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Feeling Lost at Sea? Look for the New Horizon of Hope

The Moon enters into her last foundational phase of the current Gemini lunar cycle. The 3rd Quarter Moon at 26 degrees Pisces squares Gemini Sun at 4:32 AM PST on June 17, 2017.

The 3rd Quarter Moon is the time of the lunar cycle when you experience your last square to the Sun. The Moon is waning and losing emotional energy and light from the Sun. This is the time of review, reflection and letting go. This week identify what you need in ways of support for your New Moon intentions to sustain themselves and continue to grow. Ask yourself these reflective questions this week:

  • Who is my support system?
  • How have I grown this lunar cycle?
  • What do I need to nurture my new sense of Self moving forward in my life? What has come to fruition?

The Pisces 3rd Quarter Moon is the “Moon of Lost Souls”. The energy of the Moon in the last 3rd Quarter phase in the vibration of Pisces is one of feeling overwhelmed by the weight of the world’s suffering. You have show up, said yes and have been willing to help where and when needed. You have empathized, extended your compassionate heart and now you might be feeling somewhat empty. Are you feeling lost at sea in this churning ocean of emotion? If so, do not fret! There is a way to calm these choppy waters.

Take time during your week of contemplation and slowing down to notice all the small acts of kindness that play out in your daily life. Turn off the news, and try not to focus on large world problems. Walk in your neighborhood and find what is taking place that is good and kind. This is your Soul’s remedy to relieve your frail human heart’s sadness at the suffering that continues to happen on our big, blue, beautiful planet.

A Cosmic Definition:

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is at 26 Pisces:  “A New Moon Reveals that it’s Time for People to go ahead with their Different Projects”. This symbol tells us a new day is dawning and there are new horizons that wish to be born. In order for this energy to manifest, the old must be let go knowing that past cycles are ready to come into completion. Hallelujah!

This is the perfect vibration to prepare yourself for the New Moon in Cancer arriving on June 23, 2017. The direction that is open for you now is to diversify and apply your talents in new ways. The future that wants to happen is one born without feeling needy. Destiny calls to you to choose your Soul’s path, the one that resonates with your whole being and makes you feel powerful!

A Big Shift:

Neptune has gone into Retrograde motion at 14 degrees Pisces on June 16, 2017. This time of spiritual review lasts until November 22, 2017 when Neptune goes direct at 11 Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this journey is “Woman Wrapped in Fox Fur”. This symbol directs you to look at your abilities to be perceptive and quick-witted like a fox. If others underestimate you, tap into your innate intelligence and change. Focus on developing a demeanor of grace and elegance. Make this your authentic expression. Watch out for portraying a false image or feeling that only material wealth will show your worth. Your grace and intelligence will show your true value and help steer you clear of traps of illusion, superficiality and grandeur.

The Take-Away:  Wind dow this week. Choose your Soul’s path. Know your true wealth is in your innate intelligence and your demeanor of grace. Be kind and focus on the small things in life that have the greatest value.

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