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Embrace Your Lightness of Being with 1st Quarter Gemini “Liar’s Moon”

1st Quarter Gemini “Liar’s Moon” at 23 degrees on March 14, 2019 at / PST/6:27 AM EST/11:27 AM UK


The planets are emanating that it is time to embrace your “Lightness of Being”. This 1st Quarter lunar week is your week of intentional ACTION. The Liar’s Moon is stripping away your old ways of being and revealing to you where your false ego lies to your true Self. It is time to work through your inner wounds and unmask your “Evil Twin” to break free of old stuck patterns that keep you locked into cycles of suffering. The “Liar’s Moon” shows up to tell you what lies, gossip and two-faced energy is causing trouble and creating havoc in your inner world. The Pisces Sun aligns with the “Liar’s Moon” Gemini ruler, Mercury during is Retrograde journey. Neptune still holds the 16th vibration for your New Moon’s intentions. Read on how to discover your power with this 1st Quarter lunar week medicine.

1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics:

Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, make clear and powerful decisions and take ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers and blocks. The waxing Gemini Moon forms a square, or 90 degree angle, to the Pisces 3rd decan Sun. This waxing square builds universal Qi to increase your power. This force field is designed to help you breakthrough old subconscious patterns that are destructive, rather than creative, in nature. The First Quarter Moon’s lunar energy is in Mutable signs – use the power of gravitation and what resonates with you to move this Universal Qi energy through your life. In the Lunar Ladies Club, we aligning wit this power mantra: “I Have AIR Power to change, adapt and shapeshift my obstacles this week!”

Gemini “Liar’s Moon” ~ Your Evil Twin

The “Liar’s Moon” uncovers the emotional confusion that happens when living in two opposing worlds ~ the world of fear and the world of love. Just like the Gemini Twins, the Liar’s Moon can spin two versions of the same story. This week, go within to find any internal wounding around the themes of the Liar’s Moon. Discover what is hidden between your worlds of truth and lies. As you discover what is there, you propel your New Moon in Pisces intentions forward, like a rocket!

This Moon reveals how your “Evil Twin” shows up in your fear-based subconscious patterns. The “Evil Twin” Syndrome is found in behavioral patterns like manipulation, gaslighting, telling little lies and using people’s words against them. Double talk is a symptom of this syndrome. The poetic verse by Sir Walter Scott, “Oh what a tangled web you weave when you practice to deceive.” perfectly reflects the power of the Liar’s Moon. This week say what you mean and mean what you say to resolve issues.

7th Lunar Mansion:  “The Visitor”

The 7th Lunar Mansion is the guardian of 17’8 Gemini to 0’0 Cancer gateway. This mansion is called “The Visitor”. Castor and his twin Pollux reign supreme with Mercury. The Picatrix describes this Mansion as “a person clothed in robes and their hands extended to heaven in the manner of one who is praying”. This gateway invites you to pray with a generous heart for good outcomes in business and personal development. This Mansion advises you to not go it alone and try to do everything by yourself. Build your connections in the spirit of “win win” collaborations. Pray for what you need. Dream big in relationship with others. Don’t pester the Universe by constant asking (that’s really about impatience and a lack of faith). Instead, maintain a clear, open state of mind that is alignment with your Higher Mind.


–: Waxing Moon vs. Sun :–

“Waxing 23 degree Gemini Moon”

Waxing Gemini Moon is emanating higher consciousness at 23 degrees. The symbol for this degree is “A woman who heals water, in lakes, rivers, the ocean, or in a glass.” The Moon directs you to come back to the basic, attune to them and receive clarity in your mind. Practicing telling the truth is a basic way to attune. Be aware of the energies that your communications carry. Extract the impurities of your words so that your meaning can be strong and clear. There is powerful complexity in simplicity. Clear negativity and allow the flow of the timeless and eternal knowledge of Nature. Being grounded and balanced empowers you to bring your light into the world in a pure and powerful way.

**Moon 23 YOD to Pluto 22 Capricorn. The Moon invites Pluto to engage with your Soul on the Astral Plane this week. To propel your New Moon intentions into action, deeply feel how the outer reality is an illusion that hides the truth. Feel intuitively what is really going on and you will find your truth. Follow your deep desires to be in communion with others to access the unity of all things. If you can truly receive what you need at all times (by feeling deserving), you develop the power to reach beyond time and space.

