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Divine Union: Rebirthing the Feminine ~ Venus in Cancer

Venus arrives in Cancer to rebirth the Feminine on May 19, 2018 at 6:11 AM PST/9:11 AM EST. Cancer is the first Water element sign and is the container of the sacred Mother Ocean womb. As Uranus, father of Venus/Aphrodite, shifted into Taurus  on May 15, 2018, He makes love to Gaia, and Venus is created through their divine love. In the Greek mythological story, Uranus, the Sky God, is castrated by his son, Saturn “Cronus” in the age-old separated Masculine seeking power and the overthrow of the Father energy. His sacred jewels fall into Mama Ocean and Venus/Aphrodite is born whole and complete unto Herself.

Venus stays in this lovely Cancerian energy through June 14, 2018. Enjoy Her delightful visit home by embodying these Venus in Cancer Traits:  Maternal / Sensitive / Loving / Intuitive / Sentimental / Affectionate / Dependable /Protective / Cautious. As She arrives upon your beautiful inner shores, a Water Trine is formed with Jupiter, Moon and Neptune to welcome and give birth to Venus. Moon is mother and Jupiter (Fisher King) and Neptune (Merlin) are the spiritual midwives. The Moon’s Sabian Symbol is to die for!! Read on!

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Sabian Symbol Story:  Venus Water Trine

The Moon at 23 degrees Cancer is:  “A WOMAN AND TWO MEN CASTAWAYS ON A SMALL ISLAND OF THE SOUTH SEAS.” KEYNOTE: The focalization of complex inner potentialities in harmonic and concrete relationshipsThis image teaches you about the process of integration. The woman and the two men (Moon,- woman; Jupiter/Fisher King and Neptune/Merlin – two men!) represent the three-fold aspect of the human personality. The Woman/Moon is your  emotional life and the aspect of your personality that is being  asked to integrate your spiritual and mental worlds. Venus brings you this harmonious opportunity to integrate your complete Self  which releases very powerful energies. The three human beings:  Moon, Jupiter and Neptune invite you to harmonize the emotional and biological drives of human nature into a realization of INTER-DEPENDENCE. WOW!

Two YODS:  Heavenly Marriage + Love

Venus leaves her sister Pallas Athena (28 Gemini – STARSEED) to continue Her recalibration of your Wisdom Feminine mindset. The first YOD forms as Venus spiritually marries Mars in Aquarius (future). The Masculine higher mind is being called into action to define the future by rising up into a higher vibration. Venus assist in doing this because She arrives upon the shores whole unto HerSelf. The Feminine energy must rediscover Her wealth of wholeness and the Masculine energy must rise up to Human 2.0. YES!

The second YOD is formed by Saturn in Capricorn (The Oak King)  to the North Node in Leo. Saturn is accompanied by Vesta “High Priestess” and the North Node aligns with Ceres “Great Mother”. The Oak King blesses you now by honoring the Soul expansion of what you love. He calls to you to be a super potent generous Leader of the Heart chakra through June 14th. Listen to the Great Druid and completely embody the greater forces of Love. Romance your inner Joy and entice your happiness to come back to play in the world. As you do you add to the raising of the vibration of planet Earth from less fear to more Love!

Love + Marriage ~ Just add your Alchemy!

A Mystical Rectangle brings forth Alchemical transformation when you seek to align with your greatness as Venus travels through Cancer May 19-June 14, 2018 (in case you needed one more reminder – LOL!). Go deeply into the Taurus Sun and Jupiter Scorpio axis. Empower your inner spiritual Parent that wants to nurture and protect the world with Cancer Moon and Capricorn Lilith and Pluto. Great fortune follows your determination to boldly take yourself to a more empowered level! Can’t wait to see what happens as you say, “I DO!” to this divine Union!


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