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Divine Inspiration: Cancer New Moon Part Two

Here is your Energetic 3D blueprint for this second lunation in the Cancer new moon cycle. I breakdown the components of the celestial blueprint for the next six months as brought to you by a 2-part Cancer Summer Solstice lunation.

The 2nd Lunation: Part Two

We are experiencing the other end of the spectrum as the Cancer Moon returns for a second lunation. This is the Summer Solstice June 20th New Moon Part 2. To understand the energetics of the next six months, these Cancer lunations are pivotal to your self-development. As I gaze into my Seers Mirror, what becomes clear is not only are we experiencing the 6-month Eclipse cycle but a celestial mystery play that has been happening since time immemorial.

Saturn comes into an exact “full moon” position to the Sun and New Moon. Saturn’s energy contracts and constricts to help you focus, learn, and achieve mastery. This is your time to set up healthy boundaries that support your Soul’s contributions to the greater good for this lifetime. Don’t be dismayed by seemingly cutbacks or limitations. Instead, see how your life’s path is being redirected. The name of the game now is to embody your spirituality fully.

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The Cosmic Highway of Destiny

There are two parallel YODs in the chart of the New Moon that form a “cosmic highway of destiny”. The Cancer Sun and Moon form an exact 150-degree YOD to the South Lunar Node in Sagittarius. This energetic calls in Jupiter’s energy and Galactic Center consciousness to resolve and unwind the past. Check your Natal Chart to see where this spiritual energy is moving. You need to ground this energy with a divinely-inspired perspective.

The North Lunar Node of Gemini forms an exact 150-degree YOD to Saturn in Capricorn. The degree of Gemini’s North Nodal Wave is in the shoulder of “The Charioteer” in the Auriga Constellation. The “Chariot” card in the Tarot represents willpower, determination, and strength. With the spiritual help of Saturn’s gift of mastery and focus, you can put “Not my will but Thy will be done” energy into action. This is the ultimate spiritual practice!

The Celestial “Game of Thrones”:

The mystery play currently happening in the Cosmos is the “Battle of Kings”. In Celtic mythology, this is the battle between twin brothers, the Oak King versus the Holly King. This is the epic drama between the Summer and Winter solstices. The Cancer Sun, the mother of the Zodiac, is the fertile Litha at Summer Solstice. She is pregnant with fecundity by the dance of Love with the Oak King on Beltane. What is so amazing to me is that next year’s Sabian Symbol for the New Moon in Aries 2021 is, “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.” Every New Moon in Aries sets the energetics for the whole year.

As Jupiter and Saturn collide at 0 degrees Aquarius on Winter Solstice 2020, this is the epic battle of the Kings. On Samhain 2020, we will have a Full Moon in Taurus coinciding with the anniversary of Chiron, the Wounded Healer’s anniversary discovery date. This is the time of All Souls and All Saints days when the Veils are the thinnest. On Samhain the Holly King triumphs and kills the Oak King, who is reborn on Winter Solstice. World events should be very interesting at Halloween! Watch for false flag, socially engineered, or psyop events being played out. If the theme of any event is amplified with “victim consciousness”, it is a telltale sign of illusion.

The Magic of Fours: Foundations

The Cancer Sun and Moon at 28 degrees are represented by the Four of Cups. Saturn in Capricorn at 28 degrees is represented by the Four of Pentacles in the Tarot. Fours are about stability, foundations, and setting up strong boundaries. Like Saturn and Capricorn, the Fours help you set up the foundational power of your legacy. Fours also help you in making life-changing decisions that support or nurture your basic needs and wellness, like the Cancer Moon likes to do.

The Four of Cups appears to show you where you feel bored and disillusioned with life. The Sun and Moon want you to take a very good look at any lack of balance in your life, especially around extroversion and introversion. Emotional stability is key over the next six months – make sure you develop that in your life starting with this Cancer New Moon.

The Four of Pentacles appears to show you where you might have too many boundaries and are stuck in fear. Feeling afraid to spend money or share your resources is a sign that the Four of Pentacles has come to help you. Tune into to where you feel any lack of self-worth or any fear around your monetary resources. Reassess your boundaries and make sure they are clear and healthy.

