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Eclipsing Epochs of Time: Full “Grandmother’s Moon” in Capricorn

Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn:  24 degrees on July 16, 2019 at 2:38 PM PDT/5:38 PM EST/10:38 PM UK


The Full Moon and Pluto eclipse supercharge your Power to anchor more Light onto the planet. The Solar Eclipse New Moon opened a doorway of opportunity on July 2nd. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings Eclipse energies to the point of culmination to clear epochs of time. The Eclipse Doorway opens in Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is the “Gateway In – being born into human form” and Capricorn is the “Gateway Out – back into Spirit”. Together the Divine Mother-Father axis serves as a portal to pass through timelines, incarnations and repair the Matrix template to seed new potentials and possibilities for the future. Tears and splits in the fabric of Time and Space can be healed when you, me, and humanity clear our unconscious memories from past life incarnations.

Lunar eclipses open up your subconscious and end old stuck emotional patterns in your Psyche. Cancer and Capricorn govern the field of Memory so look for feeling nostalgic and unaware of the passage of Time. Let your emotions rise to the surface and allow your memories and dreams to flow. This is healing.

The Summer Eclipses of 2019 are serving as reminders of your impermanence in the temporal world. Bodies are born and transpire. Everything passes and changes over time. It is time to release what used to be and reboot your ability to create in the NOW. Eclipses that occur with the presence of the Nodal Wave, intersect your Fate-Karma-Free Will energy. This intersection accelerates your destiny ~ “the predictable unfolding of **your unique seed pattern of growth and evolution”. There is still time to get your Eclipse Kit to have full use of these powerful energies. **Did you know that your unique seed pattern of your Destiny is imprinted at your pre-natal eclipse? Get a Pre-Natal Eclipse reading with Shannon to fully connect your Natal chart power!

Saros Cycles:  Epochs of Time

Eclipses are part of larger Eclipse families called Saros cycles. A Saros cycle is when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align in the same geometric pattern every 18-19 years. This cycle generates a new Nodal wave of destiny. Saros cycles bring to you lessons, life experiences, and karmic energies produced by the Eclipse family that started them. Ancient Babylonian Chaldean astrologers (one of my past lives) discovered the Saros cycles and utilized them to predict eclipses, patterns, and coming cycles. One Saros cycle lasts 6,585 days or approximately 19 solar years. Saros Family cycles are tracked and numbered. ~ This is where it gets interesting!

We are currently in Saros Family Solar Cycle number 127. This family of cycles began October 10, 991 A.D. This family of Saros cycles will end on March 21, 2452 – we experienced this with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. This family of Saros cycles is 82 generations of life lessons and karma to experience and clear! In the Lunar cycle phase, we are currently in the Saros Family Lunar cycle number 139 that began December 9, 1658. This family of Saros cycles will end on February 27, 2993. This Saros family of cycles will be 79 generations of life lessons to experience and clear.  Isn’t that amazing?!

You can utilize this information best by knowing that the Solar New Moon Eclipse Saros cycle is at a more mature state of growth moving towards completion. Humanity has completed 57 of the 82 cycles (70%). The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Saros cycle is in a younger state, having only completed 20 of the 79 cycles (25%). The New Moon Solar Eclipse has more mature wisdom to offer at this time to the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon experience. Interesting to know that the New Moon was a Total Solar Eclipse over Easter Island and the Full Moon is a Partial Lunar Eclipse. How can you add your evolved Starseed Soul to bring more light, joy, and energy to the Lunar Eclipse cycle over the next 6 months?

— Let’s move onto to breaking down this Powerful multi-dimensional puzzle to empower your Summer Eclipse experience! Planetary Partners follow as how to engage more with the Cosmos as your Higher Self embodied in the here and now. Sounds fun, right?! —


: – : Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces : – :

FULL Moon Dynamics: 101

The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Cancer intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition with your intentional power. Believe that your intention is “out there” in the Universe. Time is gathering the material needed to 3D print your goals and dreams. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. In January 2019, there was a Capricorn New Moon ~ what were your intentions then? This month’s Full Moon in Capricorn is actually the expanded fruition of not only 2 weeks ago, but 6 months ago as well. Build your legacy and stand tall, as you are ending very old cycles to begin the next ascent of your human-Soul journey on Earth.

Grandmother’s Moon:  Full Moon in Capricorn

The Capricorn Full Moon is called “Grandmother’s Moon.” Grandmother’s Moon is the embodiment of your maternal ancestors and holds the wisdom of the ancient Elders of the Goddess. The Moon casts a protective glow over your descendants emanating from the Elders this week. Ruled by the energy of Saturn, Grandmother’s Moon reaches maturity at her fullness and becomes old before her time. Allow the Matriarchs in your family lineage to visit you during the Full Moon. Look back to the generation present in your Family Tree in 991 A.D. Your ancestors of this time come to teach you, heal you, love you and look out for your well-being. Pray to them and give thanks.

