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Deep Soul Healing:  New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

This New Moon is a powerful one! Being the last in the Earth’s year cycle, the New Moon lunation at 18 degrees Pisces on March 8, 2016 at 5:54 PM PST is matched with a total Solar Eclipse. Two powerful energetic moments for releasing the past, old outdated beliefs and setting up new pathways for your Soul to travel.

Why this particular alignment is so powerful is that Chiron “The Wounded Healer” has also appeared. Chiron in Pisces represents your deep Soul wounds. Add the Moon’s South Node and this becomes an opportunity to release past life karmic confusion. The Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn square adds the special ingredient to the mix by offering “Freedom” and “Regeneration”.

According to Lynne Hill, “When the Moons [South] node is involved in the eclipse, this is one of letting go of things; beliefs, mindsets, releasing old outworn conditions, releasing people, places or possessions. This is a time for a healing because it so closely involves Chiron. Chiron is the Wounded Healer and The Stories We Tell Ourselves. In order to truly grow, listen to those stories – hear ourselves not only speaking, but to listen to the thoughts we are thinking.”

This is the time of transition between our personal and global Victim consciousness (shadow of Pisces frequency) into being a Conscious Creator (Aquarius Age + Aries “I AM” vibration). This vibratory tone in the Universe is so powerful for healing deep Soul wounds at this Eclipse, that it will accelerate our Spiritual bodies but may leave our physical bodies lagging behind. This change in frequency will appear as “Growing Pains”. That is why the appearance of Chiron is so important because he brings the “healing salve”.

Chiron healing comes in the form of Hands-on healing, changing your mindset and herbal medicine. Modalities like “Chiro”practic is harmonic aligned with the healing energies available. Since Chiron is in Pisces, this healing is about your emotions, your Soul awareness and your separation from the Divine. Any alternative medicines that align you within these themes are key.

How to connect to eclipse energy:

Eclipse energy is about endings and beginnings. New Moon energy is about planting seeds for new growth. Pisces says to set your intentions at your Soul-level. Look to what House in your Natal chart is ruled by Pisces. That is where the energy will be focused for you personally.

The New Moon + Solar Eclipse will create a snapshot in time. Eclipse energy remains active for 6 months (until the next Solar Eclipse in September 2016). This energetic snapshot takes time to develop. Chiron will set your most strongest goals for healing your Soul in this 6-month period.

Look at planetary aspects (relationships) to your Pisces-ruled House. Any time an aspect occurs at 18 degrees will give you a date in which to pay attention and act upon your goals. For example, Mercury is 18 degrees Pisces on March 15, 2016 and Venus follows on March 26, 2015.

Knowing the cycles of the Moon and the lunar phases will time and synchronize your actions and allow you to flow with the larger currents instead of swim upstream and struggle with change.  Ease your way through this transition time, achieve your highest Soul goals and lessen any “Growing Pains”. Ask me about The Luna Ladies Club and get yourself signed up today.


This New Moon + Solar Eclipse is setting up your next 6 months of your personal life but also is evolving you on a Soul level. Tune into the larger currents of energy to propel you forward and grow exponentially. Pisces reminds us that “Forgiveness is key” when growing and maturing on a Soul level. Freedom from pain within our Psyche allows for spiritual transformation and evolution of our Souls. Namaste.

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