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Creative Power of Light: New Moon Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a Solar Eclipse. This is the second Eclipse before the grand super-conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on Winter Solstice 2020. Solar Eclipses are a signal for a grand, new beginning. The Cosmos are bringing to you glorious, hidden energy for you to play with on your Soul’s journey to enlightenment. Get really good at recognizing the energy and master how to create with it!

The New Moon and Sun are conjunct Mercury and the South Node. They sit opposite the North Node of Destiny, with Mercury as the conductor of the energy. Mercury’s gift is to remind you that within you are hidden glories. Be fully present in your life during the next 28 days and six months. Why? To experience the inherent greatness of each encounter. Your life promises to take on new meaning starting with this Solar Eclipse!

Neptune appears in a tight Mutable square to the Nodal wave and Mercury. At 18 degrees now direct, Neptune radiates the energy of emotional healing. Feel this energy rise from the Earth into the soles of your feet. From your feet, let the energy rise like a fountain out the top of your head. This energy helps you to clear traumas and cleanse victim frequencies from your Astral body, too. From this healed place, you can come into higher forms of communion with others to cultivate and enrich more Light on the planet.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Mercury, the conductor, sits in the “balsamic” phase to Jupiter. This signals an ending or completion to a very long cycle. On the December 21st Super-conjunction, an 800-year-old cycle will come to a close. Carefully look into the past to understand yourself and others in a more conclusive way. Search for past lives and resolve any open wounds. This will support your growth your ability to take charge of your world moving forward.

The experience the Moon seeks is to help you follow your heartstrings. Live your life in a gentle manner and approach situations with “soft power”. This is a great sign of strength and helps you stay the course on your Soul’s journey of enlightenment.

~ Time to Decode the Sagittarius New Moon! ~

New Moon Dynamics:  New Beginning ~ Fresh Start ~ Blank Page

New Moon dynamics embrace the powers of New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and being a Blank Page. This lunar stage is your invitation to set your intentions and put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month big dreams. New Moon Time is consciously washing your Soul free of ego attachments.

The New Moon is called the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater creative forces of the Galaxy. Find your Sagittarius-ruled House in your Natal chart as well as your Natal Jupiter and 9th House sign to be your guides. Join the Inner Circle to support your development and acceleration.

“Gypsy Moon” – Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius New Moon is called the “Gypsy’s Moon” and initiates you on your Soul’s search for truth among the stars and planets. The Gypsy archetype is carefree as Jupiter smiles His good luck optimism making miracles happen. The Gypsy Moon’s quest is to connect with as many facets of the world, cultures, peoples, and places as possible. Why? To expand her mind and heart towards Infinity!

Pull out your Natal Chart and find your Sagittarius-ruled House. Feel into what you need to be elevated and see your life and this world from a more expanded view. The Sagittarius lunar cycle is one of the best times to redirect your attention onto your Soul Purpose Path. Connect with Shannon to learn the truth of who you are and why you are here on Earth at this time. What is your incarnation truly all about?

21st Lunar Mansion: “The Duel”

The 21st Lunar Mansion cut ties with toxic relationships to help you move forward. Mars is the guardian of the 21st Lunar Mansion who brings you the courage to end unhealthy patterns. As the Sagittarius New Moon and Sun ignite changes, look for the liars in your life. Look deeply into your own mirror to understand why you are attracting this into your life. Watch for ways you may be resisting ending these old ways of being that no longer serve your happiness. Be willing to surrender, to make way for something better to grow in its place. – THIS IS ECLIPSE ENERGY – Take in the dual perspectives so you can clearly see both sides of any issues that are popping up under the New Moon. The 21st Lunar Mansion brings you the power to make bold and fiery changes. Be honest with yourself because the biggest lesson is “To thine own self be true.” This is where your power lies.

Human Design Gateway: #11 “Ideas”

The Sagittarius New Moon and Sun enter into the Gateway of Ideas. The number 11 is a Master Healer vibration. The ideas you tune into, come from a realm within your Higher Self. Imagine that creativity is like a stream and you take your cup to fill up on enlightenment. Under Gateway #11, the cup becomes a swimming pool that overflows with ideas and visions! During this lunar cycle, you will have your fill and more than likely, more than you can effectively utilize. The important teaching to understand is that the ideas that come to you, come through you. Many times these ideas are meant to be shared with others. Let the ideas flow and let them be shared when the Spirit moves through you over the next 28 days!

Sagittarius New Moon & Sun Sabian Symbol: EXPERIENCE

“A bluebird standing at the door of a house.”

The Sagittarius New Moon and Sun arrive and bring you the “bluebird of happiness” to your front door. The bluebird sings that when you feel worthy and deserving, the rewards are great. The wisdom is that you receive what you deserve. Believe that you are worthy of all that and more.

It takes constant awareness to stay in this truth. Otherwise, you fall into a programmed ignorance that only wants less because you believe that is all that is possible. The Sun and Moon urge you to place your faith in abundance. Abundance is a constantly moving river that refreshes, embraces, and carries more abundance to you. That is its nature.

How you tap into this is to become radiant with goodwill energy. Shine your love and light at every opportunity. Making this choice you make your life rich and rewarding. Good fortune is not random or happenstance. Good fortune comes from making good choices and staying on the path of goodwill.

Wrap Up: What’s Next!

The message of the Sagittarius New Moon is this:  To become happy, radiate goodwill. You receive what you merit.” How can you express this over the next 28 days?

The Sagittarius lunar cycle is one of the best times to search for Truth and the meaning of your life. Connect with Shannon to discover your Higher Purpose in life. Shannon offers her “kick-ass” Soul Purpose Series plus very empowering personal 1:1 Coaching. In the Lunar Ladies Inner Circle, you can experience supportive and safe group coaching with other women who are desiring to live their lives from their Soul’s Purpose.

Inner Circle

During this lunar cycle, let yourself explore these topics. There is a Solar Eclipse, Chiron goes direct, a Super-Conjunction, Mars leaves Taurus, and Mercury enters his Retrograde. To find your Truth power, tune into these final messages:

  • The perception of light surrounding you is your opening to magnificent creative possibilities.
  • See through all your past lives: births and deaths; to shed all the elements of separation between you and the Truth.
  • The power of your creative intent draws to you the forces that can help you manifest it into reality.
  • To see the face of the Divine Feminine ignites a Soul’s yearning to see the Divine Mother more clearly which opens back up the Gates of Eden.

Reach for the Stars under the guidance of the Sagittarius New Moon!

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