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WTF: What The Frequency Podcast

Episode 10: WTF! What the Frequency Gemini New Moon Podcast

Today we have the New Moon in Gemini “High Frequency” Cosmic downloads on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a Listener’s question during this episode.

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Welcome to a new cycle and a new lunation. Beginning May 22, 2020, a New Moon in Gemini aligns with the Sun at 2 degrees. Notice the energy of “2”? The Gemini lunation happens from May 22 to June 19, 2020. This is the preparatory lunar cycle before the big Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse on June 20th. Keep in mind there is a potent Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon in Sagittarius June 5th, too! Take this moment now to deeply unwind your mind and heal your Light Body with Gemini’s mercurial and magical powers! Read more in the full blog post.

Gemini is the Zodiac sign of the Twins. The Sun passes through Gemini from May 22-June 20th every year. Gemini’s mantra is “I think, therefore I am.” Gemini is creative, versatile, active, resourceful, and a mediator. This is ultimately a social butterfly sign. Talk, talk, talk. Gemini is an Air element and it is Mutable.

Gemini rules the Third House in the Natal chart wheel. The Third House governs the lower mind, communication in the form of thought, word, and deed, and how to process information. The Third House is where we find sibling relationships and how we connect with our neighbors. When the Sun and Moon are in Gemini, it is a great time to get to know your neighbors. Those bonds will be great if you ever need your home watched over or your cat fed!

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. One Mercury year is 88 Earth days. Mercury is fast, lapping the Earth about 4 times each year around the Sun. Mercury is the Messenger of the gods. He has wings on his feet and brought humans the first form of healing. This was the Lyre and the medicine was sound healing. The Sun rules Spirit. The Moon rules Form. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is the link between Spirit and Form.

Mercury is also the only god who can travel into and out of the Underworld. Mercury is the ultimate Soul Retriever. Mercury goes retrograde about 3-4 times each year and is blamed for a lot of mishaps, especially in communications, travel and electronics. During a Mercury retrograde, you are highly advised to slow down and back things up. Check, check, double-check is what I like to say. 

So that is Gemini, Third House and Mercury in a nutshell. Next, let’s quickly review the New Moon’s energy.


New Moons are a time of new beginnings. When the Sun and Moon align at the exact same time in the same Zodiac degree, that is the moment of a new cycle. This new cycle has two growth periods:  29.5 days and 6 months. It takes approximately 29.5 days for the Moon to travel around the Zodiac to return to the Sun’s position. That’s 360 degrees to the Sun’s journey of 30 degrees. 

In six months, the sign of the New Moon becomes the same sign of the Full Moon. So you have a shorter cycle of manifestation of 29.5 days and a longer cycle of manifestation equaling 240 days or six months. This longer cycle is really good for bigger projects, intentions, or goals to come into form.

At the New Moon time, the Moon’s energy is at its lowest or “Zero Point”. To align and merge your creative energy, you also need to be at “Zero Point” or stillness. This is the vibratory field that matches the New Moon. So let yourself be still, quiet, and introspective. Set your intentions from this energy field.

The lunar cycle has four foundational phases:  New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, and 3rd Quarter. There are also four more phases in between that support the foundation phases. They are: Crescent, Gibbous, Disseminating, and Balsamic. 

For the New Moon podcast, I focus on an energetic overview of the lunar cycle. When you become a member of the Lunar Ladies, you work on these phases directly with your own personal blueprint – your Natal Chart. In community, we learn, remember, take action, and support our personal growth development together. It’s lots of FUN!

PODCAST THEME: “Roam, Stroll, and Wander!”

Roaming and letting yourself be free to relax and renew. The Gemini New Moon’s energy along with the planetary line-ups are revealing that we need to refresh our bodies, minds, and spirits on a daily basis.

Classical spirit in need or order and symmetry. Be filled with the excitement of a new spirit of discovery and a period of internal troubles. Renewal of self by focusing on the freshness of beauty and innocence. Simplicity is an art. Savor the patience found in nature and tune into the reality of the beauty found in a garden. 

Go outside. Refresh yourself by walking and exploring your neighborhoods, parks, and local open spaces. Make this mandatory like eating a meal. This is your Soul’s food.

Right now, more than ever, it is imperative that you relax your mind. Solutions come from an open, clear mind. High Logic and divine right order can spontaneously emerge from the unconscious Self because we are made from this Divine Mnd energy. Release the belief that you have to strive to learn or reason to make decisions. When you move that old, limited way of being out of your current space, solutions can fall right into place.

The focal point of this opportunity to experience radical change comes from Venus RX and Mercury. Remember, Gemini is the Twins archetype and the New Gemini Moon is “Little Brother”. Venus represents the Feminine. It is taking the inner wise Feminine to take responsibility for the nurturing of the inner Masculine. With the Twins archetype also denotes being of dual mind or lost in duality. 

The Sabian Symbol Venus and Mercury are crossing is “A tumultuous labor demonstration”. As you can see, this is happening all over the world. People are protesting in the streets to reopen businesses, workplaces, and jobs to begin earning income to take care of themselves and their families. 

You are being tasked to “Recover what has been lost”. Tune into your instincts to find the right stimuli to break old restrictive patterns. Sense stuck places in yourself and speak to those places within yourself to unfold over time. This is healing. Look at what and who you resist – fighting factions. Your power lies in moving towards receptive energy and let that be your focus. 

The evolutionary Nodal wave of transformation – now in Gemini for the next 18 months – begins our journey with developing a profound experience of spiritual rapport. We are being asked to go deep to recover lost parts of our true self and identity. Take what you discover here and share your deeper emotions with each other. This is mutually healing and revitalizes everyone. The gentle empowerment of the Feminine energy communes with the softest aspects of our nature. 

