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End Suffering ~ High Priestess Draws down the Wesak Moon

The Wesak celebration and Lunar Beltane bring forth the most powerful Full Moon of the year on April 29, 2018 at 5:58 PM PST/8:58 PM EST. This is happening as the Sun in Taurus aligns with the Moon in Scorpio in the completion number of “9”. Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra, is the spiritual ruler of the Earth and at this time She is shining her blessings the brightest in Gemini. Aries is in charge during this lunar cycle and Chiron holds the Caduceus of Healing to be reborn as a Spirit Warrior. The time is Now. Do you hear the Calling? Rise up and be one with the Universe’s plan for Evolution of the Human Spirit! Buckle your seat belts, Lunar Ladies, here we go. Ready, set, BLAST OFF!

Wesak ~ Buddha’s Birthday

Wesak is the festival that celebrates the Buddha’s birthday and transcendence into enlightenment. The Buddha is an expression of the Wisdom of GOD, the embodiment of LIGHT and the fulfillment of your Divine PURPOSE. The Moon-Sun alignment creates such a powerful time that the Lord Buddha was received his enlightenment on this day that we celebrate as most holy. (Don’t miss the Wesak alignment at the end of this post!)

Venus is embodied as Gemini during this holy time. To the Mayans, Venus appeared as the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl bringing enlightenment. Gemini is an Air element, so Her energy is very much aligned with the Feathered being. In honor of the Scorpio Full Moon energy, I am consulting with the Tarot to give you your energetic downloads. Tune into the power of the pictures. At 6 degrees Gemini, Venus is the 6th Arcana in the Tarot, The Lovers Card. This card is about choice and the powerful urge towards union. ArchAngel Raphael brings healing of the separated Self and unites the masculine with the feminine. Deep Soul love is what brings these two opposing forces together in the material world of duality. Call upon AA Raphael to ask for healing in this area of your life. 

Venus and the North Node create a YOD or “Finger of God” pointing to Saturn retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn.  Here the North Node at 10 degrees Leo takes on the vibration of the 10 of Swords (Fire). The 10 of Swords shows the power of extreme unhappiness, depression and a sense of loss. This card invites you to allow the power of Full Moon Scorpio energy to transform you and that this change is imminent. Rejoice that extreme suffering is ending in your life when you allow this Full Moon to transform you.

Full Moon Energetics:  Priestess Moon

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other in the sky. A lunar cycle (New Moon to Balsamic Moon) is a wave of creation that brings revelation and the potential for body, mind, Spirit healing. The Moon as Mother reflects the Light of the spiritual Father Sun to flower the seeds of creation. The Scorpio Full Moon is called the “Priestess Moon”. Invoke your inner Priestess to feel and birth your power. Scorpio rules the Sacral Chakra so connect deeply to your Shakti energy. This energy is a healing elixir. Allow yourself to move into a calm and balanced state. Deep breathing, prayer and rhythmic dancing help you receive the blessings of Heaven now.

Sabian Symbol Secrets: Keys to Unlocking your Psyche

Full Moon happens at 9 degrees Scorpio and the Sun at 9 degrees Taurus. The Moon and Sun are creating a Grand Fixed Square with the North and South Nodes. This fixed vibration carries a powerful element of transformation, as well. Align with the octaves of these Keywords: Comradeship + Innocent Mind. Consecration + Inner Guidance. Your Inner Priestess Tool is coming from drawing forth the power of a Capricorn Stellium that is being created by  Black Moon Lilith, Pluto and Mars. Embody this: Plenitude + Inner Strength + Recompense.  Here’s more …

Scorpio Moon 9 degrees (High Priestess Card):  “A FELLOWSHIP SUPPER REUNITES OLD COMRADES.” KEYNOTE: The overtones of human relationships based on a community of work or experiences. This image is about the bond that unites those who have lived through similar experiences. Communion happens because the shared experience has a root consciousness. A group Soul emerges, which bonds us together. Take time this Full Moon week to strengthen bonds with those whom you have shared experiences. This is the value of COMRADESHIP . The High Priestess brings Divine Wisdom to allow both positive and negative experiences to interact together to move you beyond painful experiences and be transformed.

