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Explore the True Self: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2023

Mercury goes Retrograde at 15 degrees Taurus on April 21, 2023, at 1:35 AM PDT/4:35 AM EDT. Retrograde journey: 04/21-05/15/23

Mercury steps away from the power push forward to be the first of the planets to go retrograde since Uranus went direct at the end of January 2023. At the start time of his retrograde sojourn in Taurus, Mercury aligns with the newborn Moon exactly at 15 degrees. Together, Mercury and the Moon act like a second New Moon merging with Uranus at 17 degrees Taurus. Learn more about Mercury Retrograde here.

Mercury with the presence of the Moon offers you an opportunity to explore your core root Self. Your core root Self in the material world is your emotional body. Your emotional body reveals how you truly feel, what you are holding in your subconscious, and what drives your behavior at the unconscious level. Mercury whispers in your inner ear that the greatest rewards are not in the outcome but in your own personal process of revelation. What are the great mysteries from your Soul that are awaiting to be revealed?

The polarity point to the Mercury-Moon retrograde is the essence of acquiescence. Acquiescence implies a reluctance to accept something without protest. When you lay down your sword, end a fight or argument, and just breathe, this is not self-betrayal. What is more than likely to occur, is that this pause in your being can reveal wisdom. Where there is wisdom, there is a higher probability of harmony.

This retrograde sojourn in Mercury is promoting the examination of your core self (as is the true essence of Mercury retrograde). Mercury contains the power of The Magician to help you connect to your authenticity. Everyday life pushes you towards your inner truths. Illusion in the outer world is rooted in an inharmonic balance known as self-deception. This is what Mercury retrograde seeks to do, to expose what is out of balance in your being which causes your true Self to be deceived.

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Uranus assists you in awakening your earthly life to a new reality that is being revealed to you through your Crown Chakra. Pluto is in Aquarius, which opens the door to your Soul to evolve to a higher consciousness. Uranus is the electric energy that is signaling to your kundalini power to rise up and cleanse your chakra system. Uranus tells you that it is in your daily activities that you will reach a place of enlightenment within. You do not need to attend spiritual retreats in sacred places around the world. You don’t have to purchase high-priced classes, courses, or coaching to achieve what your Soul is desiring. The great mystics have been teaching humanity that the soul’s ministry is universal and that every activity is a spiritual experience for developing your being.

Finally, the South Node in Scorpio and its trine to Saturn in Pisces offer you the best medicine yet for healing through this retrograde. The Scorpio South Node unwinds past life patterns. At 4 degrees Scorpio, the South Node is clearing out your emotional body. It teaches you that the emotional body is a great mystery, especially when you understand that emotional triggers contain multiple lifetime experiences, not just the present incarnation. This becomes a fascinating space to explore within yourself.

First ask yourself, “Is this feeling from this life or another lifetime?” Mercury loves to answer Yes/No questions. Go with your first, natural response and explore your “Yes” or “No”. It doesn’t have to be complicated or unnerving. Pay attention to your dreams, as the Moon will be revealing insights and memories to show you what has been stuck from past life trauma.

Saturn blesses you with his universal Piscean wisdom. Saturn teaches you that you gain as much benefit by what you give as what you receive. Be wise, open, and willing to contemplate this time-honored knowledge.

If you receive benefits from this post, feel free to support my work. Thank you!

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