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Crossing the River Styx ~ 3rd Quarter Cancer “Widow’s Moon” Embraces Life

3rd Quarter Cancer “Widow’s Moon” at 27 degrees on October 21, 2019 at 5:39 AM PDT/8:39 AM EST/1:39 PM UK


Wow! You made it through the intense Aries Full Moon week! Congratulations, Spirit Warrior! The 3rd Quarter lunar week begins to wind down the energies and bring your New Moon in Libra cycle experience to a close. The 3rd Quarter Moon redirects your energy and magnetically pulls your external Self (Sun’s energy) back home to the sacred and divine Mother womb within (internal Self.) Take time this week to go deeper into old relationships or areas in your current relationship that you are mourning. This is the time to let that go, so something new and more beautiful can grow with deep roots in the upcoming Scorpio lunar cycle.

Just as a recap, look back to see how your climb up Mt. Soul to reset your footing and realize your strategic plan for raising your vibration for 2020 went? Did the Aries Full Moon blow old identities and ways of being that no longer serve your highest Good to free your inner Chained Woman? Did you get purged? If so, in the words of Cancer “don’t worry”! This is the week to clear out and clean up the ashes left behind. Mars, divine partner of Venus, ruler of Libra, has come to help.

Mars to the Rescue!

Mars travels through Libra clearing the past relationship energy that got stirred up with this Libra lunar cycle. Mars aligns perfectly with the Lunar Nodes of Fate at the master healer degree of “11”. Isn’t that wonderful? This heralds that the Universe is watching and all that you do in the name of your highest Good is being watched over. Mars appears bearing this symbol:  “The burning of a bough of sage.” Mars says that the forces of the sacred element of Fire help release the healing forces of the Earth into the Air. In the forest, fire is needed to open up pine cones and other Conifer seedlings to regenerate the forest’s ecosystems. Naturally occurring fires are key to clearing up the brush and thinning out the trees without the devastation of out of control wildfires. Those types of wildfires tends to come from human interference, habitat loss, mismanagement of timber and watershed resources. The sage smoke of Mars’ healing bundle purifies your Aura and your environment. As you release, burn and purge, you wake up and enliven your Soul to make way for a new beginning in your life. Read more about the healing benefits of burning boughs of sage. Head over to Lunar Ladies Club member, Kelsey’s KVLT Kreations to order handmade sage medicine bundles, too!



Ready for the Astro Break-down? YES!

3rd Quarter Moon Energetics:

Release ~ Let Go ~ Forgive

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on the wounds outside yourself by drawing you inward to feel who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This lunar phase week helps you to empty your ego and allow the Universe, your Angels, and your Guides to assist you in feeling more supported. Reflect upon the Libra New Moon1st Quarter Capricorn, and Aries Full Moon as your focus points this week. The more you can let go, the more space there is to create in the New Moon in Scorpio next week!

“Widow’s Moon”:  Internal Nurturing

During a waning Third Quarter Moon, your inward personal journey of self-development turns outward to gaze upon the wounds of humanity. Cancer in this vibration is known as the “Widow’s Moon”. Let the power of the waning moon phase push you back into yourself. Move inward and seek support to connect to what needs to shape-shift within you. To transform and surrender with the Widow’s Moon, know that there will be times that life hands you a heavy burden to carry. The Cancer mothering Moon comes to a place where things can change abruptly and the lives we have been living can be taken away without warning or notice. The Widow archetype has lost the love of her life in the space of a spouse passing on. Cancer holds on to what She loves and family is the cornerstone of how deep her loves goes. So when a cherished family member leaves, whether it is through death, divorce and growing apart, the pain feels the same. This is the week to search for what is missing in your life. It is the time to mourn what has left to bring a connection into a healthy place of closure. The Widow’s Moon energy can also affect those of us who have children who are growing into adults. This is the “empty nest” syndrome that can affect mothers and fathers in a very deep and profound way. It, too, feels like a loss and all these feelings need to be recognized and soothed with love and understanding. It’s the feeling of wanting to stay, but the reality of time marching on can sting like the cold of winter. Take this week to connect with where you feel lost, lonely, bereft, or left behind. These are the places that the Widow’s Moon knows how to nurture and heal.

10th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Fountain”

The Widow’s Moon passes through the 10th Lunar Mansion this week. This cosmic mansion is guarded by Mars and Jupiter. Love Mars appears proudly in this lunar mansion! The 10th Lunar Mansion appears at the perfect time to remind you that hard times don’t last. This mansion motto is “This too shall pass.” Cancer energy has a very long memory, but in the last degrees of the sign, Leo’s joyful fires begin to take over to help relieve the sadness of going through difficult times. The Sun’s light begins to rise over that horizon. Leo’s energy in this lunar mansion reminds Cancer to rebuild wellness after bouts of hardship. Come in to receive of the warm waters of happiness that are flowing from The Fountain of the 10th Lunar Mansion. Rebuild from your heart chakra by remembering what brings you joy. Laughter is like the sounds of a babbling brook. Imagine being in a desert and you find an oasis with a flowing spring. You would jump for joy knowing your thirst has been quenched. Tune into your circle of friends, those who support you in good times and in bad. 3rd Quarter lunar week is when we gather together to put arms around one another. These friends and supporters of your Soul are like the water that flows from the Fountain. Rest and restore in their presence and the happiness they bring into your life. Let yourself reclaim your power, recover your lessons, and recoup any losses. This is the week to dwell in the center of your heart chakra where warm waters of life always flow. Come home to Love.



