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WTF: What The Frequency Podcast

Episode 14: WTF! What the Frequency?! Full Moon in Capricorn Podcast

Today we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn “High Frequency” Cosmic downloads on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a Listener’s question during this episode.


Cosmic 5D Downloads:

Welcome to the time of the week of the Full Moon once again. I am very excited to bring you this next Full Moon episode. It is a Lunar Eclipse episode! In the next half hour, you will come into alignment with the knowledge of the current cosmic conditions for the 2020 version of the Full Moon in Capricorn known as Grandmother’s Moon.

20:20 Clear Vision and Hindsight

In order to see where you are going, you have to know where you have been. This is the power of this decade and is most profoundly felt in 2020. Perfect vision is being able to clearly see what is in front of you while having the advantage of hindsight. With Pluto returning after 250+ years to its natal position for the United States, there is much to gain by having hindsight. Let’s take this eclipse time to ask: What needs to change? What is no longer needed to move forward? What have we learned as a country?

As we clean up the messes and find the gold of the last 250 years, we need to bear witness and pay respect to the suffering perpetrated on our soil. Start with the genocide of indigenous people that still continues – know your Native American history. Do you know the indigenous tribes of the area you live in? Find out. Say hello to the Ancestors. Ask what you can do to pay your respects. Are there descendants living now and are the local Tribes still active? Pay attention to the land, the people who used to live there freely, the animals that used to roam, and the trees and native plants that used to be there. Next, honor the African people who were brought against their will to toil and suffer as slaves. If you live in a slave state, find out your history. Honor those who once lived, suffered, died, and survived. Honor this deeply painful passage of time. Remember the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and all those who bravely left their homes to fight wars in other countries in the name of Freedom. Visit memorial sites that honor fallen men and women. Remember the mothers and fathers who lost their children and the children who lost their fathers and mothers. Tune into all the animals, plants, and trees who no longer exist because of encroachment and destruction of local habitats. There is much to bear witness to. This time of the Full Moon brings this energy into an expanded state so we can see everything that needs our attention now.

What is the Full Moon?

During this Full Moon Phase, your Cancer New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with the Soul’s power of your legacy. The Universe loves to help fulfill your life’s mission and contribute to the greater good. Utilize the Capricorn Full Moon’s power to uplift your heart and mind to the bigger picture of your life and doing the work in the external world to achieve your goals. Celebrate your desire to live your life to the fullest leaving a mark upon the world! Leave the world better than when you arrived here. That is the goal of a life well-lived.

Grandmother’s Moon:

The Capricorn Full Moon is called “Grandmother’s Moon.” Grandmother’s Moon is the embodiment of your maternal ancestors and holds the wisdom of the ancient Elders of the Goddess. The Moon casts a protective glow from the Elders over all your descendants this week. Ruled by the energy of Saturn, Grandmother’s Moon reaches maturity at her fullness and becomes old before her time. Allow the Matriarchs in your family lineage to visit you during the Full Moon. Your ancestors come to teach you, heal you, love you, and look out for your well-being during these powerful times of change. Pray to them and give thanks for their blessings.

23rd Lunar Mansion: “Confessions”

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse passage through the 23rd Lunar Mansion helps you see any parts of you in conflict. This is “True Confessions” time. This third Eclipse brings old eras to a close. Let yourself be guided by the Lunaverse to go back in time and reflect upon multiple past incarnations. Venus and Mercury are the guardians of the 23rd Lunar Mansion and soothe the discomfort of unresolved past life issues. The Cancer Sun lights up the Capricorn Full Moon to help you see where you “missed the mark”. Where did you not choose wisely for your greater good and the welfare of others? These unresolved moments create schisms in the Psyche as guilt, shame and suppressed desires. The Full Moon is shining a bright light to help you move that energy into a state of resolution. Take this week to confess your “sins”. The Sun and Moon will expose and help the shadowy walls to come crumbling down as we move higher and higher into the realms of Light.


Mars is the planet of 2020. Watch out for the God of War over the next six months. Mars is traveling in his home sign of fiery explosive energy that can easily be lit by anger and rage. Mars will go retrograde in September and will not leave the vibration of Aries until January 2021. We do have the help of multiple planets being slowed down in retrograde to remind Mars to “cool it”. In Human Design, when Mars enters Aries, he enters through the Gate of Spirit. This portal embodies the Love of Spirit in its most pure form. Remember that. The truth is accessed first through sweet, loving energy that has no shock value. This is pure Manna from heaven and you can feel it when you allow it to fill your entire auric field. Uranus rules your Aura and offers you the power of Love’s Pink Flame to free you from the devastating effects of rage upon your Spirit.

Here is your challenge: to develop an understanding of why people do what they do. The challenge of this energy is to BE LOVE no matter what is going around you or what others are doing. This is allowing Chiron, the Wounded Healer, to come into your world and help you evolve. Chiron will help clear your divine “I AM” body. This energetic embodiment is of pure love and is a healing force — it is Christ consciousness. This is our 6-month goal, practice, and yoga as we engage with the power of Mars through Aries.

Lilith, the Goddess of the Shadow work, is a catalyst switch to allowing the power of Creation to create constructively. As Lilith and Mars move towards Eris, the Goddess of Dischord, doing your inner work to clear shadows is key. When the three align near September 11th, it will either be a call to war or a call to everlasting peace. We get to decide. You get to assist by doing your individual work to be the change you wish to see in the world.

