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WTF: What The Frequency Podcast

Episode 15: WTF! What the Frequency?! Full Moon in Pisces 09/01/20 Podcast

The Full Moon in Pisces 09/01/2020 “High Frequency” Cosmic downloads on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a Listener’s question during this episode.


Cosmic 5D Downloads:

Welcome to the time of the Full Moon. I am very excited to bring you this next WTF podcast episode. In the next half hour, you will come into alignment with the knowledge of the current cosmic conditions for the 2020 version of the Full Moon in Pisces known as the “Healer’s Moon”.

There are three powerful alignments in the Full Moon chart. They are a Trapezoid, a Mystical Rectangle, and a Grand Earth Trine Kite. These three powerful alignments give you a playbook or directions to follow to heal your Soul over the next two weeks. First ground your spiritual knowledge into your earthly life. Second, strengthen your Soul to find more ease and wonder as you learn to work with Alchemy. Last, let the light guide your kite towards Heaven to find your Soul’s way home in the Cosmos. We will use these three pathways to inner-standing how to be your own Guru.

What is the Full Moon?

During this Full Moon Phase, your Leo New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition with your Soul’s power. The Universe loves to help fulfill your life’s purpose and heal others. Utilize the Pisces Full Moon’s power to heal your Soul and clear karma from the collective unconscious. Celebrate your desire to live your life to the fullest and dance in the center of the Cosmos! Leave the world better than when you arrived here. That is the goal of a life well-lived.

Pisces Full “Healer’s Moon”:

The Pisces Full Moon is called “Healer’s Moon.” The Healer’s Moon draws your arms up to the sky to connect with Source. This is how true healing happens. Like Reiki, it is the energy of Universal Qi, a divine intelligence, that flows through the practitioner to be received by the one calling forth the healing energy. This is your week to draw forth from the unlimited forcefield of Life to fill up and overflow with divine Love. Sometimes, you can become drained from life’s pushes and pulls. But now, you can remember that all it takes is a belief that you are already One with Creator and that all you need is readily available and ever present for you.

27th Lunar Mansion: The Guru

The Full Moon travels through the 27th Lunar mansion this week. This is the Lunar Mansion of the Guru and challenges you to reclaim your internal sovereignty as the authority of your experiences and energy. Be your own Guru and be focused on learning self-mastery, choosing the high road to ethical living. Mars (power) and Mercury (mind) help you choose the High Road to moral living by engaging the power of your thoughts. Challenge and investigate the impacts of all your choices and desires this week. Think before you act. Are your choices harming yourself or any other sentient being? This Lunar Mansion teaches you the power of your impact on others and upon the Earth. The power lies in your ability to be accountable and to take responsibility for your actions and desires. If you neglect the impact of your choices, this Lunar Mansion has no choice but to show you consequences. Too much unconscious energy leads to a lack of empathy for others. Don’t make that mistake especially as the Cosmos are helping you reassess your Soul so you can align with the evolution of the Universe. Take heed and choose well. Taking the High Road may seem difficult at first, but the more you do it, the better you will feel and be in the world.

HD Gateway: #37 “Friendship”

The 37th Gate in Human Design embraces everyone to come into community. This is the energy of “a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet”. Gate 37 is the most communal gate that can hold both a family and a community together through warmth, friendliness and nurturing. The Full Moon helps you make an emotional connection with others, especially through touch. Welcome the newcomer or stranger. Make sure you are tuned into your body to feel what a person’s energy is like — have discernment.

Podcast Theme: “Be your own Guru”

The Full Moon in Pisces is guiding you to become your own Guru. What is a guru? A guru is a teacher, guide, spiritual master who has reached a level of enlightenment. In India, gurus are revered as spiritual teachers. In Sanskrit, the word “guru” is a term for a “teacher, guide, expert, or master” of certain knowledge or field. A guru is also one’s spiritual guide, who helps one to discover the same potentialities that the guru has already realized.

