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Day Out of Time + Mercury Retrograde = Cosmic Renewal

Every year, July 25-26 is called the “Day out of Time”. Indigenous cultures have sacred knowledge of our collective relationship to the Stars and the Star People. This is the time when the Sirius Stargate opens. Sirius, “The Dog Star” rises with the Sun. Indigenous people around the world consider this a day free of Time. What makes this Galactic celebration more interesting is that it is followed by Mercury Retrograde at 10:02 PM PST! On July 26, we realign with the 13 Moon-28 day cycle.  This is an important transit, that will lift you into a new experience if stay ready and focused!

The Day out of Time on the 25th of July is an ancient Sacred Mayan festival which celebrates the movement from one spiral of time to another.  The Day out of Time is the “magical” liminal state when all things are possible and nothing is fixed in stone.  Keep an open mind of fun and creative self-expression. When you do you align with the magic that is available. The next day on July 26th is the beginning of the new cycle of Time, known as the “Galactic New Year”. On this Sacred Day you can set your intentions for the creation of the next cycle of our time on Earth. This is a day when you rest and open up to the connection between your human and Cosmic Self.

Mercury Retrograde starts on July 25th and runs through August 19, 2018 going from 23 to 11 degrees Leo. Mercury in Leo is important because this invites you to bring your mental awareness into a place of Love. This is your time to take a mental vacation and think, speak and act upon notions of pure, divine Love. Give yourself permission to slow down. Take a break and create. Draw, doodle and free your inner Child to play. Think back and remember ~ what games did you most love to play? Definitely do those to quell any forms of stressing out or feeling frustrated (especially with those who have no idea about Mercury Retrograde!).

Get ready because all this wonderment is followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th. This day will be the most powerful of these days.  This will be one of the longest eclipses of the century and it will be bringing in really powerful Light Codes to accelerate our transit into the New Earth, according to Celia Fenn. If you have been on the fence about joining the VIP Lunar Ladies Club, ask your heart and lean into your “Yes!”. The Club experience is here to support you as you transcend these powerful vibrations, lifting yourself up to play a bigger role in Earth 2.0!

Join the Power Puja Prayer Circle that opens the gateway Portal for the Full Moon lunar eclipse on Facebook, July 26, 2018 at 4:00 PM PST. Join Lunar Ladies Lama Lhakpa Sherpa here. Namaste!

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  1. “Keep an open mind of fun and creative self expression” that is the energy I have tapped into today and it feels so great!! I have been writing a lot in my notebooks today to channel and build on this collective creative energy. ☺️💎🙏

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