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WTF: What The Frequency Podcast

Episode 1:  WTF?!! What the Frequency

Today we have the New Moon in Aquarius 5D Cosmic download on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a listener question during this episode.

Listen Now:

The Cosmic 5D Downloads

Here’s the overview of what we talk about. 

  1. January 24th officially starts 2020 with the Lunar New Year celebration
  2. 2020 begins the decade of the Unraveling. The overall theme is life is at a crossroads
  3. Unconscious past repeating or awaken your consciousness to create your future now
  4. Change starts within. New Moons are new beginnings.
  5. All systems go as the planetary players are in direct motion until Feb. 16th

January 24th officially starts 2020 with the Lunar New year celebration. The overall theme is life is at a crossroads. You can either choose your unconscious past and repeat it or awaken your consciousness to create your future now.

2020 begins the decade of the Unraveling. Things need to change. Look around at your own life and the world at large, to see what needs to change. The most powerful change starts within. The Age of Aquarius is the age of the future, innovation, community, and the Collective. The true power of this Age is to understand and include the opposing, or octave, the sign of Leo. Leo rules the Heart Chakra and it is in this frequency that the Age of Aquarius can fully come into being. Tune into the wisdom that is signing through your heart. Touch your heart, feel your heartbeat to connect to the music of the Aquarian Age.  Bring into alignment your Heart and Mind. 

New Moons are new beginnings. All systems go as the planetary players are in direct motion until Feb. 16th. A New Moon is created when the Sun and the Moon conjoin and align at the same degree in the sky. The zero-point field of creation is at its lowest vibration. That is why you need to be low and slow to match and merge with the power of this frequency. Come into a place of stillness, relax and calm down. This will allow you to hear the voice of your Soul within. Go into the darkness within yourself to plant your vibrational seeds in the ground of Mother Earth. Look to the plant cycle in Nature to understand how the material world comes into form. 

New Moon in Aquarius at 4 degrees packs a lot of power for your future. Where is Aquarius in your Natal Chart. Check out to get your Natal chart. Your Natal chart is created from the mathematics of your birthplace, birthdate and time of birth.  On the New Moon, the Sun and Moon square Uranus, the modern-day ruler of Aquarius. Squares are awesome. They are opportunities to change. Squares help build more energy to breakthrough old, outdated systems. Uranus is currently spending the next 7 years in the sign of Taurus. Taurus rules safety, security, money, value, worth, abundance. Look to the octave in Scorpio to understand how to merge with the power of sharing resources, trust and surrender

The Taurus-Scorpio octave aligns powerfully in a fixed Grand Cross with Aquarius and Leo. You find these four Fixed signs on The Wheel card in the Tarot. When I want to know what is going on and to open my mind and heart to receive 5D downloads, I align with what the Ancients followed.  Look to the modern-day ruler, Uranus, and the ancient ruler, Saturn to really understand what is available for you as tools to change. Saturn is the Lord of Time and his gift to the world is mastery. Uranus wants to awaken us and Saturn wants to teach us self-mastery. 2020 is gifting us a really powerful year of inner personal work coming through the beginning of 2020 as well as Mercury, Venus, and Mars as they go into powerful retrograde experiences later in the year. Mercury will be the first planet to go retrograde pm February 16th for his first of three retrograde seasons in 2020. 

Uranus and Aquarius rule social media and the quick changes that can happen when movements go viral online. You can connect with the power of change when you align with your Soul Tribe, Aquarian concepts and understandings of your Higher Mind and Heart, you can change the world. Use this Aquarian tool with wisdom to change the world.

Join our FB group:  LLL. You can get even more expert guidance and power tools when you become a member of the LLC. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast.

Listener Question

“Dear Shannon, 2020 has been so intense. I haven’t set my goals for this year. Let alone for the next 10 years! Am I too late? Love, CS, member of the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group

Dear Listener, you are right in time to plan your 2020. First, relax and go inward. When you are inward you can align with the current frequency. It’s a 2 for 1, you also merge with the powerful presence of Now. Set your intentions with the first New Moon of the year. This is the more powerful energetic time to make sure your goals come to life. It’s the Lunar New Year as well.

Make space over the next 72 hours. The LLC members take a whole week to set into motion intentions. Creation comes first at the mind level of thought. Then it filters down into the heart to ignite emotional energy. These two vibrations are the signal or call out to the Universe to gather together the molecular pattern to bring into form your goal, intention or dream.

Creation works both ways:  positively and negatively. The Universe does not play favorites. Begin a practice of becoming more mindful and self-aware. That is a great intention for 2020. Learn to manage your emotional energy, too. Do you respond or react to external and internal environments? Are you in patterns attracting to yourself what you don’t want? You want to look at the thought pattern and emotional reactions that are involved with what is repeating in your life.

To set your intentions, create sacred space to go inward to really tune in and feel yourself and hear your inner voice of wisdom. This can only be heard and felt when you slow down. In the western world, we are always on the go. But Nature doesn’t work like that. Observe the seasons and how they merge one to the other. When you align with the natural energies of our planet, you merge with a more powerful energy to experience your life and live your Soul’s Purpose

Aquarius rules the ankles in the physical body and the Crown chakra in the energetic body. Set your Crown Chakra at your favorite color to help you tune into what is possible from the perception of your Higher Mind. Ground from your tailbone to the center of the Earth to connect with the natural energy of your physical body. Open and activate your Crown chakra to receive cosmic intelligence and fuel your heavenly Spirit body. Doing this puts you into a harmonic field in which to create your intentions, goals, and dreams.

If you would like to have your question read on “Listener Question”, email us at hello[at] and put in the subject line:  “Listener Question”. I will read your question and answer it during the podcast. Thank you for listening. It’s been fun and I love your questions!

WTF?!! What the Frequency
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