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Divine Will in Action – Gemini New Moon 2024

Gemini New Moon at 16 degrees on June 6, 2024, at 5:38 AM PDT/8:38 AM EDT

The Gemini New Moon and Sun align with Venus to form a trifecta of positive energy on the magical day of the 6:6 Portal. In this vibration, you can empower your awareness of your Higher Self. Open your mind and heart to experience empathy for others. This is Divine Will in action!

Gemini emanates the 2nd Decan that draws in the Cardinal Libra energy to produce a more powerful new beginning for you. The emphasis is filling all your relationships with the power of love, forgiveness, and kindness to the best of your ability. The Sun, Venus, and Moon amplify Mercury’s nature over 28 days.

The weakness in the New Moon chart is found in the Asteroid Lucifer at 6 degrees Gemini. Lucifer is conjunct Mercury, the ruler of this lunation! Your mind is your best friend or your worst enemy. This is self-sabotage energy to the nth degree! But, this empowered moment can source a renewed mind and a whole new way of being.

Mercury, the Great Magician

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. In the Tarot, Mercury is the Magician of the Major Arcana. At the time of the New Moon, Mercury stands at the altar of magic. At 6 degrees Gemini, Mercury is in exact conjunction with the Asteroid Lucifer. This energy guides you to heal your Mental Body so that you can be your own wishing well of good fortune. Mercury holds the ultimate “Abracadabra” power within your thoughts, words, and deeds. The presence of the Asteroid Lucifer indicates that this is the area of weakness. How to build strength is through Mercury’s power of the mind.

The key power is in this truth, “A visionary person follows their dream motivated by optimism – because they know that life is bountiful.”

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Saturn squares the New Moon

Saturn, the power of Higher Self-mastery, is in direct square to the Sun, Moon, and Venus. Saturn at 18 degrees Pisces offers you this guidance. Saturn as Teacher, guides you into places within your unlimited Psyche that your surface mind does not know exists. Through the ages, knowledge has been passed down from master to disciple. Who are the ancient teachers of sacred knowledge that you resonate with the most? Study their teachings over the next six months.

Gemini Lunar Cycle: Next 2 Weeks

  • New Moon at 16 degrees Gemini Week: 06/06-12/2024
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion – 6th: “The Bridge”
  • New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A newly formed continent”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in Virgo “Counting Moon”: 06/13-20/2024
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion – 14th: “The Scepter”
  • Full Moon in Capricorn: 06/21/2024

The Sabian Symbol Story: 16 degrees Gemini

The head of health dissolves into the head of mentality

Soul achievement is measured by awareness of self and empathic appreciation of others.

The Gemini New Moon brings you the energy to successfully navigate the world to have a life that is fulfilling and satiated. Gemini teaches you how your mind works. In the simplest terms, you have to allow your mind to imagine and wonder. This is how you discover what your heart and soul resonate with. If you want to succeed in the material world from your mind’s point of view, you have to have grit to see your dreams come to fruition. Inner strength and determination are key to building the life that you truly want. Gemini reminds you that your life is built on daily choices that come from your thoughts, words, and actions.

The Earth is traveling through the Sagittarius constellation at 16 degrees. This degree invites you to realize that a fulfilling life is a set of your innermost desires and spiritual fellowship. Like The Chariot card in the Tarot, you have to reconcile opposing forces. It is similar to the practice of “not my will by thy will be done.” When you align your mind with your heart, you discover that divine will contains both yours and God’s plan. Just like Jupiter expanding God’s love in “Ode to Joy”, you also can experience the utmost happiness when you realize this simple, universal truth.

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See you in 2 weeks for the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21st!

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