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Free your Inner *Magical Child* with 1st Quarter Gemini Moon

1st Quarter Gemini “Liar’s Moon” at 1 degree on February 19, 2021, at 10:47 AM PST/11:47 AM MST/12:47 PM CST/1:47 PM EST

The waxing 1st Quarter Gemini Moon arrives to empower your Mental Body to match the vibration of your Soul. The Pisces Sun shines new light upon you over the next 30 days. This is the time to free your inner *Magical Child* to take over. The Cosmos are guiding you to return to the innocence of your pure heart. That energy is solidly found in vibraiton of your inner child.

On a larger scale, the Liar’s Moon is working with the Sun to clear out the lower mind’s “self-sabotage” behaviors and free humanity from collective unconscious spellwork.

The Gemini 1st Quarter Moon moves closer to the North Node of Destiny as this wave of change merges with the power of the midpoint degree. Do your inner *Magical* child work this week to clear away dross and debris. Your future self whispers to your innocent heart that your Soul achievements are measured by a deeper awareness of true Self and an empathic appreciation of others.

Mercury retrograde stations direct on February 20th. Move slowly as the wobble will be in effect for 72 hours – 02/19-21/2021. Mercury has been the source of energy for you to upgrade your consciousness. What have you learned about yourself since January 30th? As Mercury and the Moon move fast forward this week, so does your consciousness. Do the inner work on yourself to make your mind match your Soul’s vibration.

The Gemini 1st Quarter Moon is in trine to Saturn in Aquarius. The “Inner Master” Saturn desires for you to crystallize your resilience knowing that all is well no matter what storms appear. There is great power in optimism that builds inner confidence that cannot be shaken by unexpected turns of events. Practice makes perfect as you train your mind to focus on finding the silver linings.

Neptune releases the square to the Nodal wave of Fate while the Pisces Sun moves closer. The wave of Destiny is opening a channel of holy renewal. The South Node is energizing the Sabian Symbol of “An Easter sunrise”. Isn’t’ that beautiful? The message is clear, your life path is the reconciliation of two forces – your individual fulfillment and your spiritual fellowship. This is why the work this week is to free your inner Magical Child and come into communion with others in the spirit of compassion.


1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics: Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

“I free AIR and WATER to CHANGE old patterns to breakthrough my obstacles this week!”

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers, and blocks. The waxing Gemini Moon forms a square, or 90-degree angle, to the newly born Pisces Sun. This waxing square builds MUTABLE universal Qi to adapt, reorient, and reignite your power. You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns in the Inner Circle. Join us! 

Get to know your Chart when you Join the Inner Circle!

Inner Circle

JUMP INTO ACTION as you find your flow connecting to your true, divine Self. Join us in the Lunar Ladies Inner Circle this week to get the tools you need to take quick action on the energy available. The Moon and Sun, along with the power planetary players, carry the frequency tools for you to use to grow and evolve. Connect most powerfully with these lunar insights when you know where it is happening in your Astrology chart. Knowing your chart reconnects you to your Universal Flow and natural harmony. Are you ready to be there now? No better time than now to act! Right here and right now!

“Liar’s Moon” – 1st Quarter Gemini

The Liar’s 1st Quarter Moon uncovers the emotional confusion that happens when you live in two opposing worlds ~ the world of fear and the world of love. Just like the Gemini Twins, the Liar’s Moon can spin two versions of the same story. This week, go within and discover what is hidden between your worlds of truth and lies. Remember, the “Liar’s Moon” comes with an “Evil Twin” that shows up as bad behaviors like manipulation, gaslighting, telling little lies, and using people’s words against them. Double talk is a symptom of this syndrome. This week say what you mean and mean what you say to resolve issues. Learn more about how the Moon is guiding you to shift your perspective to change your life when you join the Inner Circle.

5th Lunar Mansion – “The Wheel”

The Gemini “Liar’s Moon” aligns with the 5th Lunar Mansion this week. This powerful cosmic mansion is fueled by the power of Mercury and Saturn. This Mansion sits in the constellation of Orion’s shoulder. Saturn instructs Mercury on how best to clear your mind. This is a great week to be grounded and practice meditation. See your thoughts like a wheel that turn over and over on their own. Let your thoughts unwind as you watch the wheel turn to free negative mental patterns. This movement allows for new thoughts and patterns to be created. Learn more about how the Moon is guiding you to shift your perspective to change your life when you join the Inner Circle.

20th Gateway – “Metamorphosis”

The Gemini 1st Quarter Moon moves into the energy of Metamorphosis. In this gateway, the Moon connects your with your intuition more strongly. It is your intuition that gives you direction on taking right action for your optimum growth. As always with Gemini energy, there are two choices. You can mutate and empower or you can stagnate and disempower yourself. The choice is always yours. The 20th Gateway hopes your choose the former so that metamorphosis can occur. As you let go and develop your trust in your inner knowing, you can shift, change, and grow! Open up to your highest levels of integrity by honoring your inner voice and following your Soul’s guidance. Learn more about how the Moon is guiding you to shift your perspective to change your life when you join the Inner Circle.

Gemini Moon vs. Pisces Sun

: — : 1ST QUARTER MOON : — :

The 1 degree Gemini Moon moves you through the energy of: APPETITE
“Santa Claus secretly filling stockings.”

Appreciation and abundance keep alive a community’s awareness of spiritual values.

The Gemini 1st Quarter Moon awakens your Innocence. The Universe brings spiritual blessings to the “pure in heart”. You tune into this part of you when you remember your inner child. The archetype of  Santa Claus invites you to connect with your imagination and let go of too much logic. Tap into your clairvoyance to perceive your new blessings from the spiritual realm. Have faith in the purity of your heart. From this place, you can expand your empathetic feelings towards others. This is where you will find your manifestation powers. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.

: — : PISCES SUN : — :

The 1 degree Pisces Sun aligns your Soul with HARMONIZATION
“A squirrel hiding from hunters.”

When risk exceeds potential gain, it is wise to be very cautious.

The Pisces Sun shines a light on the need to feel safe. This week, your direction and guidance are to work on your fears. Fear has many faces and many of the things you fear come from other life experiences where you had trauma. Fear in a lot of ways is like Soul PTSD. When you feel overly fearful, it is a sign of an energetic imbalance. When you face your fears and move through past life trauma, the energy is replaced with a higher intelligence that becomes caution. Caution helps you in present time be attuned to what is dangerous. Caution helps protect you and keep you safe. It takes courage to face fear. Tune into Squirrel Magic that is highly intelligent. Squirrel teaches you to be prepared, store food for the winter, be alert, nimble, and quick. Squirrels also use their voices as a warning to others if danger lurks nearby. Align with Squirrel Spirit medicine this week to move through fear. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.

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