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Full Moon Fellowship under the Queen’s Moon in Leo

Full Leo “Queen’s Moon” at 9 degrees on January 28, 2021, at 11:16 AM PST/12:16 PM MST/1:16 PM CST/2:16 PM EST

The Full Moon brightens the afternoon sky with the power of the royal Queen on January 28th. Look towards the Sun to absorb the radiance that shines from the Sun and from Jupiter. Jupiter expands the Aquarian light codes that are coming to upgrade your embodiment. Once you receive your upgrades, seek out your fellow Soul travelers and emanate fellowship wherever you go – moving forward!

During this Full Moon week, Mercury goes on His retrograde journey at 26 degrees Aquarius starting January 30th through February 20th, 2021. The Gibbous Libra Ambassador’s Moon delights in offering Mercury the tools of negotiation and goodwill. Venus joins the party as well this week on February 1 to empower the 7-planet stellium in Aquarius. This is just the beginning of a mind-blowing Aquarian ascension year ahead!

This Full Moon expands your awareness about the first of three quests for 2021: “What are you going to create in 2021?” Leo is the sign that carries your creative self-expression. This energy is the art of a joy-filled life. Ask yourself, “What am I passionate about now? Or what have I always been passionate about?” The Full Moon will help you reconnect and expand this energy like a Golden Sun within you.

Speaking of golden suns, the Aquarius Sun conjuncts exact to Jupiter at 9 degrees. In Sound healing, when Jupiter and the Sun co-join, it creates the sound of GOD or joy! The Sun is shining light upon your Crown chakra to reconnect and remind you that you are the ultimate “Ode to Joy”!

Uranus Rules the Revolution!

“Woman at the Well” by Carl Heinrich Bloch

The Leo Full Moon and Aquarius Sun-Jupiter come into Fixed square empowerment to the Uranus-Mars-Black Moon conjunction in Taurus. This is revolutionary energy! Uranus, being the modern-day ruler of Aquarius, is the focal point of power for this week. Uranus awakens your inner Revolutionary. The Sabian Symbol for Uranus is “A Woman from Samaria”. The teaching of Jesus asks what do you really believe in. Do you drink from the well of Life’s everlasting light? This degree helps you awaken into honest self-realization in order to achieve your full potential of Spirit. This week, reach for new levels of insight where your trust and your love of adventure are so strong that you can withstand any situation that life presents you.

The Missing Element: SCORPIO

The missing energy from this square dance is Scorpio. Scorpio holds the secrets to transforming with this power now through the next six months. Here are the secrets to exploreremember Scorpio is deep, internal, emotional energy. So put on your scuba gear and drop down and in!

  • Secret #1: Deep involvement in life comes from plumbing the depths of your experiences.
  • Secret #2: Society is the context for self-expression. – Fellowship is where this energy is at!
  • Secret #3: Projecting faith into the future keeps you safe from danger.
  • Secret #4: Loyalties enable you to experience devotion.

The Full Moon and Sun-Jupiter form a wedge of harmony with Chiron in Aries at 5 degrees. Chiron is the “Wounded Healer” and reveals to you that without the gift of knowledge, your experiences are meaningless in the truest sense of the Soul. Chiron helps you to welcome each experience wholeheartedly, because both are needed to optimize and integrate the knowledge and meaning of your life.


Full Moon Dynamics: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped
“I feel AIR and FIRE to bring into FRUITION my intentions this week!”

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Capricorn intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your intentional Soul power. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. On August 18, 2020, there was the Leo New Moon at 26 degrees ~ where you set into motion to walk the path of your own bliss. Take yourself back to this time and reconnect to what your intentions were. What can you remember and reconnect to?

Inner Circle

The decoding of the weekly Astrology helps you find your center, your balance, and where the energy is for your personal development. When you join the Inner Circle, you get expert guidance and community support to live your best life. Experience breakthroughs of old subconscious patterns when you join the Inner Circle! 

“Queen’s Moon”

The Queen’s Moon is the Full Moon in Leo. The immense magnetic power of the Full Moon expands the awareness of your inner Queen. Leo is a royal sign of the Zodiac and one of the four Fixed archetypes of the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot. Leo rules the energy of your self-expression and creativity. No wonder mainstream culture treats celebrity performers like royalty! Leo is charming, magnetic, and alluring and the Full Moon expands your glamour energy. Connect with your inner royal-ness by attuning to that which brings you joy. How do you express yourself through creative works of art? How do you perform and receive applause? The Queen’s Moon is your inner authority and the way that you shine your Sunlight out into the world. Make it big, royal, and magnanimous!

11th Lunar Mansion: “Fortuna”

The 11th Lunar Mansion is known as “Fortuna” and is guarded by Saturn and Venus, the energy of “creative rest”. The 11th Lunar Mansion reignites your vibrancy so you can radiate it out into the world. Leo loves healthy confidence and sings through you at a cellular level. Let your light shines out at the brightest level because this is a great time to get noticed. The 11th Lunar Mansion is where you can combine vitality and confidence. Be bold and flirty to attract what you want into your life. Take this Leo Full Moon energy to practice owning your power, owning your confidence, and letting yourself be over the top. Learn more about how to expand your lunar powers when you join the Lunar Ladies Club.

Human Design Gateway #31: “Democracy”

The Queen’s Full Moon passes through the initiation gateway of “Democracy”. This gateway is here to help you with your natural-born ability to lead. But in order to be effective, authenticity and self-honesty are required to purify your vibration. Gateway #31 wants to bless you with empowered effectiveness. This energy emanates from your Soul’s desire to lead for the people or for the Collective. This is a great call to be of service. A sign of a great leader is one who listens to the people and understands how they wish to be led. Then the leader, without ego, serves in that capacity. Many are called by few are chosen. The Full Moon and Sun wish to strengthen your heart, creative expression, and desire to answer the call of your own Soul’s leading. You can do it!

Leo Moon vs. Aquarius Sun

: — : FULL MOON : — :

The 9 degrees Leo Moon moves you through resistance: IMPACT
“Early morning dew.”

Delighting in every moment is the cause, not the result, of success.

The Leo Full Moon brings the power of earthly delights into your Leo ruled House in your Natal Chart. The Full Moon is asking you to become the beauty of nature by finding delight everywhere. Did you know that the essence of Dew is Faery wine? The Faeries dance under the stars during the night. Their jubilant festivities celebrate the joy of living in the Elemental world of Gaia. It’s a major party that humans are really missing out on! The Full Moon symbol points to the power of rejuvenation and that each new tomorrow promises everything you need to make it spectacular. The energy is always there. Relax and trust in the benevolence of Nature. Remember, the rose will continue to share its fragrance. The birds will joyfully sing their songs. Life begets life. The Sun will rise and the Moon will set again and again forevermore.

: — : AQUARIUS SUN : — :

The 9 degrees Aquarius Sun moves through resistance: FAITH
“A popularity that proves ephemeral.”

Both applause and censure are temporary; soul qualities are enduring.

The Aquarius Sun and Jupiter shine a light on your inner strength to be your true, authentic Self. In the midst of ever-changing attitudes, especially on social media, there will always be the next great thing. The Sun doesn’t want you chasing after your “15 minutes of fame”. Instead, choose wisely from your Higher Self and focus on what truly matters in life. Look for the most enduring aspects of reality – things that are hard-won and worthwhile. These are the things that define us and speak to our greatest soul qualities.

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