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1st Quarter Leo Moon

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! The Alchemy of Joy ~ 1st Quarter Leo Moon

1st Quarter Leo”Actors” Moon at 21 degrees with Taurus Sun on May 11, 2019 at 6:12 PM PST/9:12 PM EST/2:12 AM UK 05/12/19


It’s time for action as the 1st Quarter Leo Moon arrives to push you through old cycles of fear, lack and unworthiness. This week, the Moon and Sun with the help of Venus take ACTION to initiate the Alchemy of Joy to transmute old karmic residue leftover from past lives. The 1st Quarter Leo Moon is known as the “Actors Moon” and you will be looking deeply into your own mirror to break through false identities to rediscover your True Self.

The Moon and Sun come into a waxing 90-degree square both in the 3rd decan of their signs. The Leo Moon adds a layer of Aries to be bold and courageous. The Taurus Sun adds a layer of Capricorn to build a stronger foundation of self-worth and the power of your Soul’s Purpose. Exciting week ahead!

Isis & the Moon:  Feminine Sun

This special Moon is conjunct the asteroid Isis and She, the Divine Mother, shines Her light to fire you up with pure Goddess power! Isis appears as this image: “A black pearl hidden in an oyster.” Isis is helping you come into the realization of who you really are. If you have made up a false self to please others or fit into the world, you will never find your true happiness. Because you know deep inside, that something priceless is missing – your True Self. The path of the True Self is not always easy because old burdens become heavy in order to make you aware that they are there. If feelings of uncertainty, being lost, or abandoned come up just know that part of you is ready to be released. Realize that no other quest than that of your True Self is worth taking because it will lead you to being fulfilled. Freely give yourself over to joy to heal the hardness of a broken heart.

Lightning Strikes!

A YOD forms to Isis and the Leo Moon from Jupiter Retrograde at 22 degrees Sagittarius and Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces. Both these planets are orbiting through their home signs which quadruples their power. Jupiter wants you to stabilize the energy of what you take for granted. Jupiter is flashing brilliant lightning bolts of energy to show you new methods of working more efficiently. Your solutions are found in those brilliant moments, so open your eyes to take it all in. Neptune says to spiritually stabilize the power of emotional healing. Be focused this week on helping others to clear traumas by sharing your experiences. Just by being your True Self, you are helping entrain others to be in alignment. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with your own life, focus on how you can help another. Neptune says to help others become more in touch with their soft or gentle manner by doing this for yourself first. This brings both renewal and reconnection with your Source.

Spirit Fire brings Harmony!

A Grand Fire Trine forms with the Leo Moon, Isis, Venus and Jupiter. Two Tails align to push this Spirit Trine into action. Look to Mars trine Sophia Retrograde at Starseed degrees (mars at 27 gemini and Sophia at 26 Libra). Mars reminds you that you have a gigantic imagination that can perceive the Universe. Instead of getting lost in the vastness of infinite space, focus your mind on what serves your Soul purpose. Be flexible with your thoughts and let your main go-to thoughts be on Love. The energy of unconditional Love disperses disharmonies so you can see your own infinity. Sophia’s Christ conscious wisdom gifts you an awareness of your own emotional needs. Take action this week to be determined to have your needs fulfilled. Make sure you are focusing on the true, life-sustaining needs that benefit your long-term well-being.  Let’s Break this down …



1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics:

Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, make clear and powerful decisions and take ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers and blocks. The waxing Leo Moon forms a square, or 90 degree angle, to the Taurus 3rd decan Sun. This waxing square builds universal Qi to increase your power. This force field is designed to help you breakthrough old subconscious patterns that are destructive, rather than creative, in nature. The First Quarter Moon’s lunar energy is in Fixed signs – the power of attraction is what moves this Universal Qi energy through your life. In the Lunar Ladies Club, we align with this, using the following power mantra: “I Feel FIRE and EARTH to root POWER to move through my obstacles this week!”

Actors Moon:  1st Quarter Leo Moon

The Moon represents the energy of Mother and She is sailing through the charming power of Leo. The Leo 1st Quarter “Actor’s Moon” asks you to take a look at the masks you wear. Are you changing to fit in with those around you? Do you feel afraid to reveal your real self? What roles do you play and how many “you’s” are there? As the Taurus lunar cycle progresses you clear away the false identity or ego that was created from a place of low self-worth, Root chakra fear, and lack. Be mindful this week to detect when you change masks and play a role to suit the needs of others. Find those relationships and situations that you are seeking validation from. Validate yourself by growing your self-confidence and creative self-expression. It’s a lot more fun!

11TH Lunar Mansion:  “Fortuna”

Guarded by Saturn and Venus, the 3rd decan Leo Moon moves into the 11th Lunar Mansion this week. The 11th Lunar mansion spells good fortune and opens the doorways for you to be bold and fabulous! Leo energy likes to be the life of the party so let yourself to be in the spotlight this week as you take on new challenges. Be of the mind, “power together” as you boldly step forth to self-express and create a wild and wonderful place for yourself in the world. When you are authentic, you conjure your most confident self and that is what others love to see. As you walk the path of your True Self with the Moon, Venus and Isis this week, be outrageously confident, gorgeous, and Whole. Just check any lower level vibrations of arrogance or vanity at the door of the 11th Lunar Mansion so your true colors of your joy can shine through!


