment. The Moon sails through Virgo and comes into fruition at 22 degrees. This is called the “Spinner’s Moon” and draws forth Clothos, the Spinner of the Three Fates. Clothos is the Fate who spins your thread of life. Her sisters, Lachesis decides how long your thread of life is and Atropos, decides when your thread of Life comes to an end.

With Clothos, the Spinner, the Virgo Full Moon reveals the health and wellness of your thread of life. Maintaining healthy boundaries concerning your overall wellness ensures that your lifespan is clear, clean and committed to taking good care of yourself. This is putting your health and wellness first. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. The shadow of Virgo energy can show up as anxiety and nervous energy. Auto-immune diseases carry the emotional dissonance of unclear boundaries in relationships. Channel this energy by cleaning, organizing and coming into wholeness to easily establish healthy boundaries.

Now there is a bigger reason for this says Virgo. She longs to be of service to others. But in order to truly serve and be faithful to this sacred purpose, she has to be healthy and vibrant. Her cup must be full and overflowing. When this happens, being of service is an easy, natural consequence.

There are “spiritual signs” in the skies

Along with this healthy Virgo Full Moon, there are spiritual signs in the skies. The Moon forms a Yod, or “Finger of the Goddess” to Uranus and Eris in Aries. Yods, or a 150 degree quincunx, is an unstable energy in the material world due to its spiritual nature. In order to stabilize and receive this powerful energy, you are asked to tune into your spiritual nature to discover its gifts. This relationship between Uranus (Liberator) and Eris (Goddess of Discord) in Aries and the Moon in Virgo is to see yourself as a divine lightning bolt of spiritual life force passionately ready to serve the Return of the Feminine to help heal and serve the Greater Good of Humanity.

But wait there’s more! Another Yod! This one is between Jupiter (Retrograde) in Libra to the Sun, Pallas Athena, Chiron, Mercury quartet in Pisces. Remember the Sun and Moon are opposites during the Full Moon and connecting the dots here also ricochets great personal power for you to access. Jupiter is karmically expanding all our relationships (Libra) asking is there joy, justice, fairness and harmony? The Pisces quartet composes a sonata for soul healing when one dissolves past suffering by coming into union with compassion and empathy.

Using the “signs” to resolve tension

There are two “T-squares” creating tension in the Collective Soul: Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius. Pluto has been very busy transforming the old paradigm of masculine rules, authority and power structures. Look within to see what old paradigms of authoritarian rules are ready to be broken down so something better can arise. How can you align more with compassion and empathy towards those in power?

Saturn, the Disciplinarian and Task Master, has been building a bridge from our material views of life towards becoming a devotee of spirituality who is on a great and grand adventure of the Soul. Ask yourself, “Who am I at my spiritual core?” What limitations can you let go of to liberate your passions and ignite the Spiritual Warrior within?

So many good things happening this week of the Full Moon in Virgo! Take advantage of this opportunity to release old, stuck patterns of not taking care of yourself. Establish healthy boundaries and go for spring cleaning your body, mind and Soul. Take care of your “Thread of Life” and dive into sacred service. Have faith that all is working in your favor. The Moon and the Universe has your back. Straighten up, simplify and serve from a cup that overflows.

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