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Enjoy the Season of Cancerian Energy

Cancer Rules Summer

It’s the season of Summer as the Sun enters into the sign of Cancer on June 21st, 2022 Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the family, the home you grew up in, and your ancestral family tree. The Cancer New Moon in 2022 shows the power of Cancer happening now!

Cancer – Cardinal Water Sign

Cancer is a WATER sign. Cancer is a Cardinal quality sign. Water represents your feelings, intuition, deep emotions, consciousness, passions, and the psychic realms. Empathy, compassion, and a desire to connect with Oneness allow Water to connect you with the Universe. Water enjoys merging with the Earth element because it gives it density, boundaries, and direction. Water is the universal solvent and has the power to dissolve any physical substance over time.

Cancer – Ruled by the Moon

Cancer is ruled by the Moon in Astrology. The Moon governs your sense of instinct and cyclic changes in your life. The Moon’s energy represents your core root Self. The Moon reflects how your personality needs to be bonded with and protected. Habits, emotions, motherhood, family, and social response are the associations of the Moon. The positive nature of the Moon is imaginative, maternal, and patient. Negative imbalances show up as stubbornness, unreliability, and irrational reactive behavior.

Cancer – Rules the 4th House

Cancer rules the 4th House in the Zodiac wheel and your Astrology chart. The Fourth House represents your feelings, family, home, childhood, and ancestral memories. Your Fourth House describes your home and family growing up. This is the house of your roots, your nurturing, and your parents and family background.

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