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Dreaming yourself into Being: Virgo New Moon 2022

New Moon in Virgo at 4 degrees on August 27, 2022, at 1:17 AM PDT/4:17 AM EDT

The Virgo New Moon arrives just after crossing the highest point in the sky. The Virgo New Moon highlights the Gibbous phase of the Zodiac Year of 2022. This is the power of manifesting what you desire within the structure of Virgo’s purification powers. Virgo is helping you to dream yourself into the next level of your Being. This is most empowered in your Virgo-ruled House in your Natal Chart. Where is that for you?

Mars in Gemini squares the New Moon and Sun in Virgo. At the same time, Mars forms a trine to Mercury in Libra. Mercury is the ambassador of the 7th House of Relationships in Libra. The great Messanger of the Gods says to find healthy sustainable synthesis (Virgo) between opposites (Gemini Cross pollination for manifestation) to achieve balance (Libra).

THE KEY: Mars is ACTION; Sun is SOURCE; Moon is PERCEPTION; Mercury is MESSAGES. There is an alliance between Source (that which is seen and known) and Perception (that which is hidden). In order to have change and to take action you need tension to build up within the system. Symbiosis is occurring by receiving messages from your relationships that are in balance. To achieve balance, sythesize polar opposites.

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Sun + Moon Square Mars = Mercury

At the time of the New Moon, Mars forms a mutable square to the Sun, and Moon plus forms a trine to Mercury. The Mars in Gemini journey is the foundation or cornerstone because of the length of time Mars is activating the sign of Gemini. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is offering empowerment to your Mars journey.

This configuration signals Mercury to enter Stage Left. Mercury begins his preparation to go into retrograde motion when the Full Moon arrives in two weeks. Mercury brings the energy of evolution into the cosmic Game of Life. His Sabian Symbol is: “The Light of the 6th Race transmutes to the 7th Race”. The Cosmos is telling you that the human race is transforming out of its current imperfections towards an enlightened future. This is the sole purpose of the Mars in Gemini journey – to heal the imperfections of how humanity has misused its power of thought, word, and deed!

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Uranus goes Retrograde!

Uranus goes retrograde on August 24th just prior to the Virgo New Moon. Uranus is taking you on a journey with the Lunar Nodes to reawaken your Soul’s Purpose promise. Take this time to look into your own crystal ball and reconnect with your Spirit Guides. Use your Tarot and Oracle cards, and/or other spiritual tools to get your messages and guidance. The energy for this journey points to the power of the Mars in Gemini journey. Uranus wants you to focus your attention there with his power of awakening the mind of your Higher Self. Uranus goes direct in January 22, 2023 just in time for the Sun to move into his home sign of Aquarius.

Where is Uranus retrograding in your Natal Chart (18 degrees to 14 degrees Taurus)? This is the area of your life where you will be most affected! If you need more guidance and extra support, schedule a 1:1 Astrology Session with Shannon.

Focus on: Inner Grace is more important than external appearances. Brave stormy emotional weather by ploughing through when times get tough.

The Sun in Virgo: 8 of Pentacles

When the Sun travels through the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo, the 8 of Pentacles is the card drawn by the Universe. The 8 of Pentacles is about developing your craft, skill, and art that brings you money for service.

According to The Biddy Tarot, “The 8 of Pentacles separates you from the distractions of home life so that you can fully dedicate yourself to the task at hand. Concentrate very hard to do a good job and avoid making mistakes. When you do, you can create coins, improve skills, and become a master at your craft.”

Focus on: Apprenticeship, repetitive tasks, mastery, skill development

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  • New Moon at 4 degrees Virgo Week: 08/27-09/02/2022
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion #12 “The Fall”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #59 – “Sexuality”
  • New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A person dreaming of Faeries.”
  • Crescent Moon in Scorpio “Blood Moon”: 08/31-02/2022
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in 12 degrees Sagittarius “Seeker’s Moon”: 09/03-09/2022
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion #20- “The Precipice”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #9 – “Focus”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Sabian Symbol: “A Lamp of physical enlightenment in the Left Temple”

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“A person dreaming of Faeries.”

Dreams are the coin of both inner and outer experiences.

The New Moon and Sun appear at 4 degrees Virgo to connect you with the Elemental world of the gods. This cycle redefines the depth of your resourceful imagination. You are being encouraged to reach towards a sense of communion your fellow humanity but also with eternal archetypes of the natural, magical world. You shape the contours of your mind by the way you think. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” says Albert Eistein (alledgedly).

The Earth has been positioned at 4 degrees Pisces preparing the ground for the upcoming Full Moon in two weeks. The Earth’s vibration is directing you to cultivate beneficial relationships in your community. Extra bonus points if you cultivate relationships from you spiritual associations! The focus is growing connections that benefit your Soul. There is always more to life than you can ever imagine, Be open to the new and this shall become your essential ingredient towards happiness and greater fulfilment.

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