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Day out of Time: Reconnect to your Divine Blueprint

The ancient Mayans tracked Time by the lunar cycles. To the Maya, there are 13 lunar cycles of 28 days each in one solar year. A solar year adds up to 364 days which leaves one day that they believe is the “Day out of Time”. This is a day when you rest and open up to the connection between your human and Cosmic Self. The 13th Moon of the solar year is the Cancerian lunar cycle. A new solar year begins with the 1st Moon of the Leo lunar cycle. Isn’t that fascinating?!!

The 13 Moon-Solar Year Mayan calendar is a galactic-based solar-lunar calendar that measures time from a 4th dimensional consciousness. This higher understanding reveals the synchronic and cyclical nature of time. This calendar acknowledges the feminine energy of nature and integrates this wisdom into the “Art of Time”.

Every year, July 25-26 is the Day out of Time. Many Indigenous cultures have sacred knowledge of our collective relationship to the Stars and the Star People. This is the time when the Sirius Stargate opens. Sirius, “The Dog Star” rises with the Sun. Indigenous people around the world consider this a day free of Time. On July 26, we realign with the 13 Moon-28 day cycle.

In this particular wave, according to Stargazer Li, we are in the 13th wave of the Skywalker cycle. In this new year, the Skywalker wave invites you to integrate and liberate your Star connection, moving your awareness from global citizenship to being a member of a much larger galactic community. Skywalker is the 13th sign and carries within it’s energy the seeds of the other 12 signs. Much like Ophiuchus or Chiron “Wounded Healer” is the 13th sign of the Zodiac. Since Skywalker is the energy present at this time, this cycle realigns, integrates and reconnects the 12 seeds or signs. My feeling is it is also an opportunity to realign your 12 strands of DNA into a missing 13th strand, or what science calls “junk DNA”. This action is being called becoming “Organic” and recalibrated to your Divine blueprint ~ your original design. POWERFUL!

Join us for a VERY EXCITING event happening on 7/25/17 @ 11:00 AM PST! The amazing and super-talented Irma Kaye Sawyer from Cosmic Weather will be joining us to share her current insights on the upcoming Leo season Stargate that opens on 7/25/17 and culminates with the Solar eclipse on 8/21/17.  These insights, activations and guidance will support you in the upcoming 8:8 and the Solar Eclipse on 8/21/17!

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