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Full Moon in Virgo ~ “Weaver Goddess Moon”

Full Virgo “Weaver’s Moon” at 8 degrees on February 27, 2021, at 12:17 AM PST/1:17 AM MST/2:17 AM CST/3:17 AM EST

The Full Moon brightens the midnight canopy to celebrate the Great Weaver in the sky! Venus shines her light towards the Full Moon as she moves closer to the Sun. This is a powerful Venus-inspired Full Moon! Experience breakthroughs of old subconscious patterns when you join the Inner Circle! 

The Virgo Full Moon expands and brings into fruition your Aquarius New Moon intentions. But first, let’s look back six months to the Virgo New Moon of 2020. How have you purified your power since then? This energy in your life is rising now!

During this Full Moon, Venus joins the Sun while Vesta joins the Moon to create an octave of a very powerful Weaver. Venus brings ancient energy to help you stand firm and project power forward into the future. This power will amplify either your fear or your ability to trust in Life. It is up to you to choose which one you will embody.

The Pisces Sun moves towards Neptune who holds the keys to the Great Mystery of the Universe. The Sun reminds you that in order to establish yourself, it takes a commitment from your Soul to apply your wisdom in your everyday life. You are weaving the threads of your life and reforming your identity to match your most blissful visions seen through the eye of your Higher Self.

Finger of GOD to the MOON!

The Virgo Full Moon has GOD pointing towards its power. Creator GOD calls Saturn and Chiron to help with initiating the Witch to the Weaver. Saturn is the energy of your inner Master Teacher. He brings to you this gift of knowledge: “Loyalty to a shared ideal strengthens collective power.” As individuals, we prosper when we spring into action. Saturn says to do this with others of like heart and like mind. Together your prosperity will exponentially multiply! Chiron appears to help your wounds heal. His very poignant message is: “Half-hearted warriors die.” This God YOD is “Go Time!” The Cosmos says it is time to be all in and be about your Soul’s mission. The big dogs are saying, “Go big or go home”!

The Harmonic Element: URANUS

The Full Moon receives a field of harmony from Uranus at 7 degrees Taurus. Remember, Uranus is the great Liberator and in the sign of Taurus, his energy reconnects you to the abundant field of energy that Mother Earth provides for you 24/7. In order to have this bounty, you have to know that lack and limitation is the biggest lie ever told. There are many reasons why we experience this and many of them point to a very voracious and greed-driven 1% of the populace who has maintained control of the resources for thousands of years. Uranus is reminding you that you can make lemonade out of lemons – it all depends on your attitude. The message is: “The creative optimist will make something out of nothing.” Taurus’ magic is found in the practice of “Gratitude is the best attitude.” Make sure you adopt this practice into everything you do in the physical world this week!


Full Moon Dynamics: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped

“I feel EARTH and WATER to bring my intentions into FRUITION!”

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Capricorn intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your intentional Soul power. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. On September 17, 2020, there was the Virgo New Moon at 25 degrees ~ where you set into motion to purify your power. Take yourself back to this time and reconnect to what your intentions were. What can you remember and reconnect to?

Inner Circle

The decoding of the weekly Astrology helps you find your center, your balance, and where the energy is for your personal development. When you join the Inner Circle, you get expert guidance and community support to live your best life. Experience breakthroughs of old subconscious patterns when you join the Inner Circle! 

Virgo Full “Weaver’s Moon”

The Full Moon in Virgo is called the “Weaver’s Moon” and draws forth your inner powerful Witch. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury who is in the process of retracing your Aquarius RX path from January 30, 2021. Take note of your Virgo and Pisces-ruled Houses in your Natal chart to receive messages from Mercury. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to learn how to do this!

*SUPER TIP:  The shadow of Virgo shows up as anxiety, nervous energy, and intestinal problems. Auto-immune diseases carry emotional dissonance of unclear boundaries in relationships. Channel this shadow energy by cleaning, organizing, and coming into whole healthy boundaries. Check your Virgo-ruled house and your 6th house in your natal chart.

13th Lunar Mansion: “The Altar”

The Weaver’s Moon passes through the 13th Lunar Mansion known as “The Altar”. This cosmic mansion has its root in the Masculine. The traditional image of the 13th Lunar Mansion is a man ready to love a woman. The Goddess Divine Feminine energy is an Altar and the Divine Masculine is ready to love and worship there. Make sure to get the Lunar Ladies Altar eBook free download, too! Take time to build an altar of pure pleasure to remind yourself that Humanity is a soul tribe of divine beings of pure Love. To learn more about how to access this power, join the Inner Circle! 

Human Design Gateway #40: “Loneliness”

The Weaver’s Moon passes through the 40th Gateway of the Human Design mandala. The teaching of this gateway is to not take things personally. Realize that when you have alone time, it can be a rich source of inner contemplation. This gateway strengthens your inner Self so that you can happily move forth to seek the companionship of others from a place of wellness – instead of neediness. This is the energy of a lost part of you seeking wholeness within. Understand what you are feeling and allow yourself to seek your own inner wholeness. When you are whole, you can create bonds, agreements, and connections with others that are based on love, not fear. Experience breakthroughs of old subconscious patterns when you join the Inner Circle! 

Virgo Moon vs. Pisces Sun

: — : FULL MOON : — :

The 8 degrees Virgo Moon moves you through resistance: ADAPTATION

“A person making a future drawing.”

The Virgo “Weaver’s Moon” embodies the energy of the future. Venus sits in octave to imprint Jupiter’s passage into Pisces in May 2021. Virgo energy is serious about understanding how life works. Virgo is the Research Scientist of the Zodiac. The Full Moon is relaying the importance of knowing that when humanity expands into its future evolution, it can be precarious. Now is the time to find your master teachers to help you evolve through trial and error. Supersede confusion by clearing your own filter so that when pure consciousness runs through your body, you will not become imbalanced.

Vesta provides ancient techniques of the High Priestess Path. This is your time to remember how to use primal forces skillfully. It is an art of self-awareness and trust in one’s sacred power. As you have been clearing with Aquarius energy so far this year, continue to clear your Chakras so that your energy body can harness the purity of power that is emanating at supersonic levels. This is the energy that can free you from collective spell working and past life entrapments. Experience breakthroughs of old subconscious patterns when you join the Inner Circle! 

: — : PISCES SUN : — :

The 8 degrees Pisces Sun moves through resistance: INTEGRATION
“A jockey.”

The Pisces Sun emits the frequency of infinity to help firmly establish your true Self. This takes a commitment to stay the course and keep your Mind’s Eye on the prize – Soul expansion. The Sabian Symbol of the jockey shows you that your Soul’s Purpose takes a tremendous amount of training and discipline. This is not child’s play. The Sun is gifting yourenergy to master your skills, craft, and art. Each of us has a spectacular gift for rising to the occasion. It requires doing the necessary preparatory work. This comes from what deeply motivates you. Choose to apply yourself fully towards something that will bring the feeling of self-fulfillment. Strive towards excellence!

Experience breakthroughs of old subconscious patterns when you join the Inner Circle! 

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