The Pisces Full Moon is guiding you to seek your inner guru or your inner enlightenment. Instead of placing your power, discernment, and discovery outside of yourself, go within to find you own answers. You, your own Soul, is your guru. In Buddhism, the foundation is to calm and focus your mind. From this place you can achieve or reconnect with your inner enlightenment. When you clear the surface of the mind through meditation, it’s like polishing a rough stone into a diamond. Your practice sets the vibration for heart and mind to merge and become crystal clear. This inner connection guides you into knowing exactly where to go and what to do next in your life.

The Pleiadian symbol for the Full Moon at 10 degrees is “People seeking a fabled sage are traveling deep into the forest with lanterns.” This imagery mirrors the Moon’s guidance to go on a quest to find your inner worth and value. Seek your own truth. Learn to follow your own inner guidance. Practice trusting what you feel and desire. Believe in your soul to find your way home to inner peace, tranquility, love, and compassion. Ask yourself why you want what you want. Within your desires are your answers. You might discover that what you want is not really coming from you, but more from societal programming. You might discover that what you desire is already within. The Angels say, “what you seek is seeking you.”

As you seek your own inner Guru and polish your mind with meditation, you cleanse the “little ego” from the illusion of limitation. As the little ego washes away and dissolves, the greater ego or the “I AM” can come forward. The “I AM” is a pure mirror reflecting love and joy of the spiritual light out into the physical world. Imagine yourself being this in every present moment now.

As you seek your the true path of Spirit, you will be surprised at the wealth of richness that becomes your life. Your emotions will merge with the cosmic ocean that is shared by all conscious beings. Within this divine matrix, your Soul grows and grows, appreciating the beauty of life in all its vibrancy. It is through becoming one with your inner treasure in the now that you come to love and appreciate everyone and everything who comes upon your path. Isn’t that beautiful?! That’s the Full Moon’s message for you!

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This episode’s Listener Question comes to us from a Soul Purpose Series client.

“Dear Shannon, I’ve heard mentioned that some of us are born with ‘tears’ in our soul fabric. Can you explain what that means and how the Full Moon can help? Thank you! D.F.

Thank you, dear D. F. for your question. I really appreciate you reaching out and asking this question. Many of us come to Earth school to learn and to heal. Tears in the fabric of the soul can come from many different experiences. But for the soul fabric to be torn, these experiences are traumatic, vast, and most likely have happened multiple times in the Soul’s experiences in the physical world. In Astrology, the Soul’s energy is represented by the sign of Pisces and the 12th House. Pisces energy rules your belief systems. So if the soul has experienced trauma over and over, beliefs get imprinted in the matrix. These imprints are caused by the shadow of Pisces: suffering, imprisonment, torture, and the victim/victimizer archetype. Those of us who are born with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in the sign of Pisces, carry this energy to heal. Natal Chiron in retrograde also denotes an unhealed wound of great import. Look in your Natal chart to find your Chiron, where Pisces is in your Natal Chart, and what sign governs your 12th House natally. These will give you clues as to what you are here to heal in the form of beliefs that keep you locked in the Wheel of Samsara, the wheel of suffering.

One of the biggest indications of a tear in the soul’s fabric is a loss of connection with the divine. Some of us have no connection nor belief in a higher power. To me, those who are afflicted with psychopathy have completely lost their way out of the light and into the dark. Love, Kindness, and Compassion are the absolute solvents and healing salves for soul fabric tears. Forgiveness is the way out of suffering. In Buddhism, the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path offer sanctuary to find your way out of the darkness of suffering. The Four Noble Truths are: 1) Suffering exists: all beings suffer. 2) The cause of suffering is the cravings of the mind. 3) The mind can heal suffering. 4) Free the mind of cravings by living the Eightfold path of truth. In essence, realize the power of the mind to keep you imprisoned or to be the way out of suffering into liberation and freedom. You get to choose.

Allow the Full Moon to draw forth what needs to be healed and let it go. As you do you make space to be filled with light, life, and liberation from suffering. Fill yourself up with eternal and everlasting joy. AUMmmm!

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