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Full Moon in Capricorn: Earth-Water Octave

Pluto Retrograde is karmically transforming your Capricorn Full Moon energy tonight through the weekend. What is coming up for you that needs to be released into Pele’s Fire that no longer serves your Soul? Capricorn rules the Earth element and asks you, “Are you steady, disciplined, ambitious and hard-working?” His divine Octave cohort, Cancer rules the Water element and she asks, “Are you nurturing, psychic, fluid and feeling?” What is your current formula for creating Foundations that will last generations through the Art of nurturing Self-Care that feeds your emotional Soul? Hmmm, now that’s a yummy question!

The octave of Capricorn-Cancer invites you to assess how you embody Earth and Water. Capricorn, the natural ruler of Career, asks, “What can you create with the Material that leaves behind a legacy?” Cancer, the natural ruler of Family ask, “How do you nurture, protect and feed your primary relationships: self, Soul & Family?”

Explore these themes during the next three days. Pluto provides the generous opportunity to transform past patterns of melancholy, depression, rigidity and uncompromise. This is especially so for unconscious patterns buried from other lifetimes.  Look at your Natal Chart and find what Houses embody the Capricorn-Cancer octave.

Not sure? Get a reading with me. May the Capricorn-Cancer Goddess octave be with you!

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