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Enter into the Silver Gate ~ Full Moon in Gemini 2021

Full Moon in Gemini “Storyteller’s Moon” at 27 degrees on December 18, 2021 at 8:35 PM PST/11:35 PM EST

The Storyteller’s Moon arrives at the Silver Gate of the Cosmos! The Sagittarius Sun steals the show appearing at the Golden Gate of the Galactic Center. These two Gates: Silver and Gold are considered the galactic Root and Crown chakras of the Milky Way. This is a big moment in our Collective. The Gemini Full Moon is the magical mirror of this bright light celebration. Make sure you look into it!

The Full Moon gifts Venus a spiritual lightsaber for her retrograde journey that begins just hours after the Full Moon. Pluto, the ruler of Hades, celebrates Venus as Kore, his beloved bride of the underworld. This cosmic gala is definitely a coronation event for Venus’ spiritual journey.

According to Ascension Glossary, the degrees of 27 Sagittarius and Gemini represent the circuit path made around the galactic equator. The Orion constellation in Gemini is considered the anti-galactic center. The ancients called this the Gate of Man or The Silver Gate. Sagittarius and Gemini, or the constellations of Ophiuchus and Orion, represent the ascending path through the Gate of Man meeting at the Gate of the Gods. This journey is our spiritual Magnum Opus, how humanity moves through these consciousness gateways.

“I feel AIR and FIRE to RELEASE the power of Truth!”
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions into fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On June 10, 2021, was the Gemini New Moon at 19 degrees ~ creating your best future now. What has shifted in your life since then?
  • The Gemini Full Moon is the “Storyteller’s Moon“.
  • The Gemini Full Moon passes through the 7th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Visitor”
  • The Gemini Full Moon passes through the #12 Human Design Gateway ~ “Caution”
  • Hint:  look to your Gemini and Sagittarius-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Natal Mercury, Jupiter, and 3rd & 9th House for your answers.
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  • Recommended Readings: Soul Purpose Starseed Series, Honoring the Sacred Season of Winter, and 1:1 Soul Refresh Session.

A Butterfly flaps its wings …

The Full Moon and Hygieia form a Grand Air Trine with Jupiter. The Sun is this Trine’s guiding light. The Full Moon has a story to tell from timelines in ages past. The first realization is that within the spiritual planes, the idea of failure and success does not exist. Hygieia offers you an elixir of the second realization that throughout all of life’s trials and tribulations, there in truth only is light and the absence of light. Hygieia says to press forward with unflagging courage, safe in the knowledge that the journey itself is its own reward. Jupiter moves into the realm of the Fomalhaut constellation. Arch Angel Gabriel joins Jupiter to share with you the third realization. Jupiter shows you the wonder of creation is continuously being reborn. Your Spirit Animal for this Full Moon celebration is a Butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

We are all co-creating with Creation at each moment.

Take this time to walk with Venus as she goes retrograde and Chiron as he goes direct. It is your purified mind that will regenerate your body and soul. Winter is the season to go inward and rebirth yourself. I created my “Honoring the sacred season of Winter” mini-course to support you to experience the sacred power of this beautiful time of the year. When you align with this precious moment now, you will be the Goddess of Inexhaustible Giving who will reward his step you take on the higher road of your spiritual life in 2022.

Miyolangsangma, “The Goddess of Inexhaustible Giving”

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