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Fall Equinox 2021: The Garden of Fulfilled Desires

Fall Equinox 2021 ~ Sun moves into 0 degrees Libra on September 22, 2021 at 12:21 PM PDT/ 1:21 PM MDT/ 2:21 PM CDT/ 3:21 PM EDT

Welcome to the new season of Autumn and the holy sabbat of Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Happy Spring Equinox to our family and friends in the Southern Hemisphere!

Fall Equinox is known as Mabon on the Sacred Wheel. This is a time of the Harvest. The Equinox occurs when the Sun enters Libra and crosses the ecliptic signalling a sense of balance and recalibration.

The Fall Equinox energy for 2021 looks like this:

The Moon has just finished her Full Moon experience in Pisces and sits at the Eris Point at the moment of recalibration. The Eris Point is the astrological degree of discovery for the largest dwarf planet named for the Goddess of Dischord and Strife. Whenever a planet crosses this point at a sacred moment in time, it means to pay attention to this powerful namesake.

According to the Greek poet, Hesiod Eris was born of Nyx, the primordial goddess of the Night. Nyx has the power to rebirth and regenerates herself without the Yang vibration. She is known to “lay with none.” The mythos is that Nyx re-birthed a new version of herself as Eris. According to Laura Walker of Oracle Report, “Eris comes directly from the great creative pool of darkness, the Void from which all is birthed. The concept of rebirth is integral to the Eris archetype and recurs in many forms.”

Eris is the power within you that can awaken the Garden of all Desires. Her frequency is the energy of serendipity if aligned in the most harmonious way. Connect deeply to knowing your divine worth and allowing your deepest desires to be attained. Realize that what you want is already living with you in your own inner Utopia. The shadow side is experienced as always wanting more. Your possessions owning you. Seeing your life as a cup half-empty or half full.

The Moon is your Core Root energy and is your connection to the Divine Mother vibration. The Moon is sitting in “Full Moon” position to Mercury at 24 degrees Libra. This is the frequency that is setting into motion Mercury’s upcoming retrograde sojourn.

Venus, the ruler of Libra, is already in the Underworld receiving divine instruction for her upcoming retrograde experience at Winter Solstice later this year. At 13 degrees Scorpio, the Goddess of Love will be empowering your ability to connect psychically with others. She is drawing within you the desire to bring people together and improve how we communicate.

Ponder this: If the internet went down and all cellular communications stopped, how would you communicate and connect with one another? I have a feeling our innate Telepath channels and psychic communication highways are about to open up!

These three interpersonal planets are who to pay attention to in your chart starting now through Winter Solstice 2021: The Moon, Mercury, and Venus. There is a very big power coming onto the Earth on October 20th as the Sun prepares to move into Scorpio on October 24th. The Nodal Wave will be at 1 degree Gemini. Clear your personal energy field to merge with this:

Seeing things that are not usually observable. Clairvoyance. Connecting with the collective unconscious. Spiritual gifts enlarging perspective. Vehicles of discovery. Lenses.

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