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Cut the Ties that Bind! ~ 1st Quarter Scorpio Moon Sets You Free!

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio happens Saturday, August 18, 2018, at 12: 48 am PST/3:48 am EST. This waxing Moon appears at 25 degrees Scorpio, bringing the energy of The Executioner.

Now don’t be afraid. The Executioner’s Moon is simply providing you the power to sever secrets, lies, and oppression in your personal space. The Super New Moon in Leo’s Solar Eclipse has already initiated a new cycle for you, and now this becomes your week to break free of the old.

Realize that you live within a Rainbow now. The heavy clouds are lifting, and the Dark Night of the Soul is passing. Also, Mercury goes direct, at last, Saturday at 9:25 pm PST!


Your Moon Medicine: Elixir of Scorpio

Let’s start with the energy mechanics of this week. First Quarter Moon energy is created by a waxing, or building, 90 degree angle to the Sun. The Universal Qi grows stronger in your emotional body to break free of past limitations and struggles from your ego, or separated self-consciousness (Sun). Get ready to surrender your old, old “stuff” to the power of Love.

The Elixir of Scorpio is deep. It combines the elements of trust, surrender, betrayal, and a rising from your ashes. This Fixed Energy gives you the power to transform. It’s Leo Fire vs. Scorpio Water. 5th House of Pleasure vs. 8th House of Surrender.

Executioner’s Moon asks you, “Who or what do you condemn? Who or what can you not forgive?” This energy puts your power into a place of emotional bondage. Free yourself!

This is the time to tune into your heart and ask for Divine Mercy to shine through. The energy of this Moon tempts you to fall into the feeling of self-righteousness and the desire to pursue emotional vengeance. Reframe these moments into: “Wow! Look at how much passion I can feel? My emotional range is very big!”

The Leo Lion’s Heart is persuading you to refocus your internal rage and sadness. Instead, pursue your path of play and passion. Scorpio Moon is here to help you breakthrough rage and righteousness to forgive all those who need it the most – especially in the Collective! Turn your rage into passion. Turn your desire to fight into a dance with truth, justice and intimacy. This will calm the collective fiery Anger that is sparking fires all along the western United States, too! (See the Polarity Point Sabian Symbol from the New Moon!)

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Sun vs. Waxing Moon
~ Sabian Symbol Soul Medicine ~

MOON at 25 degrees Scorpio (with a touch of Cancer): 


KEYNOTE: The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements. 

This week the Moon asks you to recognize what your requirements are for relocating your emotional energy into a higher vibrational level. When you live in harmony with your true nature, you intuitively can be home everywhere. The secret, during this 1st Quarter Lunar Phase, is to identify yourself with the great rhythms of Nature and the peace that the Earth produces. Western society has lost the deeper connection to life because of domination and control.

The Moon brings you a message you greatly need — the message of peaceful adaptation to nature.


SUN at 25 degrees Leo (with a touch of Aries):


KEYNOTES: The linking of Above and Below, the Covenant with one’s Divine Nature, and the promise of Immortality. 

The Sun shines a rainbow guaranteeing that no longer shall destructive power be used to destroy life on Earth. When you weather your personal storms, you create a link with your divine Soul-being.

H. P. Blavatsky’s last words are believed to have been: “Keep the Link unbroken.” The darkness of materialistic greed is what destroys the Earth’s abundance. The rainbow reveals the link of open communication between Heaven and Earth within your Being.  When you do this, a great promise of success comes, but only when you do your part.


This Week’s Planetary Power Players

YOUR MOON MUSCLES:  Mars retrograde (your inner Warrior and “Just do it!” energy) is at the karmic degree of 29, returning home to his exalted state in Capricorn.

Your inner passion synergizes with the waxing Moon (inner Emotional Self) plus a harmonic trine of Jupiter (Gypsy Soul Seeker) and Neptune (Mystic Third Eye) at 15 degrees. Ceres (Goddess of Nurturing), at 21 Virgo, sharpens the notes with her sister Juno (Goddess of Marriage) adding deeper base tones at 19 Taurus.

What does that mean to me??

Secret meetings are taking place within the mind of your inner Divine Masculine. The Goddess face breaks into a smile as your Third Eye opens to see your Way with the inner guidance of your Angels and Guides. Your noble Ancestors who carry your “Medicine” marry the blessings of the Elementals as you work in harmony for the benefit of all life on Earth.

Now, get moving on that!

  Pallas Athena (Goddess of Wisdom), at 20 degrees Leo, aligns with the Sun, expanding into the bigger picture of Divine Truth born from Love with her sister Vesta (High Priestess), at 23 degrees Sagittarius.

Check this Light out!

When you first begin downloading directly from the Cosmos, you can easily feel dizzy and ungrounded by the pure ecstasy of Light entering into your mind, heart and body. Vesta meets you in this place to reward you for every effort you make towards fulfilling your Soul Purpose. Keep opening up your heart and crown chakras to accelerate your personal frequency.

This is a great time to get your Soul Purpose Series!


MERCURY finally breaks free Saturday night, at 11 degrees Leo, releasing the Power of 7. In pure Mercurial fashion, He runs ahead of the pack, the first to gather cosmic intel for you.

When you join the Lunar Ladies Club you get the secrets to the power of Mercury and the Sun in Leo every year. There is an auspicious time of pure, golden Alchemy to set your wildest dreams on fire! Did you know when to do it? Sshhh, it’s a secret only for the Initiates of the Inner Circle.

Join us to accelerate your Law of Attraction power!


Break free of emotional bondage with your primal power this week.

Utilize the support and back up of the very powerful planetary energies, too, and your hard work this week will pay off as the Healer’s Full Moon in Pisces arrives to celebrate your Soul’s powers of compassion on August 26th!

Twenty-fours hours later, the Full Moon will free Mars to get back to business, uplifting the minds and hearts of Humanity to liberate the masses!

Cut the Ties-that-Bind now
to align with new timelines
for a Better Tomorrow!


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