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Fight for your Right to be Free! 3rd Quarter Scorpio Moon

3rd Quarter Scorpio “Madwoman’s Moon” at 16 degrees on February 4, 2021, at 9:36 AM PST/10:36 AM MST/11:36 AM CST/12:36 PM EST

The 3rd Quarter Scorpio Moon closes out this high energy Capricorn lunation that started on January 12th with Uranus going direct. The Scorpio Moon sits opposite Mars in Taurus to energize the message this week. The octave of the Scorpio Moon and Mars builds power within the Aquarius stellium. This week sets you up for a major awakening next week on the New Moon. Join the Inner Circle to set you on the course for your best life!

Mars taps into your inner Masculine to realize this: You must learn to discern between what ennobles you, and what betrays your spirit. This is great work to focus on now. Your future depends on it. The Soul wants each life to be interesting, exciting, and transformative. Life takes that desire on and creates experiences for you to not get bored. Life is full of revolutions, battles, and obstacles. Life can be a glorious victory and triumph over struggle. It takes a strong Spirit to endure whatever life has to throw. Get a reading with Shannon to see what this powerful Stellium has in store for you!

There is great power here now that is designed to awaken a New Earth that works. Your individual sovereignty is key to bust through the illusions of the current version of Maya. Once you awaken and reclaim your sovereignty, then it is time to work together in the spirit of cooperation. Let’s take a closer look at what the 3rd Quarter Scorpio “Madwoman’s Moon” chart reveals.


3rd Quarter Waning Moon Dynamics: Release ~ Let Go ~ Surrender
“I feel AIR and WATER to RELEASE and FORGIVE the past this week!”

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on external wounds by drawing you inward to understand who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that, when you take an honest look at yourself, gives you your power back. This week helps you to empty your ego and allows the Universe to assist you in feeling more supported. Reflect upon your experiences over the last three weeks:

The more you can let go, the more space there is to create in the New Moon in Aquarius next week! You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns in the Inner Circle. Join us! 

“Madwoman’s Moon”

The “Madwoman’s Moon” is the Scorpio moon in its 3rd Quarter phase. Scorpio’s natural energy is to be alone and very able to handle life with much innate power. In this phase, the Moon is pulling you inward asking, “Where has your Spirit been broken? Are you ready to surrender to having to do everything alone?” This is the moment when you realize that your super stealth psychic abilities are no match for the intensity of the outside world. The Madwoman chooses to reach out and connect with another who she trusts. The Madwoman has to know that she is not alone in this world. Look to see who are the good, heart-centered people who help you heal and feel safe. Who do you trust? Reach out to those people in your life and ask for their support. Rest in the arms of their strength so you may replenish your Soul. Your future awaits!

18th Lunar Mansion: “Sacrifice”

The Madwoman’s Moon passes through the 18th Lunar Mansion this week. This Cosmic Mansion is known as “The Sacrifice”. Guarded by Mars and Jupiter, the 18th Lunar mansion awakens the healing within you. Create your own protected healing sanctuary for 2021. This year calls you to understand the priceless value of your health. Do not sacrifice your health and well-being! It is the most precious gift you own. Scorpio’s nature is rooted deep in the emotional body. Clear your body of old sexual attachments. Tune into your 2nd Sacral chakra to see what hidden “enemies” reside there that may be robbing you of your life force. Do not sacrifice yourself to predatory energies invading your space unconsciously. Be conscious and take full ownership of your body – NOW.

Human Design Gateway #1: “Self-Expression”

The Madwoman’s Moon passes through the initiation gateway of “Self-Expression”. This gateway helps you with your ultimate Yang Qi energy. This Yang Qi energy is the power of the Sun’s radiance. This energy pushes your spirit to create. I love this energy because it is the powerful Rooster who wakes you up at Dawn to say, “Let’s get this day started!” Something wants to wake up within you. Something wants to really get started! Take this vibration to empower your Aquarius New Moon intentions next week. Start the ball rolling. Remember, it is the early bird that gets the worm. Your inner Self knows exactly what to do next. Get excited to boldly move your life forward!

Scorpio Moon vs. Aquarius Sun

: — : 3RD QUARTER MOON : — :

The 16 degrees Scorpio Moon moves you through resistance: UNVEILING
“A woman fathers her own child.”

Anarchy is the enlightened behavior of a self-realized being who needs no master.

The Scorpio 3rd Quarter Moon brings the power of rebirth into your Scorpio ruled House in your Natal Chart. The Moon is guiding you to Virgin create your own life out of your own visions. As you let go this week, let go of other people’s reactions and responses to your dreams. The Cosmos is telling you that you do not need an external authority or permission to realize your dreams. You are capable of making your own decisions and becoming the centre of your own world. In the waning quarter lunar phase, challenges arise from the external world. It is not an easy task to gain freedom for oneself, but there are huge rewards when you tackle the tasks at hand and go for what you want!

: — : AQUARIUS SUN : — :

The 16 degrees Aquarius Sun moves through resistance: ASSURANCE
“A watchdog standing by.”

Through discipline, we come to freedom.

The Aquarius Sun shines a light on your ability to protect and defend your right to freedom. Just as the Moon guides you to the power of rebirthing your true Self, so does the Sun invite you to protect your dreams at all costs. When you are an upright, honest person, you claim a place of dignity within your community. We each become stronger together when we personally take on this accountability. A strong community can do big things, especially protect those who are vulnerable and are in need. You can achieve your highest potential for freedom when you stay true to your integrity and work cooperatively in the community for the welfare of all. It’s a rich and rewarding life that you create for yourself that can change the future for the better.

See you next week for the New Moon in Aquarius and Lunar New Year of the Ox on February 11th!

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