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WTF: What The Frequency Podcast

Episode 5: WTF! What the Frequency Virgo Full Moon

Today we have the Full Moon in Virgo High Frequency Cosmic download on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a Listener’s question during this episode.

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Cosmic 5D Downloads:

There is an energy in our collective that needs a fresh look. Let’s gaze into the mirror of the Full Moon and receive the downloads during the zenith point of the current lunar cycle in Pisces.

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I am so excited to bring you this episode of the current cosmic conditions for the 2020 version of the Full Moon in Virgo known as The Spinner’s Moon. As we gaze into the mirror of the Virgo Full Moon, we can receive the downloads during this zenith point of the current lunar cycle in Pisces. This Full Moon sets into motion a sequence of 5 Super Moons. That means that the Moon is closer to the Earth and will appear 14% larger to our eyes. This also increases the gravitational pull and magnetic force field in our emotional bodies to help us clear and cleanse our energy. 

This is the time when the Pisces Sun is in octave or opposition to the Virgo Moon. The Moon receives the fullness of the sun’s light upon its surface and brings everything from the internal darkness to be seen in the external light of day. Virgo Full Moons are opposite the Pisces Sun and together they create the frequency of The Spinner’s Moon

Clothos, is the Spinner of the Three Sisters of Fate. Clothos spins your thread of life. She is the one who puts prayers, blessing and wellness into your quality of life energy.  Her sister, Lachesis decides how long your thread of life will be and her sister Atropos, decides when your thread of Life comes to an end.

Clothos, the Spinner, as the Virgo Full Moon reveals the health and wellness of your thread of life. She is reminding you to pay closer attention to your body-mind spirit wellness. She wants you to be first and foremost, in service to your own well-being. Take a good look at your health and self-care routines. Virgo likes to keep things really simple so that you will do them everyday. What in your health needs analysis? Where do you need to pay attention to the details?

Where do you hold the Spinner’s energy in your natal chart? Find that in your Virgo ruled House as well as your 6th House. And don’t forget Virgo’s ruler – Mercury! Now going direct on the Full Moon. – Watch for the power of the “Wobble” and the expanded power of the Full Moon. Practice being grounded, still, breathing before you move too fast and fall down!

Virgo is the sign of Wellness and Service and is governed by the planet Mercury as her ruler. Mercury goes direct during the Full Moon which makes his wobble period on steroids. Mercury really wants to know what stories do you spin, round and round in your head? Be mindful as you walk through your everyday life. You are being asked to invoke your powers of Discernment now. And to take a look at how the frequency of Polarity plays out in your daily life. Get super crystal clear on what supports you to live the most desirable high frequency life.

With Mercury going direct on the Full Moon’s portal, Mercury sits again at the edge of Aquarius. This is a preview of what is happening March 23rd before the New Moon in Aries; post Spring Equinox. Saturn the ancient ruler of Aquarius begins his 2.5 year journey through 2023. At the end of this experience, Pluto moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius for 20 years. Life as we know it will be going through a revolutionary change of consciousness. So start thinking in this direction – March 23 – 2023 and the next 20 years.

Virgo Full Moon = POLARITY:

The Full Moon is lighting up the frequency of Polarity and how it is used to program, deprogram and reprogram society. Polarities are extreme opposites – negative and positive.

  • Pulled in two directions
  • Separation
  • Divide and conquer
  • Bias and allegiance

This is an alchemical mix for creation at what frequency do you think? If it is charged with low level negative programming based on Fear, the results are low level creations based on fear.

But there is an alternative, outside the box, solution. What if you remove yourself from the polarity and rise into a more universal vibration of Neutrality. There is an immense opportunity for you and the human race to take on this challenge to rise. Innovation can occur from a more neutral state which opens up doorways to creating from Love, Peace and Wisdom.

WE are learning to become Alchemists in every moment NOW. The Lunar Ladies Club is the place to learn how to be an Alchemist. Discover your tools. Put them into action. Check out the Club experience as well as getting the Pisces Package download to help you stay on track moving forward.

As we wrap up the current cosmic conditions for the Virgo Full Moon, I want to share with you what Saturn’s frequency is bringing into your life over the next 2.5 years. According to Elias Lonsdale in his book Inside Degrees, Saturn energy is this:  “Progressive evolution draws you through all your mistakes into all that can be. A vision is held here of a world in the near future, where all sides are included, where the myriad aspects of existence are simultaneously upheld, honoured, seen, appreciated, given their voice, their power, their spark of contribution and inclusion. Only when there is no further need to deny or negate, to judge or get rid of the shadow, the other side, will the multi-dimensional vision be unveiled.”

Listener Question:

This episode’s Listener Question comes to us from Lunar Ladies Lifestyle public Facebook group.

“Dear Shannon, You said the Virgo Full Moon is coming. I’m a Virgo. What does that mean for me”

Thank you dear Listener for your question. I love that you are a Virgo Sun going to experience this Virgo Full Moon with more clarity. When the Full Moon comes over your Sun sign, you are going to feel the energy more. It will light up your Sun qualities and the house in your Natal chart that your Sun is in. Make sure you have your Natal chart done by me so I can share with you what that means.

The Full Moon is in her largest, most expanded state. And when the Full Moon aligns with the Sun it carries the energy of a New Moon – which is new beginnings and starting a new cycle. With the Moon being in its most expanded state, this acts like a Super New Moon. 

Full Moon energy is here for us to expand into and release what no longer serves our highest good. Once you have been traveling with the Moon and clearing with her on Full Moons, the release energy of old stuff begins the new journey of Celebration and filling up with what you truly desire.

But this cannot authentically happen, unless the old has been swept away. Which is something you as a Virgo will most likely love – clearing and cleaning; organizing and opening up to more beauty.

It’s the Virgo’s job to organize the chaos and make it beautiful. Virgos work so hard in the name of beauty- simple, fresh and lovely. I really applaud how hard Virgos can work at this endeavor! So dear Listener, make a plan to do some serious house cleaning in your body, mind, spirit wellness with the Full Moon to make ready your energetic space for a new cycle of Vibrant living.

Everyone, check your Virgo ruled house as well as your 6th House in your Natal chart. Mercury goes direct and is the ruler of Virgo, too. Check on your Natal Mercury energy to see how you are doing in all the ways you think, communicate and behave in your everyday life.

Join us in the Lunar Ladies Club to have everything you need to do this! You get to understand yourself at a higher level and learn how to manage your emotional energy. Believe you will get to love the energy of Full Moons when you understand how the frequency really works in its natural essence and how the Moon flows through your personal blueprint.

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