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WTF: What The Frequency Podcast

Episode 7: WTF! What the Frequency?! Full Moon in Libra Podcast

Today we have the Full Moon in Libra “High Frequency” Cosmic downloads on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a Listener’s question during this episode.

Listen Now:

Cosmic 5D Downloads:

Welcome to the time of the Full Moon once again. I am very excited to bring you this episode of the current cosmic conditions for the 2020 version of the Full Moon in Libra known as The Artist’s Moon:  

As we gaze into the mirror of the Libra Full Moon, we can receive the downloads during this zenith point of the current lunar cycle in Aries. This Full Moon continues the motion of the 5 Super Moon sequence. That means that the Moon is closer to the Earth and increases the gravitational pull. You will feel this heightened magnetic force field in your emotional body. Use it to clear and cleanse your body-mind-spiritual energy. 

The Full Moon is the time when the Moon moves into an octave or opposition to the Sun. Going 180 degrees in orbit, the Moon receives the fullness of the sun’s light upon its surface. The Full Moon brings everything out of the internal darkness to be seen in the external light of day. 

The Libra Full Moon is opposite the Aries Sun and together they create the frequency of known  The Artist’s Moon. 

The Full Moon in Libra is called the “Artist’s Moon” and beckons you to create! The energy of the Lovers arcana meets in Libra to quicken the ecstatic union to create beauty in all its myriad of forms. This is the impulse to pick up your brush, move your feet, write into the early morning hours. Open the door of your heart to let The Muse in. Every child is born an artist. It’s only the voices of others that begin to diminish one’s light. It’s an old, old program to turn off our divine right to create. Turn that light back on with the Libra Full Moon.

Surround yourself with beauty. What do you find so beautiful that you are mesmerized? Don’t look to others to validate and affirm what catches your eye. For beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Truly honor what you find beautiful, pleasing, enjoyable and that “I can’t live without that” vibration. The Full Moon week is your time to dance in all that you find exquisite. Beautify your surroundings. Pick up garbage in your neighborhood. Pull some weeds and till the soil to plant wildflowers. Ask Mother Nature what would create a forest of food for your local pollinators:  honey bees, birds, and butterflies. Be a creator that creates. Remove the phrase “shelter in place” and replace it with “artist in residence”. Grab your paints, crayons, chalk and let your creative inner child be free!

Where do you hold the Artist’s energy in your natal chart? Find that in your Libra ruled House as well as your 7th House. And don’t forget Libra’s ruler – Venus! Venus flows in Gemini now and is preparing to go to RX soon in May.

Venus and Mars are dancing at such a high tempo in the Cosmos now. They have paired with Vesta and Saturn in the Air Element:  Relationships and the Soul-inspired future.

As I looked into the divine mirror of the Full Moon’s chart, a really interesting story began to unfold through the degrees and symbols. Venus and Mars drew the Lovers card. Vesta drew the High Priestess. Saturn drew the Magician. When Saturn appeared as the Magician, I was taken aback. I cast him first as the Emperor. But whispered in my ear to take a second look and come closer, deeper and return to a time when only Seven Luminaries crossed the Cosmos for humanity.

Aha, Saturn in Aquarius is the ancient ruler and one of the seven ancient Wanderers to humanity long ago. Coupled with Mars and dancing with Vesta and Venus, it was easy to see the Magician appear before my eyes. 

In this ancient state, I transcended timelines to find myself in the days of Atlantis, the last Golden Age when the Precession of the Equinox crossed the constellation of Leo. As we venture towards the Age of Aquarius, it is the next Golden Age. But first, the karmic residues of the past must be cleared and rectified.

What we are witnessing in the modern age of AI, cloning, genetic modifications, space technology is the return of Atlantis. Isn’t’ that interesting? But things went wrong in Atlantis and led to its sinking beneath the waves. Sink or swim. In the last 150 years, the Industrial Age, the time of Atlantis has been reborn. What have we learned as a society, a culture, a human race?

Remember that saying, “know your history or be doomed to repeat it”? So here we are again. Many channelers have received that there are souls alive today that were alive during the time of Atlantis. Are we here to learn, repeat, or repent? The folly of Atlantis was manifold but what stands out now is the desire to create or be like God. This idea alone is a symptom of separation of the true divine Self. This version emanates from Mind energy cut off from the heart energy that knows that God is already within you and within all things great and small. In fact, there is no you at the higher dimensions of existence. We all become One – as flow the teachings of Pisces. 

The Libra Full Moon and Aries Sun, along with Vesta and Saturn, are gifting us with knowledge – ways to learn and grow from the shadow vibrations of the fall of Atlantis. I go into more detail in the Full Moon blog post. So make sure you take a moment to read that. 

The Super Full Moon frequency is also giving you an opportunity to see how you can clear Atlantean karma. Look to your Aries and Libra ruled houses to start. Planetary activity will give you clues. I use the symbols for the degrees to spark memories that sit deeper in my unconscious vaults of time.

