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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde — Oh My!

Tonight at approximately 3:51 AM PST on 10/8/2014, the Moon becomes full during a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aries. This Full Moon is extraordinary because it is a “Blood Moon” with a “Selenelion” effect –when the Sun and Moon appear to be lifted above the horizon by atmospheric refraction allowing us to see the Sun for several extra minutes before it has risen and the Moon for several extra minutes after it has set. I have read online that if this was happening during the ancient days, it would have portended a great message from the Cosmic gods that legends would have been orally passed down for centuries!

This Blood Moon happens in the fiery domain of Aries during another Pluto-Uranus square. In everyday language, this means a massive opportunity for Transformation! Aries being the courageous and bold Warrior fearlessly facing an internal reflection of her/-himself in the Underworld (Mercury Retrograde & Pluto). Her/His quest is ultimate freedom and Liberation — an internal Revolution of Self (Uranus)!

What is lurking in your Underworld? Who are you when the darkness comes and no one can see you? Who are you without the masks, pretenses and desire to fit into society? Have no fear, for Aries, the fearless Warrior rides to your internal battle and ignites victory over your internal foes. – Since it is Mercury Retrograde and Mercury rules the mental plane, this internal victory comes as a victory over the lower mind, thoughts that are mundane and useless to your ultimate growth as a Soul. Uranus, the higher vibration of Mercury, also comes to your aid you to uplift into your Higher Mind, as well. Whew!

So my dear Earthly companions, take this Full Blood Moon and challenge yourself to rise above the pitfalls that you mentally create that are obstructing your quest for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is the expanded version of You, the Fearless and Courageous Warrior of Soul and Spirit! Over the next 3 days access this Blood Moon energy and transform your mind with exercise, mantra, awareness and chanting “AUM”. Throughout Mercury Retrograde (October 4-25, 2014) allow yourself to be curious about your personal Underworld and rejoice in all the gold you find therein. Take these messages, insights and revelations as you ascend into the Light of your own big “S” Self-Awareness. You are the one who  you have been waiting for … Namaste.

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