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Evolution: Lunar Nodes makes Shift Happen!

Lunar Nodes in Aries-Libra from July 18, 2023 to January 11, 2025

The Lunar Nodes have shifted and will bring new and old energy into the Collective atmosphere. The Lunar Nodes represent the pulse of the Collective. They give directions for how the Collective can shift, change, and grow. The North Node is where consciousness is going and the South Node is what needs to be reviewed, healed, and transformed. It is the fuel for growth. The Lunar Nodes change signs every 18 months and return to the same sign every 18-19 years. The Lunar Nodes show the axis point of your Soul’s Purpose in your Natal chart.

The North Node in Aries represents the soul taking on the archetype of the Hero, the Warrior, and the Trailblazer. Aries is ruled by Mars. Combining the power of Cardinal Fire, Mars’s heroism, and the First House in the Zodiac, this is where the Collective can create a new cycle to embody its divine masculine essence. Where is Aries ruling in your Natal chart?

The South Node in Libra is the energy where the Collective needs to unwind old patterns that have fallen into its shadow. Libra rules 1:1 relationships, marriage, contracts, and negotiations. Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Harmony. In order for the Collective to unwind old, outdated relationship patterns, Venus must be utilized as the conductor of this shift in awareness. Look to your Seventh House, too, to see how you relate personally to the energy of relationships in your life. Where is Libra ruling in your Natal chart?

The Nodal Journey of Aries and Libra

This is a Synastry chart comparing the beginning of the Nodal Journey at 29 degrees Aries (inside the circle in blue) and the ending of the journey at 0 degrees Aries (outer circle in red).

The North Node: The Collective push forward

The North Node in Aries is charging The Collective ahead with the firey energy of courage, passion, and heroic efforts to defeat controlling forces. This is the energy of Achilles, Marc Anthony, and Joan of Arc.

Mars rules Aries and at the time of the shift into Pisces in 2025, Mars is retrograde at 27 degrees Cancer. This is square to the beginning of the Aries nodal journey. In Cancer, Mars is in the “Fall” or defeat phase. The Cancer Sun and New Moon are gifting Mars a nodal journey around the totality of being: body, mind, and spirit. Chiron also brings the power of soul healing to the divine body blueprint, too. In order to heal the body to become a spiritual warrior, you must reconnect your soul DNA with prayer, peace, and prosperity.

The South Node: The Collective unbinding of the past

The South Node in Libra is unbinding the Collective past that is held in familial lineages through dysfunctional relationships and how they are passed down generationally. The Black Moon Lilith appears in Libra at the end of the cycle and aligns with the nodal’s Part of Fortune. This means that doing your shadow work will bring to you your sacred dharma of abundance. Do your shadow work in all your relationships. Transcend any fears around loneliness, perfectionism, and criticizing yourself or others. The goal is to be comfortable in being alone and not see yourself or the world in the polarity of good and bad. To unwind old patterns, be non-judgemental and assess your own values. Venus appears in Pisces to reactivate Saturn’s passage. She is exalted in Pisces and can be embodied when you life your life as a spirit having a human experience.

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