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WTF: What The Frequency Podcast

Episode 9: WTF! What the Frequency?! Full Moon in Scorpio Podcast

Today we have the Full Moon in Scorpio “High Frequency” Cosmic downloads on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a Listener’s question during this episode.

Listen Now:

Cosmic 5D Downloads:

Welcome to the time of the week of the Full Moon once again. I am very excited to bring you this next Full Moon episode. In the next half hour, you will come into alignment with the knowledge of the current cosmic conditions for the 2020 version of the Full Moon in Scorpio known as The High Priestess Moon:  

Sit back, relax, and gaze into the mirror of the Scorpio Full Moon. As the lunar light begins to shine, you can receive the downloads of the zenith point of the current lunar cycle in Taurus. Listen for more insights in Episode 8 of WTF! What the Frequency?! This Full Moon completes the motion of the 5 Super Moon sequence. That means that the Moon is closer to the Earth and increases the gravitational pull. You will feel this heightened magnetic force field in your emotional body. Use it to clear and cleanse your body-mind-spiritual energy. 

The Full Moon is the time when the Moon moves into an octave or opposition to the Sun. Going 180 degrees in orbit, the Moon receives the fullness of the sun’s light upon its surface. The Full Moon brings everything out of the internal darkness to be seen in the external light of day. The Scorpio Full Moon is opposite the Taurus Sun and together they create the frequency known as “The High Priestess Moon”. This energy beckons you to transform! 

The Scorpio Full Moon is called the “Priestess Moon”. This is the time to invoke your inner Priestess to rebirth your power. Scorpio rules the Sacral Chakra so connect deeply to your Shakti energy. This energy is a healing elixir. 

Allow yourself to move into a calm and balanced state. Deep breathing, prayer, and rhythmic dancing help you receive the blessings of Heaven now. As you move into the depths of the Scorpio, you will discover great truths. In this darkness, your power lays, sleeping like a coiled snake awaiting your conscious return. 

As you reconnect and touch this ancient part of you, you fulfill a promise to the great Original Goddess to draw her light down into your sacred womb of Gaia to rebirth all life on the planet. At this moment you become a Keeper of the Mysteries, a Guardian of the caves of Gaia. You return Medusa to her rightful place of protecting the sacred mysteries of the Goddess. 

Take note of your Taurus and Scorpio-ruled Houses in your Natal chart to receive messages from the Full Moon. Need help? Get a reading with Shannon. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to put what you learn about yourself into action with others!

*SUPER TIP:  The shadow of Scorpio shows up as betrayal, mistrust, suspicion. Check your Scorpio-ruled house, your Natal Mars, and Pluto plus your 8th house in your natal chart. Need help? Get a reading with Shannon.

The Scorpio Full Moon is is the time to Draw Down the Moon. Drawing Down the Moon is a beautiful Wiccan Ritual that is usually done within a casted Circle on a Full Moon night. The Ritual is traditionally performed by a High Priestess who enters a trance and calls the Goddess to enter and speak through her.  While the Priestess is in trance she may speak prophecy and give advice.

Are you curious about your energy as a High Priestess? Thre is a wonderful way you can use your Natal chart to see the vibration of your natural, inner Witch. I like to take a look at the cool, witchy Asteroids:  Psyche (16), Hekate (100), Minerva (93), Pythia (432), Persephone (399), Medusa (149). 

You can find out where these Asteroids were at the time of your birth. On you can select Extended Chart. Choose Additional Objects. Click on the Asteroid List and locate the names of the Goddesses of your choosing. Take a look at these witchy Asteroids to get a much more clear sense of your inner High Priestess. If you want help, schedule a private reading with me and we can take a look together. 

PODCAST THEME:  Gathering together. Sharing Resources. Calling upon your dearly departed. 

The Scorpio Full “Priestess’ Moon” is aware of the desire for the feeling of connection. The Moon shines a light on a group of people holding hands. This is a form of connection and a way to heal through touch. 

The Full Moon is ripened with energy that brings people together. Scorpio wants to transform and share resources together, too. What is calling you together to be with others is a call from Spirit. Groups of Souls may feel a very deep resonance with connecting with those who they trust to transform with. 

Now in this current tide of being physically separate from each other, it makes the pull to gather that much more difficult to feel. But I have an alternative for you. You are allowed to override that edict and connect via your energetic Self. Let yourselves be linked together through soul power that is much bigger than time and space. 

Your togetherness creates an impenetrable force field that can transform and transmute. Use group power to release the ties that bind. Share your resources and join together to help those less fortunate. This is a powerful time of sharing and caring from healing energy to monetary resources. You are being guided to combine your forces together to be unstoppable!

The lunar chart of this High Priestess Moon shines a light on our collective need to be together. Create a virtual Circle with your Tribe to align with this energy.

Tips:  Candle Gazing to receive your personal messages from the Moon, your Ancestral guides, and Angels. Drawing Down the Moon in Circle to invoke the Goddess for wisdom.

The Taurus Sun wants you to know that the Earth, Gaia, is here for you too. She appears as “A woman with a hundred breasts” to show you the unlimited nature of divine Mother energy. Like in Nature, this energy flows to you in rhythms and patterns. 

When you are tapped into the fruit of the vine, you overflow with resources that you can give selflessly to others. This becomes a “thank you” to the Divine Mother to give what has been given. 

