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Drop Deep to Clear The MAYA: 3rd Quarter Scorpio Lunar Week Frees your Soul

3rd Quarter Scorpio “Madwoman’s Moon” at 26 degrees at February 15, 2020, at 2:17 PM PST/3:17 PM MST/4:17 PM CST/5:17 PM EST


Third Quarter Moon Phases connect you to the wounds outside of yourself. This is when the Collective energy can really weigh you down if you are not paying attention. Scorpio Moon energy will drop you deep into the underworld to explore the depths of your emotions. The shadow of Scorpio embraces betrayal, distrust, possession/obsession and can be super intense. Negativity may move in with you this week, so make space for this energy. Do not be afraid or dismayed if the folks around you feel heavy with negativity. The truth about negativity is that it gives birth to creating renewed possibilities if you let it. Release and let go of past disappointments and unfulfilled expectations. Those are illusions or Maya in your life. Ask what this energy is and why it is showing up as a great teacher in your life now. In the Lunar Ladies Club, you get the help, support and wise knowledge to deal with these potent vibrations.

Mercury makes his final preparations as He stations retrograde February 16th for a 3-week journey from Pisces back to Aquarius. Slow down, think before you speak, and double-check things during the retrograde. Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you are going. This is the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020 and it is purely cosmic in nature. If you have been living without a conscious thought of the nature of your eternal Soul, you may be in for a rude awakening with experiences of “Why isn’t this working? Why is the world against me?” The Maya illusions are really up for review now. Mercury Retrograde energy can be like a cold splash of water in your face to get your attention to slow down, rest, and renew. Pisces energy connects you to your unconscious self, so be wise and slow down during this 3rd Quarter lunar week and really go deep into your Soul’s vibration, remembering that you are a Soul made from the Stars having a temporary human experience in the material world.

Utilize Lunar Ladies tools to experience this week with POWER, GRACE, and TRANSFORMATION! … Let’s go!



Shannon’s Astro Energetic Break-down

3rd Quarter Moon Energetics:

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on external wounds by drawing you inward to understand who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that, when you take an honest look at yourself, it gives you your power back. This week helps you to empty your ego and allows the Universe to assist you in feeling more supported. Reflect upon your experiences over the last three weeks with the Aquarius New Moon1st Quarter Taurus Moon, and Leo Full Moon as your focus points. The more you can let go, the more space there is to create in the New Moon in Pisces next week on February 23, 2020!

Madwoman’s Moon:  DEPTHS OF EMOTIONS

The “Madwoman’s Moon” is the Scorpio moon in its 3rd Quarter phase. Scorpio’s natural energy is to be alone and very able to handle life with much innate power. In this phase, the Moon is pulling you inward asking, “Where has your Spirit been broken? Are you ready to surrender to having to do everything alone?” This is the moment when you become okay with not being super strong. It’s the moment when you realize that your super stealth psychic abilities are no match for the intensity of the outside world. The Madwoman chooses to reach out of her internal Underworld to connect with another through trust. The Madwoman has to trust that she is not alone in this world and that there are good, heart-centered people who are here to help her heal and feel safe. Who do you trust? Reach out to those honorable people in your life who hold the sacred bond of trust with you. Ask for their support and rest in the arms of their strength so you may replenish your Soul.

19th Lunar Mansion ~ “Two Paths”

The “Madwoman’s Moon” passes through the 19th Lunar Mansion this week. This cosmic mansion is guarded by Mercury and Mars who are ever watchful of where your mind and passions go. Pay attention to warning signals around destructive energies and forces in your life, especially obstacles that try to hinder your joyful journey through the Cosmos. Cast out any uninvited hitchhikers who have taken up residency in your sovereign space. To embody the power of the 19th Lunar Mansion, be wise and follow the path of your truth. Your body is your barometer of truth. Trust what you feel and take care of your physical well-being so that it can gauge and sense the energies around you. Get enough sleep. Eat nutritious foods. Exercise and strengthen your muscles. Drink plenty of clean water. Let your body attune to the frequencies found in Nature (Earthing, bird songs, forest bathing, salt air, sunshine). For menstruating women, your blood cycle is powerful energy to help you stay attuned to the forces around you. Honor your menstrual cycle. Reclaim your power as the Moon activates the energies of the 19th Lunar Mansion.



Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio: 
“Three blue robin eggs.”

The “Madwoman’s Moon” shows you that love and joy come from a deep connection with nature. The Moon brings warm and enriching primitive elements back into society. The precious elements that are warming and enriching. I like to say, “Ancient ways for modern days.” This week, the Moon teaches you to accept life as it is and people as they are. Create a celebrational communion of your joy to be one with Nature. In Kabbalah, three is the number of Jupiter, the planet of growth, enthusiasm, and generosity. Blue is the color of Sagittarius, the sign of transcendence, and of perceiving the wholeness of life. These three robin eggs signify a vision of the wholeness and completeness of life, expressed purely and simply. Let the “Madwoman’s Moon” quell all difficulties, blocks, and frustrations in your life. As these energies dissolve, an ancient vision of the completeness of life appears.

Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, burns bright at the karmic degree of destiny in Sagittarius. He brings to you the joy that comes at the end of a long, arduous journey. The truth is, every minute of your life, your journey, is a completion of a process that has been going on since the beginning of time. Tune into the precious truth that every moment is complete in and of itself. Every moment is full of the richness and abundance of a grand and tremendous history. Jupiter supports Mars’ activation by having you discover your gifts everywhere being delivered by the Universe. Many of these gifts are invisible. Life is a journey that must be taken in and digested for your pure truth to emerge.



Sun at 26 degrees Aquarius:
“ Love steadies a human’s irregular heartbeat.”

The Aquarius Sun shines a light on how your Higher Self continually adjusts to recalibrate to all kinds of disharmonies that arise in your daily life. Your Higher Self does this by redirecting your focus to the Love that is always there. This is magic and brings harmony to any situation. As you begin to feel more in harmony, examine how you are laying your foundation for greater ease and smoothness in your future. Even though days may be difficult, be intent on exploring new things about life and helping others to experience new places within themselves, too. You are building paths, as expressions and acts of love that strengthen the heart of the giver and receiver. Love steadies an irregular heartbeat.



In the Big Picture, you have the gift for both pointing the way and living the way. Continue moving down your infinite path of experience and don’t stay in any place for long – unless you need to. Keep going with the flow even if you feel stuck along the way. Being stuck is like subconsciously loitering. Bring your subconscious into a more conscious state of Awareness. How? With Astrology and Lunar Ladies Clubthe gym for your Soul. If you begin to feel lonely on your journey, you can find Soul Sisters here who become like mirrors and candles willing to befriend you and light your way Home. The Moon is a Guiding Light with an intense awareness of your emotional needs, and La Luna, Herself, is determined to help you get your needs fulfilled. Just follow Her and see!

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