Cut the Ties that Bind! ~ 1st Quarter Scorpio Moon Sets You Free!

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio happens Saturday, August 18, 2018, at 12: 48 am PST/3:48 am EST. This waxing Moon appears at 25 degrees Scorpio, bringing the energy of The Executioner.

Now don’t be afraid. The Executioner’s Moon is simply providing you the power to sever secrets, lies, and oppression in your personal space. The Super New Moon in Leo’s Solar Eclipse has already initiated a new cycle for you, and now this becomes your week to break free of the old.

Realize that you live within a Rainbow now. The heavy clouds are lifting, and the Dark Night of the Soul is passing. Also, Mercury goes direct, at last, Saturday at 9:25 pm PST!


Your Moon Medicine: Elixir of Scorpio

Let’s start with the energy mechanics of this week. First Quarter Moon energy is created by a waxing, or building, 90 degree angle to the Sun. The Universal Qi grows stronger in your emotional body to break free of past limitations and struggles from your ego, or separated self-consciousness (Sun). Get ready to surrender your old, old “stuff” to the power of Love.

The Elixir of Scorpio is deep. It combines the elements of trust, surrender, betrayal, and a rising from your ashes. This Fixed Energy gives you the power to transform. It’s Leo Fire vs. Scorpio Water. 5th House of Pleasure vs. 8th House of Surrender.

Executioner’s Moon asks you, “Who or what do you condemn? Who or what can you not forgive?” This energy puts your power into a place of emotional bondage. Free yourself!

This is the time to tune into your heart and ask for Divine Mercy to shine through. The energy of this Moon tempts you to fall into the feeling of self-righteousness and the desire to pursue emotional vengeance. Reframe these moments into: “Wow! Look at how much passion I can feel? My emotional range is very big!”

The Leo Lion’s Heart is persuading you to refocus your internal rage and sadness. Instead, pursue your path of play and passion. Scorpio Moon is here to help you breakthrough rage and righteousness to forgive all those who need it the most – especially in the Collective! Turn your rage into passion. Turn your desire to fight into a dance with truth, justice and intimacy. This will calm the collective fiery Anger that is sparking fires all along the western United States, too! (See the Polarity Point Sabian Symbol from the New Moon!)

For further insights from the Sabian Symbols below,
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