When you tune into this power of abundance, you also take on a Saturn-like mastery of responsibility to do this, not just for yourself – but to do this for the benefit of others, too. This type of giving becomes an ecstatic celebration of gratitude and blessings. You may become so drunk on the Milk and Honey of the divine Mother that your life changes forever, for the better. 

This magnetic Earth energy roots you to living inside “the need” – meaning that when those who hunger and thirst cross your path, you are prepared to offer them what they need most. And that is to be reconnected to the Divine.

TIP:  Make it a daily practice to fill up with Divine Mother energy and get your needs met. Make this the secret to your mastery of the 3D physical plane. When you fill-up and overflow, your next step is to direct it towards others.

The Full Moon Themes:  THE FEMININE

  • When you nurture and protect yourself, you discover new energy that stirs you into higher consciousness.
  • Connecting with others with spiritual intent puts everyone in touch with tremendous power.
  • Feel the urge to grow and overcome emotional restrictions. Dedicate yourself to this deep healing.
  • When you connect with others to expand light, you nourish each other and create abundance.

The Sun Themes:  THE MASCULINE

  • Let the energy of Spirit pour down into your body, mind, and spirit to help you overcome difficult situations.
  • Simply commune with Nature and you will be aligned with a vast and abundant source of energy.
  • When you are mindful of other people’s sensitivities, you join with them in peace.
  • Tap into the fullness of divine Mother energy and allow your creativity to flow forth spontaneously.

Lastly, begin to prepare for three Retrograde journeys:  Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter. Pluto is already in retrograde as of April 25th. These are the four power players in 2020. Mars brings in the 5th Element in October.

This Podcast episode is sponsored by Shen Sounds

This episode of WTF What the Frequency is sponsored by Shen Sounds. Shen Sounds is an online sound healing practitioner course learning how to use tuning forks and sound healing for vibrational wellness. Now is the time to learn how to heal yourself, bring more harmony into your life, and onto the planet. Learn a new skill and start a new business with our friends at Shen Sounds. Link to the Sound Healing practitioner course in the show notes. “May the Forks be with you.”

Listener Question:

This episode’s Listener Question comes to us from Lunar Ladies Lifestyle public Facebook group.

Dear Shannon, I have a Natal Scorpio Moon, so what could this Full Moon have in store for me? I am a Scorpio Rising, does this mean more secret sauce?”

Thank you, dear Wise women, for your questions. I love them! First, bravo for knowing your Natal Moon sign and Ascendant sign! Those are two of the three key layers that create your personality in this lifetime. The Moon connects you to your Core Subconscious Self. The Sun connections you to your external, conscious Self. The Ascendant takes the gifts of both the Moon and Sun to emerge a new you through this outer layer of Self.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio, those with a Natal Moon in Scorpio are getting activated. The Full Moon is bringing your lunar core self to your surface awareness. The power of a Full Moon is to draw energy from the depths. Scorpio energy reaches into the Underworld. Those born with Scorpio Natal Moons already have a part of their deep core Self connected to the power the Underworld and to the power of transformation.

With that in mind, you have a great opportunity to transform and possibly experience a Soul retrieval. Connecting with a trusted Shaman to do this with you, would be really awesome especially if you are working at that deep level of transmuting pain, wounding, and trauma. Look deep inside to see what is your relationship with betrayal, last of trust, and having your boundaries crossed. The shadows of Scorpio can be transmuted during this week. 

Investigate any layers of pain or wounding around these areas of life:  Uncompromising & Inflexible ~ Jealous ~ Secretive ~ Suspicious ~ Skeptical ~ Sarcastic & Judgmental ~ Overly Guarded & Restrained Emotionally ~ Submissive or Servile without Self-Mastery

These emotions are doorways to help you locate those places of wounding to easily move the emotional energy to a higher state of wellness. Since this is your Natal Moon which connects you to your Core Self, this would be a great time to free yourself of old ties that have bound you in this life and in other lifetimes.

For the Scorpio Risings, the Full Moon is in your 1st House of physical energy and the body. This is the house of identity and your “I AM” Presence. The Full Moon is drawing out energies through the physical that are in need of transmuting. 

Scorpio deals with the second or Sacral chakra. Check your body and focus on healing energy into your reproductive organs. Mars is the ruler of the 1st House and also the original, ancient ruler of Scorpio. Mars and the 1st House rule the head, so spend time clearing your mind and taking care of your head, eyes, ears, and throat. Massage your scalp and rest with an eye pillow or compress.

You have the opportunity to raise the vibration of your physical body to allow yourself to upgrade your psychic abilities, too. Think of the belief of the “Hollow Bone”. This understanding is to make yourself pure enough to match the beauty and high vibration of Soul energy. So you can purify your body by removing impurities. Strengthen your body to hold more powerful energy. For Scorpio Risings, you are embodying this powerful psychic power in your body. Your body then becomes its own language. You deeply feel and sense of psychic energy everywhere. Scorpio Rising women definitely make really good Priestesses, Oracles, and Clairvoyants! Check your 1st House for additional Planets that give your personal expression more layers. Also check your 8th House, Mars, and Pluto for more insights, too. 

Remember we all have Scorpio energy somewhere in our charts. The 8th House is the natural Scorpio House. Look at your Natal charts to see what is happening with Scorpio and where the Full Moon is for you. If you need help, you can schedule a personal reading with me to find out more.

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Make sure you’re signed up on our email list so that you never miss a show. Thanks for listening and see you in two weeks for the New Moon in Gemini May 22nd podcast.

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