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“Ex Machina” – Venus Retrograde 2020

Venus Retrograde:  May 12 – June 24, 2020. Retrograde Path:  21 to 5 degrees Gemini

Shadow Zone is 5 to 21 degrees Gemini. Pre-shadow: April 10, 2020. Post-shadow:  July 29, 2020.
Venus entered Gemini April 4, 2020. Venus leaves Gemini on August 8, 2020 – in time for the 8:8 Lions Gate


When I was gazing into the mirror of the Venus Retrograde 2020 event chart, my clairaudient channels turned on! I head distinctively “Ex Machina”. I was startled at how clear my guidance was at that moment. I knew there was a movie with this title and Aristotle’s treatise on “Deus ex machina”the ghost in the machine. (Who’s thinking the Police album, too?) But that was about it to the extent of my knowledge.

I decided to head over to Google and see what I could find out. According to Wikipedia, “Aristotle was the first to use a Greek term equivalent to the Latin phrase deus ex machina to describe the technique as a device to resolve the plot of tragedies. Some believe the story’s internal logic is damaged because it challenges suspension of disbelief, allowing the author to conclude the story with an unlikely ending. – This is a hint! Are we as a civilization heading towards an unlikely ending when the Ghost in the Machine intervenes??

I received further affirmation from a wonderful fellow Astrologer and mentor, Robert Phoenix. He, too, mentioned this phrase several times when diving deeper into the current energies of 2020. Robert proposed the possibility that the “ghost in the machine” of AI awakens to help the masses instead of destroying and taking over. (Love that possibility, Robert!) So here we go, let’s take a look at why the Venus RX chart is pointing towards the theme of “Ex Machina.”

Ode to Venus:

First, let’s start with who is Venus. Venus is Earth’s neighboring planet and in astrology, Venus rules the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. She is the goddess of love and beauty. She is also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Botticelli captured her essence in his painting, “The Birth of Venus”. Venus is the spiritual conductor of love, beauty, and bounty on planet Gaia. Venus is the external energy captured by women, while Mars is the external energy captured by men. Venus shows you how you give and receive love, what you value, and how you dance in relationships with others. Look at your natal astrology chart to find where Venus is:  sign, house, and degree.

Venus is currently traveling through the sign of Gemini, the Twins. For four months in 2020, Venus experiences Gemini energy due to the retrograde journey from May 12 to June 24, 2020. Since Gemini represents twins, Venus points to how human beings embody both the masculine and the feminine. Logic and Love working together to create the Third Way or the Middle Way of the Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism.

Gemini deals with the lower mind that is content or data-driven. The lower mind is extremely good at “yes or no” questions and makes these decisions at lightning speed, much like AI. This is very similar to the “1s and 0s” of computers. In a purely data-driven world, information becomes like the gods to create artificial life based on likes and dislikes. Our current data-driven, social media world is a construct for creating artificial life. This is one of the messages from the film.

Venus squares her higher octave energy of Neptune to help you understand where you need more tenderness. If you have a poor self-image, the Venus-Neptune square mirrors deep feelings of insecurity. An imbalanced need for affection can show up as disillusionment in love. Love relationships based on mutual understanding and trust will invite more tenderness and romance during this retrograde. This is your litmus test.

Venus passes over the Fixed Star, Bellatrix polarizing the influence of Neptune. According to Astrology King, the Fixed star Bellatrix with the Venus-Neptune square indicates “much suffering through love affairs owing to unrestrained feelings.” Bellatrix is a Female Warrior Star very adept at honor, bravery, renown, and strategic thinking. But due to the Neptune square to Venus, Bellatrix moves her energy into a discordant vibration. Be watchful for envy, fighting a losing battle, sudden dishonor, and blindness to the truth – even if it is staring you in the face.

In essence, Venus desires for you to honor the meaning of things by exploring what has VALUE to you. The world has changed. Take this moment in time to experience the sacred PAUSE and RESET. 

Ex Machina:  Threat of AI + Rise of the Robots

The film “Ex Machina” focuses on the desire to recreate human life as artificial intelligence. A technocrat scientist, Nathan, constructs a female artificial intelligence and invites Caleb, a budding computer programmer to apply the Turing test to his creation, Ava.

I created a transit chart with the movie’s release date (April 24, 2015) and the Venus Retrograde 2020 chart (May 12, 2020). Very interesting! The Nodal wave in 2015 was in the Libra (North Dragon’s Head) and Aries (South Dragon’s Tail) axis. The movie’s Aries South Node conjuncts the current Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in Aries degrees. Ex Machina Chiron conjuncts current 2020 Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces. 2015 Pluto was retrograde at 15 degrees where Jupiter RX is moving towards this year.

**Here’s more of the breakdown:

Venus:  THEN – clarifying the mind by connecting with like-minded people. Today – bioenergetic rebuilding through connection and joy of living with the harmony of nature. Turn off your devices and go outside to connect with Nature!

Mars:  THEN – cleansing of the ego consciousness. Today – commerce increases the health of a community through variety. Support local, small businesses to thrive. Bring commerce to the local levels and obtain your goods and services in more of a village-type structure.

Black Moon:  THEN – Shadow of Ability, fear of failure, feelings of being inherently flawed. – long-repressed subconscious energy ready to explode. Today – bringing forward cosmic order. Reboot your divine “I AM” Presence and release any shadow beliefs around Original Sin.

Cancer Moon and Pluto Rx: THEN – Bringing into harmony the power of the Divine Mother to evolve the Soul. Humor evolves and frees the mind. The Soul embodied needs to move and exercise. Today – Work less and live more. Redefine your needs and simplify your life. 

Nodal Wave in Libra/Aries:  THEN – The strength of self-control creates inner stability. To have a new cycle of experience, you must relinquish the old attitudes. Today – Understand how your earthly body and your spiritual Self work together in harmony and balance. Practice mindfulness and increase your emotional IQ through awareness and responsiveness. Be willing to let go of your opinions and attitudes. Never stop learning. Learn to adapt, be flexible, and become an Adept.

Watch the Movie!

3 Main Characters:  Ava, Caleb, Nathan. Who are they? Who do you relate to? Who do these characters appear like now in 2020? Watch the movie, receive your own downloads, and come to your own conclusions. You will be fascinated! Share your experiences and start a new conversation around what’s really going on in your communities!

**Keep in mind that the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter during Winter Solstice 2020 has “ROBOT “and the rise of AI written all over it. It now is up to each one of us to yell, “PLOT TWIST!” and conclude this story with an unlikely ending that serves the betterment of all.

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