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Full Moon at 11:11 PM PST! Make a wish!


11:11 PM! Make a wish!

What a most auspicious time to make a wish at exactly the fullness of this Sagittarius Full Moon!

The beautiful Full Moon happens in the light-heartedness of Sagittarius. According to one of my favorites:  The CIA, “In the energy exchange between the mentally expressive Gemini Sun and the spirited philosophical Sagittarius Moon much discussion occurs. The centaur archer needs more than a just steady stream of data to feel compelled and intellectually satisfied. He seeks to integrate and synthesize the influx of information, weave them together and construct something more conceptual, something which holds a higher meaning, something that rings symbolically true.”

You may feel compelled to explore the meaningful value behind what matters most to you tonight. This pursuit of your own truth will likely shine through and above any cultural rules you hold from family, community, nation, and our own creature comforts. Enjoy!

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