In Human Design, the Sun at 13 degrees moves into the Gate of Re-Calibration. The Earth at 13 degrees Capricorn moves into the Gate of the Visionary. In the lower energy, these two gates can create tension if the Collective is coming from an emotional frequency of “lack”.⁠⠀The Cancer Sun has the power to heal perceptions of reality that are out of alignment with abundance. At the same, time is a powerful energy and can also work to create tension. This tension is fueled by the square to Mars’ fight energy. The square wants to disrupt to break apart what no longer works in our society. This disruption opens a doorway to return things to a more harmonic flow.⁠⠀
The Earth’s position promises us the dream of what we truly want and what is necessary to create lasting transformation – if we ground ourselves. This is the key element – GROUNDING. When you are grounded, you can access the energy of perseverance to do whatever it takes to have that vision of peace and wellness. Ask yourself, what is necessary to re-calibrate the story of Humanity back to a place of sustainable abundance for all. Stay focused on what is truly valuable to you.⁠ Keep in mind, that both of these gates of energy like to fight. These energies create tension as fuel for change. Keep your mind’s eye single for what you want, not on what you don’t want. This time is pivotal to create momentum and if we’re reacting from to resolve our own trauma. Make sure you realize that the trauma you see in the world, is a culmination of everyone’s trauma and suffering. Have mercy on yourself so you can have mercy on others.

Mars in Aries travels through the Gate of Spirit. Your inner warrior is being initiated in the ultimate Hero’s Journey. This journey is about a cycle of death that will, ultimately, lead to a powerful, spiritual rebirth.⁠ This is a moment, an opportunity for awakening your Christ Conscious Self. Everyone is now walking the path of the priestess or the shaman. We each must die to the ego – or separated self – to become a Master Teacher of the Heart.⁠ This similar to Gandalf’s journey in Lord of the Rings. He dies from Gandalf the Grey to be reborn as the Gandalf the White. Watch that movie, again, to understand what is possible for you and everyone.

We are co-creating with Spirit to fully realize our true purpose as spiritual beings in human form.⁠ The more we come into alignment with the True Story of who we really are, the more beauty and love can become our everyday reality on planet Earth.⁠ Take this time, the rest of 2020, to understand your current perspective on life and do whatever it takes to come into a more profoundly spiritual understanding on the true meaning of our lives. This is a collective call to prayer, in whatever form that takes for you. It is our mission to bring Heaven onto Earth by embodying our true selves. We can manifest a world that works. We have the advantage of the masses having strength in numbers. Let us use this ability to join together to raise a new flag of freedom. What we do now will resound throughout the Cosmos and you will have your Soul’s name in the hearts of all who exist in the vibration of One Love unity consciousness. Sign me up!

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This episode’s Listener Question comes to us from Lunar Ladies Club Community.

“Dear Shannon, I am feeling so overwhelmed by the sadness in the world. Are things going to change soon?” – Love Anna G.,

Thank you, dear Anna G. for your question. I really appreciate you reaching out and asking for assistance. Believe me you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed. It is very hard to see all the sadness in the world at this time. Especially if you are an Empath, the energies are magnified by 100 as you feel them in your body. A rule for Empaths is to “observe and don’t absorb”. This is easier said than done. This is a great time to work with your Angels and Guides to ask for help, assistance, comfort, and knowing what to do. As I look at the Cosmos and tune into the alignments made among the planets, these vibrations are at Mach 10 level of power. To me, these energies are not designed to be experienced alone. These big alignments are set up to generate enough power to make quantum leaps in consciousness. To make a quantum leap, it takes the power of the Pod or a group of like-hearted and like-minded people coming together to make a difference.

Let’s look at the understanding of how group dynamics work to make a change. I like to weave together multiple viewpoints to get a deeper understanding. When people join together and work together, their group strength is magnified exponentially. Think of a group of men coming together to lift a car off of someone trapped. One man cannot do it, but 10 men could when they work together. To me, this is what Jesus was talking about when he said, “when two or meet in my name, miracles happen”. When two more people meet with a single purpose, mountains move. There is another perspective that it only takes 1% of the population to create a tipping point. Study the work of Rupert Sheldrake and his teachings about morphogenetic fields. This is also shows up as the “100th Monkey Syndrome”. What this means is that there is an invisible sphere of consciousness that affects us all. Some refer to this as the Noosphere (Jose Arguellos). I like to reference this idea as the collective human iCloud. When you have a certain amount of people changing their minds, learning something new, or having an awakening, what happens is that it starts to affect the collective human quantum mind. Everyone around the world begins to understand a new concept simultaneously. This is a phenomenon that supports how much we are all linked together and at higher dimensions existing in a state of Oneness. If enough people work together in harmony, we can make a difference. We can shift the energy from a place of sadness and despair to one of healing and happiness.

In response to your question, are things going to change soon. I would say “Yes!” The Universe is not static. It is dynamic, meaning it is always in motion. The Sun, Moon, Earth, and Mars reminds us to release beliefs in lack and limitation. The Universe is a space of creativity and destruction. Destruction frees energy to recreate in an ever expanding Universe. Let us try to come together to see what is truly happening as things change. As our world, solar system and place in the Cosmos moves into harmonic alignment with the Galactic Center, so can we shift and change. In my humble opinion, we are in a massive state of transformation. Moving from one dimension into another. For humanity, it is really a reawakening to the truth that we already exist in multiple dimensions and frequencies. We are creator beings that have been experiencing a reversal of fortune. Being enslaved over time, oppressed, and detained. We have not been free. This is okay, because times are a changing. Let us come together to experience the beauty and glory of allowing the shift to can happen by loving ourselves and each other. As we join together in the ultimate “Namaste”, we can find comfort in one another and move from lack to abundance. This is already happening. Keep your mind and heart single on this focus that things are working out better than you can imagine. Feel this for yourself, your loved ones and every human being on the planet. Remember to pray and call for assistance whenever you are in need. This is a remembering of the power of humanity and the brotherhood/sisterhood that is our true nature.

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