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Dream Yourself into Being: Pisces Full Moon

Full Moon Pisces “Healer’s Moon” on September 20, 2021 at 4:55 PM PDT/ 5:55 PM MDT/ 6:55 PM CDT/ 7:55 PM EDT

The Virgo New Moon has now grown and transformed into the Pisces Full Moon. The Virgo Sun shines “STARSEED LIGHT” upon the surface of the Moon as she sets sail through the constellation of the Two Fish. Pluto and Chariklos join forces with Vulcan to harmonize and synergize the Full Moon and Sun’s vibratory field. The Full Moon empowers Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, to see a brighter future that operates through the framework of love and kindness.

Look back to the Pisces New Moon on March 13, 2021. The Pisces New Moon sailed through the 28th Lunar Mansion and the 36th Human Design Gateway. This Full Moon week is a fulfillment of that time in your life plus a timeline overlay.

The Virgo Sun is emanating starlight codes of ancient wisdom for you to receive and integrate into your body. Tune into ancient wisdom Mystery Schools to propel your spiritual education forward. The Sun’s energy helps you to integrate universal knowledge into modern-day practical applications. Your Soul’s inner wisdom can reconnect and remember past lives where you may have already developed spiritual tools that you can use today. Let the light of the Full Moon help you to remember what you already know.

The Full Moon draws forth a powerful wave of healing energy for your Soul. Crisis energy is ready to be resolved throughout the Cosmos. This is to be done through your Soul’s energy and not your human ego-based identity. The Venus-Uranus opposition is in full force to help you. In order to transform and change, you need to be open to a new field of energy to exist in AND integrate that new field of energy in your body, mind, and Spirit. I have discovered “The Tool and the Way” to help you with my new Starseed course – check it out here!

The 28th Lunar Mansion draws you into deep sleep mode to reset your energy. The primordial channels of divine love and beauty are flowing to you. Guarded by Venus, the 28th Lunar Mansion is a place of attainment, where your immortal Self resides in the heart of all Creation. This lovely space helps you receive all that you have worked hard for throughout many lifetimes. It’s a place for you to experience the total release of expectations. What cycles are being completed now in your life? What needs to be harvested so you can make space for what desires to come next? There are seeds within you that wish to grow and come to life. Sleep deep, dream fully and cleanse yourself with the Waters of The Tao.


Venus is the exalted planet of the sign of Pisces. As she makes her way around the Cosmos, she is currently sitting on her throne in the Underworld of Scorpio. At 11 degrees, Venus dips her Magician’s wand into Piscean waters to offer to you the healing power of the Great Void. Now is the time to transform any feelings and beliefs around being unworthy. Forego being polite and playing roles for other people. Uranus stirs things up as he sends you lightning energy to show your true feelings. Give up being in constant crisis mode. Make a decision to cut yourself loose from the ties that bind your Soul to sorrow. You’ve got the power to do it now! HINT: To know where this is happening in your Natal Chart, join the Alchemy Lab to get assistance in making your Natal Chart work for you!

Mastery of Value

Pluto and Chariklos join forces with Vulcan to harmonize and synergize the Full Moon and Sun’s vibratory field. Seek the value of things to know their true worth. Make new rules for yourself to only be surrounded by what you value. Mastery is where your Soul is moving towards. Get rid of all the old, worthless minutia in your life that blocks your freedom to evolve. Mercury squares Pisces and Chariklos to amp up the power. At 23 degrees Libra, Mercury slows down and prepares for his upcoming retrograde journey. Mercury returns to the idea of imbalance that Venus has been teaching you. Purify your imbalances in your life this week and prepare for Mercury’s upcoming 3-week retrograde sojourn.

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Full Moon Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

Full Moon Dynamics: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped
“I feel WATER and EARTH to RELEASE old pain from my past!”
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions into fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On March 13, 2021, was the Pisces New Moon at 23 degrees ~ the power of purity and peace. What has shifted in your life since then?
  • The Full Moon in Pisces is the “Healer’s Moon“.
  • The Pisces Full Moon passes through the 28th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Great Sleep”
  • The Pisces Full Moon passes through the #36 Human Design Gateway ~ “Crisis”
  • Hint:  look to your Pisces and Virgo-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Natal Jupiter, Pisces, and 12th House for your answers.
  • To get the full Cosmic downloads, join me in the Lunar Ladies Club for personalized support. 
  • Recommended Readings: Soul Purpose Starseed Series, Transit Oracle, and Natal Blueprint Oracle.


: — : FULL MOON PHASE : — :

The 28 degree Pisces Moon releases and celebrates: REALIZATION
“Light passes through a Prism”

We need reliable values to navigate the stormy waters of life.

As you continue to mark your passage through the corridors of Time and Space in this reality, the Cosmos draws your attention to the need to live your values every day. The Full Moon in Pisces repeats the messages coming from the entire planetary system in the known universe. The combination of Pisces and Virgos helps you to break down and analyze what is truly good for your Soul’s incarnation now. In order to see the bigger picture of this life, begin to see your life in the simplest of ways. This helps you see the greater relationships between the many parts and the whole. Yes, you are the drop in the ocean and the ocean in the drop. There is a frequency shift occurring that you can experience. Work with color, light, and sound to break down old patterns and rebuild with a renewed sense of simplicity. I highly advise my new “Tuning Forks for Starseeds” course to add the power of shifting your frequency with sound healing! Find out more about the course here: Tuning Forks for Starseeds course

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