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Free your Dream Self with the Black Knight’s 1st Quarter Libra Moon!

1st Quarter Libra “Black Knight’s Moon” at 16 degrees on July 9, 2019 at 3:54 AM PST/6:54 AM EST/11:54 AM UK


The Black Knight’s Moon comes to integrate your Total Solar Eclipse New Moon experience. This is your week to jump into ACTION and bravely go where no one has gone before — into the deeper mysteries of your creative Shadow Self! The Moon and Sun have your back as the planets form alignments to spur you into action. Something is unraveling. Alliances are forming. Trapped energy is being set free. And only your Shadow Self knows!

Don’t be Trapped by a Trapezoid!

The Moon and Sun form angles with Jupiter, Neptune and the Capricorn Trifecta to create a Trapezoid. This energy can work in two ways:  to trap the Light or to free the Light. The alignment itself is for trapping Light. But like the aware and awake Lightworker that you are, you already know how to free the Light. Want to remember? Remember those spiritual YODS? Yep, it’s the Spiritual YODs that opens the Trapezoid geometry and blows it up like a Death star! I reveal the powerful Secrets to blowing up a Trapezoid in the Lunar Ladies Club. Join us in the Sacred Inner Circle to learn how! You will be shining light on any shadow fears that may pop up this week!

IT’S TIME TO ~ Grab your Natal chart and learn how to “Take Action” powerfully this week by understanding how to use the available energetic resources with Lunar Ladies Ancient Wisdom techniques.



1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics:

Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers and blocks. The waxing Libra Moon forms a square, or 90 degree angle, to the Cancer 2nd decan Sun. This waxing square builds Mutable universal Qi to increase your power and both signs are ruled by Mercury. The First Quarter Moon’s lunar energy is in Cardinal signs – the power of Creation and Leadership are what moves this Universal Qi energy through your life. This force field is strong and forward moving. You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns that are destructive, rather than creative, in nature with this type of energetic focus. In the Lunar Ladies Club, we align with this, using the following power mantra: “I Feel AIR and WATER to dismantle with POWER to move through my obstacles this week!”

Black Knight’s Moon:  1st Quarter Libra Moon

The 1st Quarter Libra Moon is called the “Black Knight’s Moon”. As the energetics of this lunar phase are about breaking through the old relationship patterns so you can realize your Cancer New Moon intentions, the Black Knight’s Moon comes with a sense of Justice for the world. The harmonic tone of Libra has been soured by the outpourings of injustice in the world and the Black Knight has had enough. This Moon’s vibration may put you in a place of being at your wits end with the violence and suffering in the world. How to bring back the beauty and the balance? The Black Knight will have you searching for your principles and aligning with righting the wrongs. You find yourself wanting to take matters into your own hands. You have to have mercy and the ability to see both sides that leads you on a path of Forgiveness. “Angry people cannot create a peaceful planet.” (Image courtesy of @mysoulutopia)

16TH Lunar Mansion:  “The Door”

Guarded by Mars and Saturn, the 2nd decan Libra Moon moves into the 16th Lunar Mansion this week. The 16th Lunar mansion has the magnetic attraction of Mars and the wise responsibility of Saturn. There is great wealth energy in the 16th Lunar Mansion. This energy is wise beyond this material world and is able to have it and be unattached to it at the same time. The 16th Lunar Mansion teaches you how to have material wealth and use it for the Greater Good. As you grow, so can your community byway of your material gains. Tune into collaborations and coming together with other people who share your same ideals. Together you can do more than what is possible individually. Breakthrough relationship dysfunctional dynamics with the wisdom of the 16th Lunar Mansion. As you do, more can get done, more can happen, and more Soul gifts can be contributed to the world.


Moon vs. Sun

: — : MOON : — :

The 1st Quarter Libra Moon at 16 degrees moves through your blocks with this image:
“The unwrapping of a mummy.”

The 1st Quarter Libra Moon reflects to you that what has been long closed in your inner world can now be re-opened this week. The Cancer New Moon’s symbol of “hidden treasures within” can be revealed. Take this week’s power to penetrate the surface and go deeper. What you are searching for is a new perspective on the past that can give you a deeper perspective on the present. Call upon the power of the Black Knight ~ especially the Capricorn Trio, to bust through old taboos and superstitions. Unwrap your Inner Mummy to find you hidden treasures!

Pallas Athena, Asteroid Goddess of Divine Wisdom, aligns with the 1st Quarter Moon. She appears as “After many revisions, a poem is thrown away.” Pallas Athena helps you see failures as what they really are:  experiments that teach you about success. Communicate your deepest feelings and be willing to perceive your life from many different angles. Have an attitude of non-attachment. This will shield you from frustration and gift you the present of Patience. Allow yourself the experience of listening to your deep instinctive impulses. Crave the feeling of aliveness and feel the forces of nature working through you.


: — : SUN : — :

The 2nd decan Cancer Sun at 16 degrees appears as
“A woman’s shadow moving independently of her.”

The Cancer Sun shines light on the very active nature of your subconscious. Let whatever needs to come forth, to do so. Listen carefully to your inner voice. Energies are moving deep inside you that desire to grow stronger and take on a life of their own. Your deeper self or Shadow Self is in motion and moving forward with its own agenda. The shadow self wants to confront lies and half truths so it can be free to empower you to shine your light brighter. Only the Shadow knows!

Sun aligns with the North Node of Destiny appearing as “Gnomes creating beautiful and ornate metalwork.” Tune into your strong need to express yourself. These desires want to create something that will uplift others. Tap into your will for the Greater Good and don’t mind late nights and long hours. Your Soul has the ability to turn what is dross into gold. It is through your Innocence that great works of heART can be created.  Challenge yourself to be both creative and powerful. Connect with Love, patience, and focus and see what happens!

Wrap Up:

All you need to do is to distribute your Soul gifts, and not repress them. Break free of questioning your value, and simply share your spiritual light that comes from expressing your Soul gifts into the world. Be a flame that dances at your crown chakra. This is the highest most spiritual type of play. Life is always and eternally joyful, and only becomes serious when we lose contact with this truth.

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