Taurus Sun 9 degrees (9 of Pentacles Card):  “A RED CROSS NURSE.” KEYNOTE: The compassionate linking of all humanityThis image is about the feeling of pure altruism when humanity cooperates in the name of service to others. The image of the Red Cross nurse shows the purity of Christ Conscious love (agape, or true companionship). Go into the dark to bring life and love to those who suffer. Personal love grows into impersonal love to become a CONSECRATION TO HUMANITY. The 9 of Pentacles reflects that feeling of being incomplete even though you may appear to others to have it “all together”. The remedy here is to meditate upon the beauty of Nature to find your answers and to see that Love is all there is in all its myriad forms. Seek love to feel complete.

Saturn (Retrograde) 9 degrees Capricorn (Hermit Card):  “AN ALBATROSS FEEDING FROM THE HAND OF A SAILOR.” KEYNOTE: The overcoming of fear and its rewards. The Hermit radiates harmlessness and creates a partnership with all Life based on respect and value. The HERmit knows that every living being plays a vital role in the world peace that creates Heaven on Earth. You are invited to practice Ahisma, communion of love and compassion through non-violence. As you do you contribute to creating a culture of peace and happiness for all life on this planet. The power of this new culture of harmlessness and compassion generates TRUST everywhere. The Hermit is your Higher Consciousness that awaits the peak of your spiritual growth. The Hermit shines light upon the vision of your Soul Purpose and offers you the path of attaining your earthly goals. Connect to your inner Wisdom.

Venus at 6 degrees Gemini (Lovers Card):  “A WELL WITH BUCKET AND ROPE UNDER THE SHADE OF MAJESTIC TREES.” KEYNOTE: One‘s primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life. This image is the eternal search for the root of all living processes. Water is life, literally. Raising the water-filled bucket shows you that this search requires effort to direct your lower mind towards connecting with the root of Life.  Life on Earth depends on the cooperation of sky (rain) and earth (the geological formations that hold the water). You are being asked to develop your intuition to sense the spiritual presence alive in all things. Give thanks to the sky for the life-giving rainwater and give thanks to the Earth to be its vessel. This is the power of the collective to trust bio-spiritual energies over manmade technology. Focus your mind on A FUNDAMENTAL TRUST IN AND COOPERATION WITH LIFE. The Lovers card again tells you to take control of your lower mind and choose Life, Love and Union above all else. Release and let go of mundane distractions that pull you away from what truly matters in this world.

War is over & Peace begins:  Feminine & Masculine

So interesting how the Moon is bringing this deep Shadow of war and military energy to be celebrated through Comradeship. The Sun in his Venusian glory bringing the Christ Conscious Agape of Love. The recent epoch of Time has been closing since 2011 when Sirius began rising in Virgo – completing the Age of the Leo Kings. The tides of consciousness are shifting. Begin to see and value the Earth more that ever before now that you have awakened to the reality that the Earth is ruled by Venus as her Spiritual Director.

According to Wesak legend, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left his Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus (Scorpio Sun). Mystics say the Buddha returns at this time (Scorpio Full Moon) to bring new light to the world and regenerate the Earth. Spiritual leaders gather around the world and arrange themselves into a great pentagram (the Venusian emblem of World Soul). It is believed that the Buddha hovers over those gathered radiating light. This cosmic light occurs during the eight minutes of the moment of the Wesak Full Moon. Align yourself into a 5-pointed star (with 4 friends) or create a crystal grid and receive the Buddha’s cosmic Light from 5:58 – 6:06 PM/PST (8:58-9:06 PM/EST) and then see what happens!!  Go for it and celebrate the New World!

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