This would be a great time to see how you are operating this field in 2020 by getting a reading with me. I can help you discover your connections and how to recalibrate your vibration to contribute to the greater good of humanity. This is also a great time to mentor me so I can guide you through this brave new world in 2020. 

Let’s explore the themes being offered by the Full Moon and Sun at this time. Pay attention to what you are feeling and any sensations on your body. This is a communication from your body that energy is stored there. This energy is memories from this life, as well as other lifetimes.

I like to keep a journal to record what I am feeling especially when experiencing readings, healings, and spiritual research. Our bodies are living libraries of information. You can also access your ancestral library of earthly experiences too – accessing skills, gifts and the like to use in this lifetime. Let’s get into the flow of feeling into the Full Moon in Libra and Aries Sun themes. 

The Full Moon Themes:  THE FEMININE

  • Creative Expression & Authenticity – creative movement dissolves and frees the pain body
  • Dance with Uncertainty – Venus
  • New Ways to communicate
  • Voices are designed for Singing, not talking
  • Telepathy is designed for communication – Mind to mind, not talking
  • Stay attuned to the fun. Change what you are doing to sustain your frequency of Fun. Fun dissolves the meaninglessness in life.

The Sun Themes:  THE MASCULINE

  • Enjoy the renewal energy around you. Change is good!
  • Be fresh and new to make do with what you have
  • Beautify everything around you
  • Open your mind to connect to a greater reality beyond the known limitations of the old 3D world
  • Breakdown the structures of old thoughtforms
  • Old cycles can recreate into new forms for the future today
  • Learn to love the cycles of life, including death. Be thankful for all that has come to be and passed away.

According to Elias Lonsdale in his book Inside Degrees, The Moon is helping the inner Masculine energy find that carefree joy once again. The image for 18 degrees Libra is “Young boys picking and eating cherries off a tree.”

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Listener Question:

This episode’s Listener Question comes to us from Lunar Ladies Lifestyle public Facebook group.

Dear Shannon, What the hell! The world is upside down. What can I do to maintain my sanity?”

Thank you, dear Listener, for your question. We are in brave new times. There most likely is no more going back to “normal”. This is one of the most powerful times to create. Realize that each human being is more powerful beyond measure in the words of Marianne Williamson. This is your time to find your FIRE! Who are you and why are you here – this is Soul Purpose time. You find this within and then you generate a frequency that draws others to you that are like-minded and like-hearted – your Soul Tribe. “Birds of a feather, flock together”

To understand what is happening now, let’s place into context what big cycles are currently in play. First, let’s start with the natal chart of the USA as a backdrop to see the bigger pictures and cycles.

Let’s go furthest out and start with Pluto. In the USA, we are experiencing the return of Pluto to its natal position in 1776. It’s roughly a 250+ year cycle. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and also part of the Stock Market crash and Black Tuesday on October 29, 1929. Can you feel the energy of recession and the financial crisis yet?

Next, Neptune. Neptune was discovered during the time of the ending of slavery in America. Neptune was discovered at Fall Equinox of 1846. This was also the time of the Mexico and American wars. Interesting! Are you thinking about the Wall and the current immigration issues?

Next, Uranus. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was during the Great Depression. FDR and the WPA that built the roads and bridges occurred to end the disparity during that time. Notice how many are without jobs and will need opportunities to make a living. Unemployment is a theme repeating itself and needs the big brother’s energy of the government to come and save us.

Uranus was discovered during the time of the Revolutionary war in 1781. This was the time of one of the greatest battles by George Washington – the Battle of Yorktown. General Cornwallis surrenders to General George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia, ending the armed struggle of the American Revolution.

Cancer 1: “Lowering A Flag And Raising A New One” 

The Nodal wave is approaching the end of its time in the Cancer/Capricorn octave. The Nodal wave has a cycle of 18 months in each sign. The Nodes work in retrograde or backward. The shift is coming at the end of May as the Nodal wave moves into Gemini/Sagittarius. With the Sabian Symbol, we are seeing that there is a change in regime happening before our eyes. It’s very fascinating to watch. So just know that there are multiple agendas at play and most of them are being orchestrated at high levels behind the scenes of the mainstream.

  • What you can do first is to take care of your own frequency. You raise your frequency through food, thoughts, exercise, emotions and spiritual intent. Focus on increasing the power of your immune system and make sure you have solid, grounded healthcare routines in place.
  • Increase your skills and plan for the future. Get yourself out of debt and clear your mind of worry, stress and fear. 
  • Gather together and share your knowledge, resources and nurturing love. This is the time of the Pod Mind – not the hive mind. Focus on joy, creativity and increasing Vitamin Love. Get yourself to 51% to tip the scales of what is possible in your reality. Remind yourself, that all is well and all is working out better than you can imagine on a daily basis. Affirm with your speech, thought, and behaviors.
  • Stay tuned in to what is taking place as so much is changing and morphing by the day. The more we focus en masse on the positive, the more this timeline is anchored into the physical world. Stay connected with Lunar Ladies to “Receive the Real” – what is really going on and how you can thrive and soar to the highest heights!
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