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Episode 4: WTF! What the Frequency Pisces New Moon

Today we have the Mercury Retrograde 5D Cosmic download on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a listener question during this episode.

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Cosmic 5D Downloads:

Welcome to a new cycle that ends the 2019 Zodiac Year. This is the time of Soul as the Sun and Moon have traversed the Cosmos since Spring Equinox March 2019. 

This is a great time now that Mercury is in Retrograde to review your 2019 to March 2020 experience. What can you heal, dissolve and find new meaning that will fuel your fire for the next Zodiac Year 2020 that starts with the New Moon in Aries on March 24th?

  • The New Moon in Pisces occurs February 23, 2020 at 7:31 am pst at 4 degrees Pisces. This is known as the Dreamer’s Moon. 
  • 1st Decan of Pisces – so Pisces-Pisces! And it’s a 4 degree in a “4” numerology year. Foundations
  • Pisces is the last sign on the Zodiac Wheel and brings everything into a dreamy dissolution.
  • Pisces rules the 12th House of the collective unconsciousness
  • Pisces is ruled by Jupiter – ancient and Neptune – modern (discovered September 23, 1846).
  • Pisces seeds Aries with Soul Energy

Take a lot of time now through March 23rd to daydream, journal, reflect and connect with your Inner Muse. Pay attention to your dreams and definitely keep a dream journal to learn the language of your subconscious. The Moon also speaks the language of dreams, so keeping a dream journal also aligns you with the Moon which is your core root Self.

What are New Moons?

New Moons are the time of the month when new beginnings take place. Just like a seed that sprouts, New Moons are the quiet time when life can conceive itself, again and again. Be quiet, still and deep within yourself during the week of the New Moon. This is how you energetically align with the power of initiating something new. It’s not the time to run around crazy. It’s the time to move slowly as if you have a newborn baby in your arms. It’s quiet, soft and sacred. 

The timing of this Pisces Lunar Cycle is February 23rd to March 23rd and there are many things happening in our Cosmic Neighborhood. I really like to connect with the Archetypes of each lunar cycle. With the New Moon in Pisces 2020 lunar cycle, you have these archetypes to play with:  The Dreamer, The Liar, The Spinner, The Hunter, and The Mystic. What do you sense from these Archetypes as you allow your imagination to connect to these frequencies? Caroline Myss and Joseph Campbell’s work will be great places for you to get deeper insights into the nature of these Archetypes.

The Lunar Mansions highlighted this cycle are:  The Upper Spout pouring into the Crown Chakra of the Guru, the Little Star of Great Light, the Sceptre and the Duel. What do you feel when you allow your imagination to observe these realms?

In Pisces, you get to experience the spectrum of all Universal vibrations. Pisces energy is very imaginative and wants to activate your inner 3rd Eye visions to manifest into physical reality. Concentrate on making your world a brighter place and to transmute all negative emotions into Spirit consciousness:  “Make me an Instrument of your peace.”  fear becoming faith, anger to love, and sadness to joy. Seek to remove the veil of illusions from your everyday life to allow the wonder of nature to shine forth through you.

When you allow your emotional energy to flow forth and be what it wants to be, letting go of any attachment to them, you can wash away confusion and disillusion. Develop your “Clairs” – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience during this Pisces lunar cycle. Check out my teacher and colleague Francine Marie Sheppard’s amazing Seers Way training that I am taking, too.

  • What you are doing is realizing what is truly important and has value
  • Let your cleansing processes happen. 
  • Allow for more meaning to emerge from your life as it is right now. 
  • Joyously go your own way until all becomes clear.

This is how you end 2019 and begin your 2020 5D experience!  Find out where this is happening in your chart. Check out to get your Natal chart. I can teach you how to read your chart as well as how to read other people’s charts, too.

Listener Question:

This Listener Question comes from an inquiry email.

“Dear Shannon, I am a Pisces and my birthday is coming soon. What can I expect from 2020? What is going to happen for me? I feel it’s big! Love, D.B”

Thank you D.B. for your great question. Your timing is perfect! As 2019 officially ends with the Pisces lunar cycle and you are having your new birthday year, this is a great time to get a Solar Return Oracle reading with me. Every year when the Sun returns to the natal position it was when you were born, you get essentially get a new birth chart for that year only.

All the Pisces Soul Sisters and Brothers are really fortunate in 2020 to get this opportunity to set into motion big dreams. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of your Sign of Pisces. Jupiter makes a big splash in 2020 with both Pluto and Saturn. Jupiter is the expansion activator for the Pluto-Saturn conjunction of January 12th colliding with Pluto three times in 2020. At the end of 2020 in December, Jupiter collides with Saturn in Aquarius setting into motion the Aquarius Age frequencies.

As a Pisces, your ancient ruler is highlighted to trigger big changes over the next 10 years. This is a great time to literally return to your Soul Roots and expand your Pisces traits like kindness, compassion, empathy, and dreaming. Pisces Souls can dream the New Earth right into existence if they allow their emotional energy to flow and be whatever it is you want to experience. Forgo being shy, timid and especially release any shadow energy around playing a Victim. No martyring one’s self anymore. 

In order for me to fully answer what is coming for you D. B. in 2020, I would need to cast your Solar Return chart and give you an intuitive oracle reading. You can go to click on Offerings to purchase your Solar Return Oracle reading. I am very excited to see how your Ancient Ruler Jupiter will activate you this year to play a bigger role as a planetary emissary of unconditional love and kindness. I bet it will be wonderful! Thank you for your question!

If you have a birthday coming up, give yourself a great gift of a Solar Return Oracle reading. It’s a cosmic reading from the Mirror of your Soul. I provide amazing insights and recommendations to make your upcoming year stellar. You also get a powerful Solar Return birthday ritual to share your 10 big dream birthday wishes with the Universe. Fair warning, after your first Solar Return Oracle reading, it becomes an annual event “must-have” for years to come!

If you would like to send a Listener Question to be read on a future podcast, send an email to hello [at] with “Listener Question” in the subject line. Remember there are no wrong questions, send to me what is on your mind and what the frequency you would like to know.

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