**Moon YODs the South Lunar Node:  The Moon connects with the Lunar South Node to help you completely let go of an old way of being so that you can truly be reborn. Your past lives, if not cleared, will limit and oppress you in the Now. Be open to the process of letting your old way of being die away. Saturn opens your deeper curiosity to understand the deepest innermost worlds of others. Investigate what people keep hidden (from a lack of trust). What you uncover is like gold and will heal and advance the world.

“Pisces Radiating Sun”


Pisces Sun shines beautifully at 23 degrees The sacred symbol of this degree is:  “An empty perfume bottle, the scent completely gone.” The Sun opens your awareness to all the stories that have ever been told and to all the feelings that have ever been felt. Know that there is really nothing new under the Sun. Your cravings and desires are the energy that creates dramas in your life because they are born of the ego. Suffering from the attachments the ego creates to these desires. Look at your cravings and what they do in your life. Once you have cleared away all your dramas, you are free to enjoy the blissful game of pure consciousness. The heavy burden of attachments completely disappears and you are free. Hooray!

Sun trines in harmony with North Lunar Node 24 Cancer. This nourishing Mother energy of the North Lunar Node gifts you a sense of purpose in your life. Even if you don’t yet know your purpose, you have one. Your Soul Purpose is very helpful and needed by others. Your Natal chart reveals the nature of your Soul Purpose, too. Rest assured that the inner guidance of your Natal chart will always reveal to you your Soul’s Purpose. Your Lunar Node Medicine is:  “Come more and more into your core Soul to feel more and more wholly rooted and complete in the physical world.”

**Vesta works lush magic with the Sun at 20 degrees Pisces. Vesta, the Goddess of Sacred Service, wants you to create your own environment for what you are trying to accomplish. Call upon the forces of Nature and the Elementals simply by asking. Be careful not to isolate in your own dream world. Instead, make your dreamworld a reality and invite others to join in your joy.

T-Square Time-Out:  Sun and Mercury RX

Jupiter opposes Gemini Moon and T-squares the Sun/Mercury – karmic connection. Jupiter shares the knowledge that ultimately reality is just a construct. Time is able to work backwards. What we desire and envision with clarity will eventually take form. It’s just a matter of focus and intent and overcoming limiting beliefs. Mercury reflects upon your ancient past and takes you to “On top of a high hill, a circle of standing stones.” His message is there comes a time when striving has to give way to receptivity. Direct attunement is effortless and with Light is able to uplift the heaviest and darkest of frequencies. Embrace your “lightness of being.” How to communicate with this lightness and how can you take it in? Bless and heal the earth and invite the help of the Elementals.

Seek Wise Council with the Goddess Vibration:

Ceres 12 opposes Juno 12 and Venus 15 seeks wise counsel with Lilith 24 in Aquarius offers advice from the future. Ceres as Mona Lisa senses the numberless hidden connections between herself and the world around her. The worlds of the past and future are all currents we carry that are automatically sent out and received by a countless number of different consciousnesses. Your greatest magical act is to shine your radiance through all time and space to our countless fellow travelers. Juno, Goddess of sacred agreements, tells you every single thing you encounter in life has many layers and meanings. You are capable of seeing things in depth with fresh eyes. Help others overcome the monotony of life by seeing that we all live in a world of enchantment, and wonder.

Venus brings to you a heightened emotional awareness to rise above engulfing feelings of negativity. In the midst of turmoil, find your ground. See your bigger picture by observing it from spiritual heights. Lilith guides your destiny by gifting you the ability to see through shadows of your past. Disperse those shadows so that you can see clearly without the distortions of memory.

“What to do with all this?”

First, choose to expand your mind by opening up to what Astrology means and how to incorporate it into your everyday life. How? Second, get your Natal chart and start your journey to understand it. And third, your next step is to join forces with others to learn together at an accelerated pace with more ease, grace and FUN! That is what the Lunar Ladies Club is designed to do — help you understand yourself in a new way that has power for you to be who you truly are. Join an international network of Wise Women and circle with the Moon to quicken your self-development and self-knowledge. This is your path to Self-Mastery. Just say, “Yes”.

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