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Fate’s Moon: Release the Ties that Bind

It’s the timing of the Scorpio lunar cycle to begin reflecting upon your transformation and New Moon intentions that you set on November 19th. What has transpired? Who has played a part? Take this lunar phase week to discover what you need to support your transformations moving forward.

Third Quarter Moon in Virgo is called “Fate’s Moon” calling the Three Sisters of Fate forth on December 9, 2017 at 11:51 PM PST. Third Quarter Moon is an excellent time to cut cords of negativity and that which has you bound. Focus on what ties need to go. The most powerful time will be when the Sun moves into Scorpio becoming the Balsamic Moon on 12/13/17. The cords of karma can be released for good!

The Three Sisters of Fate are speaking to you now. What do you feel is your Fate at this time? Connect and commune with Clothos, Lachesis and Atropos. The Spinner, The Lot and The Cutter. According to Greek mythology, when you are born the Three Fates look at your life’s essence. Clothos spins your thread of life. Lachesis apportions your lots. Atropos decides when to cut your thread of life sending you onto the afterworld. Take this Third Quarter lunar week to communicate with the Three Fates and tune into where you are now in your spiritual evolution. How are you showing up in the world and giving of your Soul’s gifts? Are you making a contribution or do you feel in a Void of needs and wants. Fill the Void areas in your life, but contacting your Fate. The Moon and Sun carry messages from the Goddess Psyche. Let’s peer into their crystal ball and magical Wheel what the messages are to for you to take yourself to the next level of ascension. Shall we?

Moon & Sun:  Messages from the Fates

The Sabian Symbols tell us stories buried deep within our psyches. Let’s look at the Current, Karmic and Quest degrees for the Moon this week. Virgo Moon at (Current) 18 degrees: “A Swimming Race” Keyword:  Emulation. Karmic (17 degrees) is:  “A Ouija Board Keyword”  Keyword: Inner Guidance. Quest (18 degrees) is:  “A Caravan of Cars headed West” Keyword: Totality of Purpose and Effort. The message of The Fates is we as a Collective human race are being given the opportunities to spiritually evolve. When we each individually understand that this is our divine rightful heritage, the stimulation of “winning” happens when we act together. The karma is to connect with the deeper layers of our unconscious selves to remember our natural state of being:  Spirit. Take this karmic moment to reconnect to your inner guidance system. The quest is that in order to create or reach into a “New World’ it can only be through a collective cooperative effort. Emulation. Inner Guidance. Totality of Purpose and Effort.

Let’s look at the Current, Karmic and Quest degrees for the Sun this week. Sun at (Current) 18 degrees Sagittarius: “Pelicans menanced by the actions and refuse of Man, seeking areas of safety to bring up their young”. Keyword: Survival. Karmic (17 degrees) is: “Children playing on the beach, heads covered by sunbonnets”.  Keyword: Protection. Quest (19 degrees) is: “In an old-fashioned village, men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer”. Keyword: Assuring supply. The message from Psyche is that in our current moment now, we have to address our survival. Are we material human beings devoid of spirit therefore we do not acknowledge that we share this planet with other species? The karma is that humans are still spiritually evolving and are not fully aware of the destruction of staying unconscious. The Quest is to come into alignment with how we are destroying life on this planet. In order to assure a supply of wealth tomorrow, we must instill new practices of securing our natural resources. Protection. Survival. Supply.

Taking it All In:

The Three Fates are calling to you to cut cords in your Virgo-ruled House (emotionally) and in your Sagittarius-ruled house (self-consciousness). Your Fate will be revealed to you as you release that which no longer serves. Atropos will offer you a new lease on life as you take this Winter season to hibernate and go within. Ask yourself, “Who supports your growth towards fulfilling your Soul’s mission on planet Earth?”

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