23rd Lunar Mansion:  “Confessions”

The 23rd Lunar Mansion helps you discover what parts of you are in conflict. This is “True Confessions” time. As the Lunar Eclipse, along with Saturn, Pluto and the South Nodal wave, brings eras to a close, you are being guided by the Lunaverse to go back in time and reflect upon multiple incarnations. Venus and Mercury are the guardians of the 23rd Lunar Mansion and are here to soothe the discomfort of unresolved past life issues. As the Cancer Sun lights up the Capricorn Full Moon, to help you see where you “missed the mark” and did not choose wisely for your greater good and the good of others. These moments, left unresolved, create schisms in the Psyche of guilt, shame and suppressed desires. The Full Moon is shining a bright light to help you move that energy into a state of resolution. Take this week to confess your “sins”. Doing this now with the help of Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Moon will free you from exposure when the shadowy walls come crumbling down as we move higher and higher into the realms of Light.


Moon Octaves the Sun:  Full Moon

: ~ :  Capricorn “Grandmother’s Moon”  : ~ :

24 Capricorn Moon: “During a ritual, a living woman is wrapped like an Egyptian mummy.”

The Capricorn Full Grandmother’s Moon Lunar Eclipse has you continuing to free your Dream Self and wants you to connect your Eclipse experience to the 1st Quarter Libra Moon (her symbol was “the unwrapping of a mummy”!) This image knows that letting go completely of an old way of being rebirths you. The dilemma is old energies from a past existence, if not cleared, will limit and oppress. Your job is to clear away the dust and ash of the past. In the Lunar Ladies Club, the VIP members are learning two power tools to clear the Psyche. They are utilizing these tools during the Eclipse to not only heal their Soul’s past life memories, but the memories stuck in the ancestral lineage. Join us in the Club to get these power tools.

The Capricorn Full Moon is intensified by Pluto RX. Pluto’s energy reminds you that you have an innate knowing that each moment holds value, possibility, and promise. This knowledge is POWER! Transmute the thought patterns that focus too much on the promises of the future or the failures of the past. Your job is to savor the present moment NOW.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Now at 16 degrees retrograde, Saturn appears as the image of “A woman stretching slowing and carefully in many different directions”. This is your time to gently test your limits. Feel them carefully to get a clear understanding of their nature. You are naturally adept at working within your limits. When you understand them, you know how to stretch them in a controlled way. If inflexibility and rigidity is encountered, proceed with care. Going beyond barriers requires patience and persistence. Gifts are everywhere being delivered to you by the Universe. Sometimes these gifts are invisible at first. When you take life in fully and give yourself time to digest your experiences, the gifts the Universe has granted to you become visible.


: ~ : Cancer Sun : ~ :

24 Cancer Sun:  “An invisible woman yearning to feel the Sun on her skin.”

The Cancer Sun has you yearning for a sense of your Soul purpose in life. If you are acquainted with your Soul’s purpose, you might feel somehow not fully connected to it. Connecting with the unseen forces ~ the Sun’s rays ~ can be very helpful this week. If you feel unclear of your Purpose, rest assured that your inner guidance is always there. You can attune to the Sun’s rays by receiving guidance from Shannon to take the next step on your Soul Purpose Path. Release and eclipse the feeling of being out of alignment with your Purpose. Your yearning to connect with your spiritual purpose is real and can be made visible. When you find your Purpose you find harmony with the world.

Goddess Sophia and Eris square the Cancer Sun and Moon and provide extra support to release all that you need to at this powerful time. Sophia says, “Nothing is set in stone here – everything can be changed.” Divine wisdom helps you make changes you never thought were possible at this time. Connect with the awareness of your emotional needs and be determined to have them fulfilled.

Eris, Goddess of Discord, says, “You’re always looking for something, but you don’t know that thing is.” That is because what you are searching for is not found outside yourself in this impermanent temporal world. What you are truly seeking is the GOD WITHIN. What you most need to do is relax and not try so hard. Learn patience – it is a Virtue. Attune to your inner silence to clear the pathways for your Divine messages to come through with ease.

Wrap Up:

The Eclipse Doorway opens July 15th and closes on July 18th when Venus trines Neptune creating a High Harmonic through the Water element. This is Divine Feminine energy resetting our solar system. Take full advantage of the wisdom raining down upon you from Epochs of Time.

The Saros Family Solar Cycle 127 asks you to focus your personal growth here:   Let go of any fears held in your subconscious memory by creating a protective aura around yourself to maintain your Soul’s sensitivity. As you do this, you signify a way of being that transcends the illusions of the world. For in the physical realm, all things come to pass. Your renewed timeless sensitivity, when shared with others, can reawaken them.

The Saros Family Lunar Cycle 139 shows you that logical mind, which can be so compelling and clear, can be a powerful illusion. Why? There will always be a higher logic, or intelligence, that you haven’t considered. When you become more aware of this, you will realize what people most need:  to listen to the music of their Soul and dance in the boundless joy it evokes. This is the guiding force of Life.

Notice when you try to make something serve a purpose that it doesn’t want to serve. Give up expectations and agendas by letting things be what they will be. Try instead to experiment with new and unorthodox ways to be surprised by the power of the unexpected!


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