Full Moon Celebration! Beltane in Scorpio

Yummy! The depth of this sacred time of fertile, sensual Beltane is showing up in passionate and intense vibration of Scorpio. When is this tantric time of celebration happening exactly you’d like to know? Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 at 11:42 PM PST, that’s when!

Beltane is the sacred sabbat time of year when the Earth celebrates Her fertility and absolute passion of the Feminine and Masculine forces and shebang!! Abundant life on Earth happens!

This beloved Beltane Full Moon in Scorpio brings to light the themes of:  depth, intimacy, trust, vulnerability, secrets, jealousy and deep inner knowing of your Truth. With Pluto going retrograde, there is an extra magnetic pull towards going deeper into your own personal Underworld to explore what lays hidden in your depths.

According to Ara of The Goddess Circle,

Watch during this lunation who you are opening up to. Choose to bare your soul to those you can trust, as there are some who would love to hear your secrets, and not in a positive manner. Be very discerning who you open your heart to. Move instead in the direction of those that in alignment with your truth, your sincerity and your heart.”

Celebrate your depths of knowing and your courage to be vulnerable and trust your heart as you travel into the unknown. Your heart will show you who you can trust and who to say, “Nice to meet you” and walk away.

Needing extra guidance? Contact me and I’ll get you oriented in your most powerful direction. That’s my speciality :-).

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