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Full Moon in Scorpio Liberates your Inner Priestess

The hidden Priestess walks out of the Shadows.

Shedding your old skin, your Inner Priestess rises from the Ashes.

Scorpio Full Moon on May 10, 2017 at 20 degrees Scorpio at 2:42 PM PST, transforms your deepest emotions and hidden blocks to your power. Your Inner Priestess returns and you are reborn. The Moon in her full brightness shines a light on the hidden darkness within and liberates you from guilt, shame and fear. Scorpio energy invites you to surrender and release old grudges ~ even those from past lives. Trust as you step into your true power as a Priestess of the Goddess.

A Priestess claims her power through invoking her authenticity and living by her own rules. She knows how to wield energy to turn her pain into productivity to uplift her life. This is the time to go deep and also know when to surround yourself with lightness, laughter and a circle of positive energy friends. Join the Full Moon Celebration Ceremony in the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Group on 5/10/17 from 2:00-3:00 PM PST.

This Moon is one of good fortune as the fixed star Zubeneschamali (“Good Karma”). Karmic debts are paid in full and for some of you, there may be a credit available. Mercury and Jupiter lend their vibrations of happiness, honor, riches and a sharp, psychic mindset. If you have been struggling in your life, this positive energy will improve your life as you allow negative energy from past grudges to release. If you are happy and life is good, share this positive energy with others to help them transform their lives for the better.

Sabian Symbol Scorpio 20:

Welcome your Present: “Woman Drawing aside Two Dark Curtains that closed the Entrance to a Sacred Path”  The present moment reveals your sacred pathway that had once been closed or denied to you. This is your Priestess Moment. Use your intuition to investigate what the Sacred means to you. Have courage to follow your path and dispel any fears that prevent you from moving forward. This is a GREAT time to have an astrology reading, consult the Tarot or have a session with a trusted Psychic or clairvoyant.

Release your Past:  “A Parrot Listening and then Talking, repeats a Conversation he has Heard”  Release tendencies of repeating information without consciously understanding it from your heart’s perspective. This is gathering information without assimilating it personally for it to become your knowledge. Birds are symbolic of “messengers”. Explore what messages have come to you that you repeat without truly understanding the information or why it has come to you. This tendency can be a block to your sharpening your intuitive skills to follow your sacred path forward.

Allow your Future:  “Obeying his Conscience, a Solider Resists Orders”  As you open up to the present moment and do your inner processing of releasing the past, the future shows you how you can reclaim your inner power to set your own rules and live powerfully by them. Current cultural rules may no longer apply to your inner world. When you live by your intuition and inner spiritual world, your Inner Priestess can now rise from her ashes and shine in the world ~ and the world needs you to do just that.

The Recap:

Full Moon in Scorpio aligns with Pluto in Capricorn – intensity of authenticity; excavating your Underworld depths of hidden emotions; transform the deep and heaviness; and turn pain into pleasure. Follow your intuition.

Sun in Taurus harmonizes Pluto in Capricorn – power of your own resources; access to your power; sustain and grow your gardens of abundance; new rules. Transform your mindset to have more, deserve more and to honor your true worth and value.

Fire rises the Priestess from her Ashes – North Node in Leo on 5/9/17; Saturn and Uranus in Aries are shedding your old skin. Personal power rises and new rules are created; old grudges released and liberation from guilt, shame and fear. Live by the governance of your inner spiritual world.

Take this powerful opportunity to transform yourself and unleash your true power. Scorpio is passionately intense and it takes courage to move in the darkness. But as you do, your rewards are great! Join the Lunar Ladies Facebook group to surround yourself with other powerful and inspiring women to support you on following your sacred path.

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