Moon vs. Sun

: — : MOON : — :

The 1st Quarter Leo Moon wants you to move through your blocks by connecting with this image: “A secret race of beings carrying on a hidden existence among humans.” The Guardian Angel: Haiyael (HA-ee-ya-EL) Prophecy and Parallel Universes

The 1st Quarter Leo Moon reflects to you that you see things that others do not when you walk your spiritual Soul Purpose path. As the Actor’s Moon, you are breaking through these old versions of you that you had to become for you to fit in. You may feel the desire to share what you know to be true as the greater reality. But people may not believe you. How will you deal with that? If this happens, pivot your focus to the essence of your personal truth and wisdom. This week practice sharing your insights in little bits. This allows others to welcome what you are sharing instead of resisting. Because we are conditioned to resist change, it takes a moment when an open door appears to realize it is there to walk through.

The Sabian Symbols for the Moon and Sun are so interesting as they both involve birds. The Moon appears as a “A CARRIER PIGEON FULFILLING ITS MISSION.” KEYNOTE: Spirituality as training for service to humanity. The Moon shares with you how to be successful to carry out your life’s mission. It takes TRAINING! When you are tasked to carry messages from other realms to humanity, you must train yourself to understand the messages by entraining your body, mind and Soul with it. Tune into what higher energies are contacting you to be able to serve at a higher level to be a true WORLD SERVER.

Isis is within 2 degrees of the 1st Quarter “Actors Moon” becoming the ruler of this energy. The Sun is the natural ruler Leo and ignites Isis to shine her light out into the world and help you. Isis shares with you the power of a Feminine Sun. Isis’ Sabian Symbol appears as “ZUNI INDIANS PERFORM A RITUAL TO THE SUN.” KEYNOTE: A return to the glory of natural energies. Isis, the beloved Divine Mother, arrives this week to return you to nature so you can glorify the Sun after living in the modern day world which is artificial. Indigenous First People offer the memories of peaceful and harmonious group living. The way you currently live is ready for a deep release of your denied roots. Connect with Isis and consciously align yourself to the source of all life on earth.


: — : SUN : — :

The 3rd decan Taurus Sun appears as “A woman drinking a tonic that causes rainbow colors to spread throughout her body.” Guardian Angel: Imamiah (ee-MA-mee-Yah) Passion, Expiation of Errors

Wow! I love this symbol as 20 Lunar Ladies have my Kuan Yin Elixir that was made with the recent Venus, Neptune, Mercury alignment in Pisces ~ definitely a Rainbow Body Elixir! The Sun opens up your channels to allow your experiences to affect you more deeply. This deeper level will help you resolve and overcome challenges. But you are required to have patience because this process takes time. Remember, to always be moving forward, even if you see that part of your road may be difficult.

The second “bird” symbol flies in as the Sun’s Sabian Symbol: ” WHITE DOVE FLYING OVER TROUBLED WATERS.” KEYNOTE: The spiritual inspiration that comes when you overcome a crisis. The Sun shines that it is time for a new day to dawn as the “troubled waters” are proclaimed to be receding. What tests in your life feel complete now? What is the message behind these tests in your life? There is an eruption of unconscious forces in the Cosmos that is helping you become more conscious. Face any obstacles this week with the right spirit. Be in the rhythm of cosmic cycles that offer insights, awareness and awakenings as a REWARD TO YOUR FAITH.

Venus, ruler of the Taurus sunshine, offers you this idea as this image appears:  The woman in the Moon is smiling.” Venus is the focus planet of this New Moon in Taurus lunar cycle and with the Moon She is giving you a message outside of your everyday earthly awareness. Now is the time to be acutely receptive and focus on being worthy of receiving what is most nourishing to your being. She appears in the Moon smiling to show you the alchemy of joy and love. You have the innate power to burn away the dross of old past life karma through your happiness. Venus is currently in Aries and She wants you to “Just do it!” Don’t worry, be happy!

~ : – The Wrap-Up – : ~

This is your week to bust through your blocks and put into action your True Self. Isis, Venus, the Sun, and Moon light your fire to be bold, courageous, and FABULOUS! Let yourself be self-expressed and free. Discover the masks you wear as your false identity. Have compassion for all those versions of yourself that seek validation and operate from a place of lack and limitation. Focus your mind with Mars on Unconditional Love to perceive the vastness of your eternal Self. Keep moving forward by choosing to heal your emotional needs that will bring you fulfillment. Your faith will be rewarded as you choose your Soul’s Purpose and being of service to others as your highest goal in life. As you work through your old karmic residue, you have the power of the Alchemy of Joy right in your hands. Use it!

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