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Cut through “B$” with 1st Quarter Scorpio Executioner’s Moon

1st Quarter Scorpio “Executioner’s Moon” on July 27, 2020 at 4 degrees at 5:32 AM PDT/6:32 AM MDT/7:32 AM CDT/8:32 AM EDT

1st Quarter Scorpio Moon lunar week brings up the themes of betrayal, trickery, illusions, and regaining your sovereign right to be free. The Fixed energy available this week offers you a lot of power to show yourself how strong you really are. This is your week to bust through fear and reground yourself into your Amazon Earth power!

The Executioner’s Moon opposes Uranus in full moon position to increase your ability to cut through the “bull$h!t”. Woohoo! Uranus says to water the garden of your mind. Weed out the distractions and mindless junk in your mental body. Take back the power of your Crown Chakra and defragment your everyday mind. Turn your mind into a Garden of delight! How? Focus on the beauty that is in your life. Connect with the fragrance and angelic power of flowers. Dowse yourself with essential oils, flower essences, and fresh cut flowers all week. Get out in your garden and weed!

Executioner’s Moon YOD to Chiron RX in Aries. The Wounded Healer Chiron challenges your core Self to take a second look at what has hurt you in the past. Can you reinterpret these moments of hardship? What if you rewrite the scene with the power of “20:20 hindsight”? See things from a different angle and from a spiritual understanding. Reach out to others who may have gone through similar situations like your own. Make sure they have made it through to the other side and can offer you their wisdom to help you make a breakthrough, too.

Mars increases the power of the Black Moon in Aries as they both move towards the Eris Point of discordant chaos magick. Don’t be fooled by the false flag, socially engineered, Victim/Victimizer agendas currently at play in the mainstream. Be smart, critically think, and question everything. Watch for repeating patterns and mainstream media psychically driving a particular narrative over and over. If it repeats, it’s most likely BS. Be bold and be fearless. It’s your week to cut through lies, illusions, and deceit.

Venus YOD Jupiter in a 20:20 frequency. Venus is in sextile to her lover Mars. In Gemini, she is still getting to know her mind as she completes her “shadow zone” work this week on July 29th. Mars enters into his pre-shadow retrograde zone. Together, the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves are working in tandem to recalibrate our personal frequency. Venus is reworking your Mental body while Mars is reworking your physical body. Make sure you exercise more this week to work out stuck mental energy. Sweat is a great way to release impurities. Get your blood pumping and circulating by amping up your cardio. Work your large muscle groups to burn more energy. Quadriceps and glutes are especially highlighted because you will see how strong you really are. Add in a few more reps or even more weight to powerup your bones. Jupiter cheers you on and reminds you to enjoy each rep. Say thank you to yourself for rising up to the challenge of getting physically stronger and healthier.


1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics: Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend as you break through obstacles, barriers, and blocks. The waxing Scorpio Moon forms a square, or 90-degree angle, to the newly born Leo Sun. This waxing square builds FIXED universal Qi to create new cycles. Use the power of magnetism and transformation to make powerful shifts this week – especially adding in some Shadow work. With this energetic focus, you are invited to break through old, destructive subconscious patterns. In the Lunar Ladies Club’s Inner Circle, you’ll learn how to align with this focus and use power mantras like this one: “I Feel FIRE and WATER to shape-shift with POWER to move through my obstacles this week!”

1st Quarter Scorpio Moon: “Executioner’s Moon”

The 1st Quarter Scorpio Moon is called the “Executioner’s Moon”. The energetics of this lunar phase is about breaking through old distrust and betrayal patterns. The Executioner’s Moon is about providing you the power to sever secrets, lies, and oppression in your personal space. The New Moon has already initiated a new cycle for you and this becomes your week to break free of the old. Tune into your heart and ask for Divine Mercy to shine through you. The energy of this Moon tempts you to fall into the feeling of self-righteousness and the desire to pursue emotional vengeance. Reframe these moments into: “Wow! Look at how much passion I can feel? My emotional range is very big!”