When communication is infused with beauty, love, and vibrancy, it can charm and captivate the giver and the receiver. When you share your authentic Self with others, you can enhance the exchange of energy. Authentic communication is a form of creative intelligence and all beings can understand it because it is a vibration or resonance of Truth. Tap into your ability to connect with yourself and others in this way. Continue finding new ways to communicate (especially due to the social distancing edicts). Explore new facets of knowledge that will get expressed when two or more people communicate authentically. This exchange of energy is designed to enrich and reward us. 

This is why the planetary gods are instructing us to spend time in the beauty of gardens and outside under the Sun in nature. To let yourself roam and be free. Releasing constraints that bind us through fear, worry, and inauthenticity. Take this powerful time to unwind and free your mind. The rest will fall into place from a more powerful place within you – your Unconsciousness. In this vast space, you are one with the Universe. 

See the Unconscious as what lays beneath the tip of the iceberg. Do not be afraid of what is unknown. Surround yourself and immerse yourself in all that you find beautiful and relaxing. Your mind is a powerful tool when you practice focusing your attention on what you find pleasing, joyful, and happy.


The New Moon and Sun align frequencies with Vulcan, the Great Forger. Vulcan is the husband of Venus and during her retrograde journey, is aligning with the New Moon to support her. Vulcan is forging new relationships with Nature to help you remember to roam freely. This is the time to find your contentment and fulfillment. 

The New Moon squares Mars at 6 degrees Pisces. The energies of the New Moon and Sun with Mars are creating opportunities for you to grow during this cycle. Mars represents the inner Masculine, drive, passions, courage and an ignition switch to blow up. The Masculine energy on the planet is becoming more illuminated by Light. The ocean carries answers to clear, cleanse, and heal. 

The New Moon opposes Isis RX and the Earth’s energy at 2 degrees Sagittarius. The great mother goddess, Isis merges with Gaia to shift your physical body. You are being helped to propagate higher fields of light in your body. What stands in your way, are old, outdated ways of thinking, reasoning, and learning. Release the belief that you have to strive to learn or reason to make decisions.

The New Moon receives a double YOD “Finger of God” from Apollo RX Scorpio and Eros/Cupid RX Capricorn at 2 degrees exact. Apollo is the energy of the Sun shining your light into the world. You are finding your light again. Scorpio says it has been lost in the Underworld, but now you have more light to be found. Tune into your innate knowledge of what you need to sustain your best life moving forward. 

Hint:  Release old addictions, fantasies, or desires that do not serve your inner Light. Release the energy that keeps you in the dark, and allow your more vibrant light to shine through.

Eros is assisting you by helping you listen to your Soul. Eros whispers to you to listen and embrace your inner Self. Stop poisoning yourself with dark energy (addictions, negativity, disharmonies). Release pessimism and cynicism that serve only to dim your light and harm your happiness and joy. 

Take advantage of this time and explore what resonates with you. In the next podcast episode, we will dive deeper into the realms of our “Clairs”, mainly focusing on telepathic communication. Oh your Gemini-ruled House is jumping for joy!


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This Listener Question comes from a post on the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle public Facebook group:

“I feel like this New moon has extra deep powers to be had. Is that right?”

Thank you so much for such a fabulous post and question. I definitely agree with your intuitive knowing about this Gemini cycle. I happen to know the person’s natal chart who has submitted this question. Can you guess what her Sun sign is? Yes, you are right  – she is a Gemini! No wonder she is feeling the extra surge of energy.

Our Listener is tuning not only into her natural Gemini Sun energy but more than likely she is feeling the high surge power of the Nodal Wave.

The Nodal Wave is like a maverick wave of spiritual energy. Every 18 years, the Nodal Wave returns to each zodiac sign. The movement of the wave through the signs takes 18 months. It takes 18 years to make a complete journey around the zodiac.  Think 18 months x 12 signs. That equals 216 months or 18 years. 

The Nodal Wave is described as a Dragon and represents our Soul’s power and energy. The Nodal wave has two axis points:  The North Node and the South Node. The North Node is synonymous with the “Dragon’s Head” – where you are evolving towards (the Future). The South Node is synonymous with the “Dragon’s Tail” – where you are coming from (the Past). 

The Dragon flies through two opposing signs as it brings evolutionary energy to us. Right now, the Dragon’s Head or North Node is in Gemini and the Dragon’s Tail or South Node is in Sagittarius. For the next 18 months, everyone will receive evolutionary energy coming from the Gemini-Sagittarius constellations. What is so interesting about this is that the Dragon’s Tail will be passing through the Galactic Center, the missing 13th Zodiac sign, and the Great Attractor points in the Cosmos. This energy is unwinding the past and most likely releasing information of the lost parts of our Souls. 

The Dragon’s Head or North Node is moving towards the Silver Gate, Orion’s Belt and Alcyone to bring our collective experience of Duality into a higher dimension of oneness. 

What do you do with this information? First, find your Gemini-Sagittarius ruled houses in your Natal Chart. See if you have any Natal planets there. They will be activated into action. Check your Natal Mercury and Jupiter, ruling planets of the signs the Dragon is moving through. These are your keys to deciphering your Soul Code in your chart.

Need help? Schedule a reading with me to take a look at your chart and see how you can most effectively merge with the Dragon’s evolutionary energy. The best place to start is a Natal Oracle reading if you are new to the language of Astrology and Astronomy. The next best step is to take a journey through your Soul’s Purpose with me. And finally, join the Lunar Ladies Club to take your insights, information, and knowledge and put it into practice with me and other cool and amazing people. 

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