“The Storyteller”: Gate 56

The Cancer New Moon and Sun enter into Gate 56 of the Human Design wheel. Gate 56 is known as “The Storyteller” or “The Wanderer”. This Gate is gifted with teaching and learning. We can learn a lot from the use of storytelling, parables, and archetypes to understand what is happening in our world today. I love to retell ancient myths and stories that carry universal themes that never get old. Gate 56 is sponsoring the retelling of the great epic battle of Kings. Isn’t that cool? What stories do you resonate with that teach you about the journey of being human on planet Earth? Maybe they are creation stories from your culture or religion? Rediscover the stories that have meaning for you. The next six months is a time to reconnect to the power of your Spirit. Let yourself use the power of stories to remind you of your divine connections to yourself and to the Universe.

The Sabian Symbol: Cancer 28 degrees

“A Greek Muse weighing twins in golden scales.”

I love this symbol for the second part of the Cancerian super lunation (June 20 to August 18th, 2020). The Gemini Nodal wave of the next 18 months embodies the theme of “Twins”. The Greek Muse, is seen weighing them in golden scales. The Muses were ethereal goddesses that creative artists consulted and received inspiration from. Themis is the Goddess associated with scales, too. The Cancer New Moon and Sun take on the persona of Themis and Greek Muse to help humanity find balance, fairness, kindness, and wisdom. The element of Gold brings forward the energy of the Christ consciousness, too. Now begins the time over Mars transit in Aries to consult the Divine. Whenever you are being faced with a decision, no matter how great or small, call to Divine Wisdom and Providence to guide your way. This next 6-month window sponsors each of us to put into practice and place our spiritual connection to ourselves, each other, the planet, and our place among the Cosmos. *Key: Look into yourself and your life to see what is out of balance. This is where your work begins. If you are seeking justice, call upon benevolent and divine forces to help you contribute your energy and passion to a cause that is both noble and worthy. It is not what you do, but how you do it that makes the difference now.

The Opposition of Saturn:

The Sabian Symbol: Capricorn 28 degrees

“A woman reading tea leaves.”

Saturn sits in “full moon” position to the Sun and Moon. Saturn offers you mastery as he expands the power of your next 6-month experience. Saturn’s Sabian Symbol focuses your attention into learning how to read your signs. Where the Sun and Moon invite you to utilize your intuition as part of your spiritual practice, Saturn comes to teach how to master that art. Start with looking at patterns in your life. What repeats and appears again and again as a lesson in your life? Start with this experience and dive deep into understanding its meaning and its gifts for you. If you wish to understand something big in your life, let yourself be open to finding patterns and seeing signs. Pour yourself a cup of tea, brewed with tea leaves. Enjoy that cup of tea and relax your mind. Journal what comes to your awareness as you pose your questions. If you are inclined, turn your cup over and turn three times. Look into the cup and sense what you feel. There are no wrong answers. Just your intuition along with Saturn’s help.

The 10th Lunar Mansion: The Fountain

The Cancer New Moon passes through the 10th Lunar Mansion this week. Guarded by Mars and Jupiter, the 10th Lunar Mansion appears at the perfect time to remind you that hard times don’t have to last. This mansion motto is “This too shall pass.” As the Cancer Sun moves into Leo this wee, let Leo’s joyful fires take over to relieve difficult times. Leo’s energy reminds Cancer to rebuild wellness after bouts of hardship. Come in to receive the warm waters of happiness that are flowing from The Fountain of the 10th Lunar Mansion. Rebuild from your heart chakra by remembering what brings you joy. Remember, the upcoming Aquarius Full Moon elevates the power of friendship in your life, too. Feel restored by the happiness they bring into your life. This is the week to dwell in the center of your heart chakra where warm waters of life always flow. Let yourself come home to Love.

What to do now?

Take your time this week to tune into the deeper layers of your Soul Self. The week of the New Moon is slow-moving and gentle. Set your intentions for not only the next 28 days but the next six months. Refine your intentions in three days during the Crescent Moon in Virgo on July 23rd. As always, check your Natal Chart to see where this is happening for you. Need help? Join the Inner Circle and sign up to get a reading with Shannon to do Soul Coaching. Shannon will help get your on your right track very fast!

Happy New Moon Part 2!

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