17th Lunar Mansion: “The Sword”

The Scorpio “Executioner’s Moon” passes through the 17th Lunar Mansion. Guarded by Saturn and Mars, this is where the lies, trickery, and thievery ends. The gig is up! No more traps to ensnare, or imprison your Soul’s right to be sovereign and free. The 17th Lunar Mansion helps you cut through ties that bind, especially in the areas that Scorpio governs:  sex, money, and death. Success at the Soul-level is the abundance and wealth of awareness and truth. The game has been a war for your powerful and creative attention. Ask yourself, “What do I give my attention to? Does it serve my greater good and success as a Spirit in the physical form?” If the answer is “No” and the focus of your attention is sub-par or low vibration, — change the channel. Put down your electronic devices. Turn off the TV. Go outside and look up to the sky. Breathe in life. Soak up the sunshine. Dance to Panchamama’s heartbeat. Smile at your fellow travelers on planet Gaia. When you recognize and identify trickster energy in your life, cut it with the power of the 17th Mansion’s Sword. Some of you may need to turn that sword into a machete! Be free to walk in your life empowered and liberated!

Moon enters 28th Gate of Struggle

The 28th Gate in Human Design is the Gate of “Struggle”. The roots of Gate 28 open you up to feel into the fear that life has no meaning. This Gate gives you tension to discover what your life means to you and it makes you find your value and worth. Do you feel that life is not fair? Or that you have been given a raw deal from the start? Remember the true nature of “struggle” is to help you remember and reconnect to your power. This is the 1st Quarter week of “adversity”. This adverse tension comes to you to help you push through densities and show yourself what you are truly made of. You are strong AND powerful beyond measure. When you know your value, you actually arrive at the place of enjoying this energy because you know that no challenge has any power over you. Let yourself be strong and let yourself experience the great payoff of mastering the art of overcoming challenges. Do not fall victim to “why me?”. Instead, push through and put your strengths to the tests this week. You have the Sun and Moon at your side, rooting you onto victory!

Scorpio Moon vs. Leo Sun

The 4’56” degrees 1st Quarter Scorpio Moon moves through resistance:

The 1st Quarter Scorpio Moon brings the power of Water to transform. In physics, the element of Water is the most powerful solvent over time. Nothing can withstand its force to dissolve matter. In this week’s Sabian Symbol, the massive waves pounding the rocky shore is about the power of consciousness to dissolve old, stagnant structures. It will take a force more powerful to disintegrate elements in our world that are not in flow with the changing tides of evolution. Know that deep layers of reality are being dismantled. Hold tight to the understanding that what is crumbling, needs to crumble. If it is not in support of individual freedom and sovereignty, it has to go away. Allow the energy to build and become a force of nature to dissolve old, stagnant fears, beliefs, and vulnerabilities. The Sword and the Executioner mean business to cut away the dross of tyranny and imprisonment of the Soul. Be on the side of truth and allow the transformations to take place in the deepest, darkest places. Fear not for each individual human being is innately more powerful than we are told. Let the old die away to let the new be rebirthed.

: — : 1ST DECAN LEO SUN : — :

The 4’56” degrees Leo Sun busts through obstacles:

The newly born Leo Sun shines a light on what has been in your life over a long period of time. The “rock formations” tell the story of geologic time and structures like mountains that are big and formidable. What has developed within your Soul over time that is both strong and smooth? The smoothness of the rock has been weathered by wind and water. How has your consciousness been changed this year so far in 2020? Look at how change has come into your life and what new directions you feel you must face to grow. The Sun and Moon align to help you take a leap of faith and jump from this precipice of a very old timeline. If you trust and take the leap, you just might fly! Soar, even, over this beautiful canyon that has been carved and created through your Soul’s experiences overtime on Earth. Take a chance and trust your true Self!

Recommendations: Get to know your Chart and Join the Inner Circle!

Inner Circle

JUMP INTO ACTION! Find your flow as you connect to your true, natural, and vibrant Self. Join us in the Lunar Ladies Inner Circle this week to get the tools you need to take quick action on the energy available. The Moon and Sun, along with the power planetary players, carry the frequency tools for you to use to grow and evolve. Connect most powerfully with these lunar insights when you know where it is happening in your Astrology chart. Knowing your chart reconnects you to your Universal Flow and natural harmony. Are you ready to be there now? No better time than now to act! Right here and right now!

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