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Divine Dance of Karma! Full Moon in Libra

Are you ready to experience the fullness of your emotions in your relationships this week? The Moon joins Jupiter in Libra to karmically release any old emotional ties that bind you to free you up to dance with the Divine. This Full Moon brings awareness to the four planets in retrograde motion that are reviewing your current karmic agreements with others. Are you ready to update, resolve and release old, old karmic relationships? This is the time to open up to this possibility. When do you ask? This Full Moon in Libra happens Monday, April 10, 2017 at 11:08 PM PST. (really close to 11:11 when you can make a wish with the Angels!)

What it is:

The Full Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus (now retrograde but returning as the Morning Star 4/15/17). Venus is the divine aspect of the Feminine and she rules how we express and receive love, your relationship to abundance or scarcity and harmony in all your relationships. That’s big stuff! The opportunities for you to grow in your bandwidth of Love is monumental.

The Full Moon is when the energy is all about these themes:  Expansion, Celebration, Release, and Forgiveness. Your emotional Energy is at its peak. New Moon goals are now ripened and in the spotlight.  It’s harvest time, baby!

Libra Full Moon’s Energy:

Sun is now opposite the Moon. This opposition creates Polarity and the Moon as the Mirror reflects the full brightness of the Sun. The Sun represents your Ego/Personality and the Moon reflects your emotions. Tap into this increased emotional energy and light to strengthen your intuition and inner wisdom to overcome any challenges. The Full Moon brings to light your Subconscious awareness and allows for an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics that are negative, cause disharmony and inviting you to release them.

What’s the Inner Wisdom story:

Pluto squares the Moon and the asteroid Vesta squares Moon creating a T-Square to the Moon in Libra. Join Vesta and Pluto energies together to create harmony and focus on the Moon’s messages for you. Jupiter is karmically lucky with love and relationships now because Jupiter is karmically balancing to create equality among the sexes. This is especially heightened since Venus will go direct, out of her Underworld journey, soon on 4/15/17.

But wait! Mercury is retrograding on 4/9/17 so it’s time to slow down again and ground deeply into the Earth. Speak from a centered, thoughtful place. The secret to Mercury Retrograde is to journey over into the right side of your brain. Draw, sing or meditate first before communicating. Deepen your spiritual devotional daily practice and continue your descent inward with Saturn. Focus on your deeper meanings and bigger pictures of your life.

What else is happening:

There are four planets in Retrograde motion as the Moon peaks in her highest energetic state. Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus to Aries; Venus goes direct from Pisces to Aries. Saturn now retrograde in Sagittarius and Jupiter continues in Libra until June 2017. Brace yourselves and take advantage of this efficient use of karmic timing. Slow way down and move into the groove of your spiritual rhythms.

Lunar Ladies is here to guide and support you as you grow into more and more wholeness. Be a part of the ease and flow of the Lunar Ladies Club that is designed to make living your lunar life easier. Deepen your Spirit and grow your Soul in a welcoming community of wise women. Club members invite you to come on in, rest for a while and soothe your Soul in this delicious and powerful gathering of like-minded and like-hearted spiritual warriors. It’s so easy, awesomely addictive and exquisitely divine. Happy Full Moon and draw it down!

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