Moon at 27 degrees Cancer: 
“A tremendous Cave on the bank of a river.”

The 3rd Quarter waning starseed degree Cancer Moon helps you align with your great capacity to see the emotional energy underneath surface reality. This week the Widow’s Moon wants you to retreat into your inner cave to realize what is happening in your Soul and what is going on in the world. Are you reflecting the consciousness of the wounds happening in the Collective? Or are you in the process of healing your inner wounding? The Moon at this “starseed” degree is able to see the interweavings of things and make connections at the deeper Soul levels. Take time to allow new awarenesses to rise from your inner knowing to help you. Watch for signs and symbols. The Moon is sending you cryptic and mysterious messages from the watery realms of your Soul memories. Harness these powerful and mystical energies to create and nurture your next steps – moving into the Scorpio lunar cycle that starts October 28th. The Moon feels the need to nurture your highest good by gifting you new realizations. This is happening to help you move through past difficulties and help you reorient on your Soul Purpose course.

STARSEED 411:  The counterpoint to the “Widow’s Moon” is Capricorn at 27 degrees appearing as “A mirror covered with a fine film of dust.” The contrast medicine degree is pointing towards being more aware of what can cloud your vision. The only way to keep seeing things clearly is to keep clearing away self projections. The Moon is a mirror of your emotions and projections. Capricorn, the counterpoint, knows it is not an easy task to keep clearing away the dust. It is a yogic practice. Wax on and wax off. Look beyond the blocks and barriers of your current lifetime for you have lived many lives. Listen to your intuition because it is rooted in your Soul’s memories of what you have learned and experienced in your past lives. Instead of worrying, focus on the bigger picture to see more clearly. Let your inner vision take over so that your spiritual light may be seen.



Sun at 27 degrees Libra:
“A single white swan swimming through gray mist.”

The elder Libra Sun wants you to know before he transforms into Scorpio, that you have the ability to comfort others and keep situations in your life smooth and flowing. This harmonic gift is found in your Libra-ruled House. Tune into your ability to negotiate and to bring conflict into resolution this week. The Sun’s energy has a built in way of bringing out the best in people through joy. Feel the Sun’s warmth on your skin this week to feel at ease. As you feel your inner harmony recalibrate and correct, you will see how easy it is to keep situations flowing. Comfort yourself, first, so you can be a source of comfort for others.

Venus, ruler of Libra, appears as a second symbol: “Charon ferries the dead across the river Styx.” Venus arrives in the Land of the Dead this week. She takes on the form of Charon, the one who carries Souls to the other side. The River Styx is the “In-between”, a realm of crossing over from one universe to the next. Venus wants you to connect with both realms this week. Why? When you balance the worlds of the “living and the dead” you are no longer afraid of being in either one. Let fear and disbelief fade away as you seek to connect with loved ones or even lost parts of your Soul from other lifetimes. Be like Venus-Charon and become a Soul ambassador who can help others feel safe and secure as transitions in life are made. Sense the existence of other realms this week. What do you intuitively know about the realms beyond death of the physical? Remembering crossing the River Styx in your past life passings can be very uplifting and consoling because it takes away any modern day fear around death and dying. Like the Widow’s Moon we can move through loss and begin to see the continuity of life as next steps appear and new paths open up again.



Take your time this week to rest and reflect upon what you have loved and lost. Let the power of the Widow’s Moon hold space with you to see what is reflected back in her waning waters. Call upon those whom you love and trust for support if these emotional waters get too rough. Know that on the other side of loss, is new love and new life. Let the energies of the 10th Lunar Mansion soothe your Soul and remind you that Leo’s sunshine is only a breath away. Go outside to feel the Sun’s warmth on your skin to feel what it is like to be comforted. Encoded in that warm sunlight, are higher frequencies that are also here to raise your vibration and consciousness. Venus arrives with the Sun to carry over the River Styx, helping lost Souls find their way into the next life or next realm. Retrieve lost parts of you from past incarnations when you did not have the consciousness that you do now. Know that if you are experiencing any emotional storms, that they, too, shall pass. Tune into the Power Animal Swan to remind yourself that you have the power to comfort and console along with the great ability to keep life moving and flowing. Consider stepping into the Lunar Ladies Club experience to take these powerful times with high-level awareness and well-being. Apply to join and see if it is the right thing for you. Each application comes with a free 20-minute consult with Shannon who looks at your chart to see how the Club can benefit you, especially as we near the power year of 2020. Rest and surrender to the power of the Cosmos this week. This is right action that sets you up for New Moon in Scorpio frequency coming on October 27, 2019.

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